sunrise through trees

Morning light through trees reflected on the roof of the car.

Tree reflected on car roof.

End of grip arm on set.

Clamp on stand

Pizza ready for the oven.

pizza before baking

Morning sky reflected in windows.

Windows of building

Wolfville parking lot with Blomidon in the distance.

Parking lot in Wolfville.

Rainy windshield.

Windshield covered with raindrops.

A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

Two loaves of fresh bread.

Red lentil curry cooking.

Red lentil curry cooking

Crows flying.

Crows over river.

Tanker in the harbour.

Ship in harbour from a distance.

Morning sun on bushes and trees.

Bushes, grass, and trees with morning sun and sky.

Lemon pistachio danish at Birdies.

danish pastey on plate

Moon in a clear morning sky.

moon in sky

Ferry in harbour this morning.

Harbour as sun rises.

Sunrise on clouds.

Clouds in morning sky.

Sunlight on fresh bread.

loaf of bread

Coffee beans.

coffee beans

Pinto beans soaking.

pinto beans in water

Filling some growlers with some of the best beer from Unfiltered.

sign in brewery

Frost on the windshield.

Frost on car window

Sewer cover.

sewer cover

Reflected window in my morning coffee.

coffee in mug

Spicy tofu and veggie stir fry cooking.

Ginger Molasses Amber Ale cookies from a King Arthur Flour recipe.