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Chris Campbell

How I Post to

For some reason I spend a lot of time thinking about what to post where online. I have my main blog at where I post longer things that I write, but I don’t automatically have that feed showing up on, but do a short post about my other post. Using Letterboxd I write capsule reviews of films and that feed goes into my stream. On Twitter I post more casual things and interact with people and a lot of what I post there is cross-posted automatically from

While I try to keep things simple, it inevitably gets complicated. Until you start to describe how you do something, it becomes clear how idiosyncratic what you do can be. So here is how I post things to using my iPhone and my MacBook Pro:

  • Every day I try to post at least one photo. has replaced Instagram for me. Initially I was trying to get some of the daily pins so I just kept going with posting something each day. I take photos with my iPhone using the excellent Obscura 2 app with the grid set to square to allow me to crop the photos. Sometimes I’ll add a filter in Obscura 2. Then it’s over to Sunlit to choose the photo and crop it. Sometimes I’ll apply a filter in Sunlit or do some minor adjustments and then I post to using Sunlit. For photos I only post them from my iPhone.
  • For original things for I usually will post using the iOS app on my iPhone or the MacOS app.
  • If I’m about to watch a film, I reach for my iPhone, find the film in the Letterboxd app, and copy the Letterboxd link. Then in Drafts I write my post about the film that I am about to watch and include the name. I select the name and use some of the actions from the Extended Keyboard to make the name of the film all uppercase and then insert the link to the film on Letterboxd. Then I use the Post to action to post it on
  • If I find a quote that I want to share on my Mac I will use the “Send to MarsEdit” button in Safari to open it up preformatted for posting to using Markdown. My old tumblelog on Tumblr was where I would post inspiration and quotes and images from films. Now I post inspirational quotes to, but for images from films I’m thinking that I should keep only my own images on my main hosted site. I don’t want to import my old Tumblr blog, but I do want to repost some of the screenshots and add more. So I set up a tumblelog on, and linked that feed into
  • For longer posts (like this one) I start on 750 Words to get my writing done and then move to Ulysses to edit and add the links to the post (unless it is short and then I would just go to the app). Then I check the grammar, readability, and links using Marked 2 to make sure it’s more dynamic and that the links all work. After a bit of editing I will then post it using MarsEdit.

It gives me comfort to have a way of doing things. A routine is nice and it keeps me posting things. With much of this there could be an easier or more efficient workflow and it would be good to automate some of this (especially when there is a lot of copying and pasting), but this is what is working for me now.

Do you have any elaborate (or simple) ways to post what you post to