Chris Campbell

Dairy Bar is back with some delicious banana soft serve.

soft serve ice cream

Lemon pinwheel at Birdies.

Lemon pinwheel pastry with flower.

Seeds on top of damp car roof.

Seeds on top of car roof.

Car roof reflections.

Car roof reflections.

Split in the land at Cape Split.

Division between rocks with the ocean in the distance.

View at the end of the trail to Cape Split.

Rock and grass and sky

Bread fresh from the oven.

Sourdough bread on cooling rack.

Double macchiato from this afternoon.

Take out coffee cup.

Raspberry ricotta mint danish from Birdies today.

square pastry

Leaves starting to emerge.

Group of leaves on tree

View out the front door last night.

Tree through window

Tree and morning light reflecting on the car windshield.

Reflection of sunlight and tree in car windshield.

Apple blossoms I saw on the weekend.

Apple blossoms on tree.

Cornbread muffins to go with the veggie chilli I just made.

Cornbread muffins on cooling rack.

Country road on my bike ride yesterday.

Road and sky

A couple of rustic loaves of bread cooling yesterday.

Two loaves of rustic sourdough bread cooling on a rack.

Labyrinth at The Tangled Garden.

Grass in field and sky.

Sculpture at the centre of the labyrinth at The Tangled Garden in Grand Pré.

Metal sculpture

Damp car roof.

Wet car roof with sky and light reflected.

Empty studio after the filming was complete.

Empty film production studio.

Reflected sky on the car roof.

Clouds reflected in car roof.

Cafe film set for a student film.

Student film cafe set.

Ferry crossing the harbour.

Field and harbour with ferry and sky.

Veggie pizza for supper.

Veggie pizza with tomatoes and green pepper and cheese.

Roof of a tent.

Post and roof of tent