Chris Campbell

I really enjoyed THE LAUNDROMAT on Netflix. I like what Soderbergh and Netflix are doing.

Leaf on the hood of the car.

Lead on car hood.

My traditional Friday lunch.

Grilled cheese sandwich on plate with bowl of tomato soup.

Rain dapple car roof.

rain on car roof

Morning sky with moon.

Sky over city with moon visible.


Peppercorns in bowl

Close to some sourdough bread cooling after coming out of the oven.

cracks in loaf of sourdough bread

Sign on the outside wall of the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville.

Sign on brick wall.

Japanese milk bread rolls cooling.

Dinner rolls

Pumpkin pie cooling.

pumpkin pie.

Baked some macaroni and cheese for supper.

Macaroni and cheese in baking dish.

Watching Bong Joon Ho’s 2006 film THE HOST again on Hoopla. 🍿

Watching Vince Gilligan’s new film EL CAMINO on Netflix. 🍿

Really want to see PARASITE in a theatre again. Wish it was playing around here. Bong is amazing in how he blends genres and tells complex stories with humour and sensitivity.

Grilled cheese for lunch.

Grilled cheese sandwich.


coffee in mug

Having a William Wellman double bill today after watching James Cagney in THE PUBLIC ENEMY this afternoon and now some Pre-Code Barbara Stanwyck in THE PURCHASE PRICE. 🍿

Tiny flowers beside a path.

Small purple flowers

Watching the 1960 South Korean film THE HOUSEMAID on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

I guess I’m not watching ISMAEL’S GHOSTS as it doesn’t appear to be available on Hoopla.

Catching up on films and watching Arnaud Desplechin’s 2017 film ISMAEL’S GHOSTS on Hoopla. 🍿

Roof of car and streetlight in early morning light.

Roof of car and streetlight shining through tree.

Hop-shaped lamp in the new Sea Level Brewhouse.

Lampshade in the shape of a hop.

Clouds in the morning sky.

Clouds in sky.

Watching Agnieszka Holland’s 2017 film ‎SPOOR on MUBI. 🎥