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Adding my Letterboxd Feed to my

I keep track of the films that I watch through the Letterboxd web site as I watch many films. Logging things and writing a bit about them can help me remember the film and it also makes it possible to compile all sorts of interesting statistics about the films you watch. In addition to logging films you can also create lists and add films to a watchlist to keep track of things that you’d like to see.

With it’s great to be able to share things, and it’s relatively easy to add regularly updated content from any site that has an RSS or JSON feed. Here is how I added my Letterboxd updates to my microblog.

First you need to find the RSS or JSON feed on the site where you want to pull content from. On Letterboxd the RSS feed is located quite logically at… . (For me it is at as my username is bitdepth.) Copy that URL and go to your “Account” page and then below the personal information you’ll see your Feeds listed. Click on the “Feeds & Cross-posting” button and in the “Feed URL:” box paste the feed URL. Click on the “Add feed” button and the next time the feed updates it will create a new post.

With the Letterboxd feed it will add an update whenever you log films or create lists. If you log a film and then later review it, there will be two entries created. (I tend to log films and then a day or two later write up a short review.) Whether you have a review or not, if you’ve logged a film it will show up as a link on and it includes the name of the film, the year, your star rating and then the link to the Letterboxd page for your rating (and review if you wrote one).

What I like about the way that handles this is that the content from the feed will show up for people following you within, but not on your blog itself. When I first was considering this I was worried that I flood my blog with a series of updates about films, but it just shows up in the stream of followers and not on my main site. This same approach can work with other sites that have a feed too.

While Letterboxd has an API that is in beta, they don’t allow you to select or create feeds based on certain tags or just of your Diary or Lists. While the RSS feed from Letterboxd in an RSS reader will include the body of a review, it doesn’t get imported to One possible future project for me is to create a Workflow or IFTTT recipe to slightly change the process to post the review along with the title, year, rating, and link to the film as I think it would be nice to have the review appear in my feed as well.