Chris Campbell

Margherita pizza with a fried egg at Morris East. ❤️

Seeing the exquisite COLD WAR in a theatre again to savour the visuals, sound design, performances, story and direction by Paweł Pawlikowski. 🍿

Remembering Bruno Ganz and watching Wim Wenders’ 1987 WINGS OF DESIRE. 🍿

Lentil and carrot “barbacoa” tacos from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

Tasty Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich at Maritime Express Cider Co.

Taster at Maritime Express Cider.

Lamp in morning light.

Time for that Lubitsch touch With the 1939 film NINOTCHKA. 🍿


Morning sky with seagull.

Looking forward to seeing a couple of films with Albert Finney I haven’t seen as The Criterion Channel features a double bill of SATURDAY NIGHT AND SUNDAY MORNING and TOM JONES.

Cork coaster.

Working from home on a snow day that isn’t as stormy as predicted is a good day.

Morning sky.

Just finished watching RUSSIAN DOLL on Netflix and really loved it. Lots of stuff going on with a neat mix of influences and a quirky and dark sense of humour.

Set for music video.

Morning light reflected on car window.

Macchiato at Glitter Bean.


Bread fresh from the oven.

Time to watch Steven Soderbergh’s latest film HIGH FLYING BIRD on Netflix. 🍿

Primavera with pasta I freshly made.

Snow on rocks yesterday.

Watching Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 stylish CHUNGKING EXPRESS on the Criterion Channel. 🍿

Watching Agnès Varda’s 1988 playful biography of Jane Birkin, JANE B. BY AGNÈS V. again. 🍿