Leaves changing on a tree.

Leaves on oak tree changing colour.

Leaf on car window.

Leaf on glass.

Changing leaves.

Red leaves on tree against a blue sky.

Watching ‎Radu Jude’s 2020 Romanian film UPPERCASE PRINT as part of #FNC2020. 🎥

Basket of yarn at Gaspereau Valley Fibres in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada at 11:37 AM ADT. #adayinthelife micro.welltempered.net/2020/09/2…

Fresh sourdough cooling. 🍞

Sourdough loaf from side cooling on rack.

Glass rooster in morning light.

Head of rooster made of glass.

Apple crisp.

Apple crisp in casserole dish.

Veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers cooling on wire rack.

Watching the final program of #GCM39 as #PoderoneSilent screens the collection of shorts LAUREL OR HARDY. 🎥

Watching ‎the 1913 silent film UNJUSTLY ACCUSED directed by Holger-Madsen on the final day of #PordenoneSilent. 🎥

Currently reading: The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by Roman Mars and Kurt Kohlstedt 📚

Watching ‎A ROMANCE OF THE REDWOODS from 1917 directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Mary Pickford as part of #PordenoneSilent. 🎥


With perfect timing the book and challenge coin for The 99% Invisible City arrived in the mail today.

Book with challenge coin on top of it.

Time for some silent cinema from #PordenoneSilent as I start to watch ‎the 1928 THE DEVIOUS PATH directed by G.W. Pabst and starring Birgitte Helm. 🎥

Just immersed myself in UNDINE directed by Christian Petzold as part of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema and it wasn’t what I expected but it resonated with me after the credits finished. #FNC2020

Time for more #PordenoneSilent films as I watch the 1921 Italian film ‎LA TEMPESTA IN UN CRANIO directed by Carlo Campogalliani. 🎥

Rocks in the distance with seals lounging on them.

Large rock by the ocean.

Roxk in sand by the ocean.

Watching the 1935 Chinese silent film ‎NATIONAL CUSTOMS directed by Zhu Shi-Lin and Lo Ming-Yau as part of #PordenoneSilent. 🎥

Watching ‎PENROD AND SAM from 1931 directed by William Beaudine as part of #PordenoneSilent this year. 🎥

Starting to watch the films of #PordenoneSilent with the program “The Urge to Travel”. www.giornatedelcinemamuto.it/en/

Watching ‎Albert Brooks’ 1979 debut feature REAL LIFE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Pan pizza cooling.

Edge of pan pizza cooling.