Watching Zacharias Kunuk’s brilliant 2016 film SEARCHERS again. It reworks John Ford’s western into a northern context. 🎥

Watching Sara Driver’s 1993 film WHEN PIGS FLY on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Best new-to-me films June 2020: HISTOIRES D’AMÉRIQUE (Akerman), MS SLAVIC 7 (Campbell / Bohdanowicz), THE WATERMELON WOMAN (Dunye), DA 5 BLOODS (Lee), THE EYES OF ORSON WELLES (Cousins), FAMILY ROMANCE, LLC (Herzog), LOLA (Fassbinder).

Stump and fallen tree beside The Ravine trail in Kentville.

Stump and tree.

Cloud seen from Port Williams.

Cloud in sky.

Pan pizza fresh from the pan.

pan pizza cooling.

Made some sourdough crackers.

Sourdough crackers cooling on rack.

Watching Lynn Shelton’s 2014 film LAGGIES again. 🍿

Sourdough loaf fresh from the oven.

Sourdough bread loaf cooling on metal rack.

Irish Buttermilk Brown Bread cooking.

Brown bread cooling on rack.

Watching Chantal Akerman’s 2006 film DOWN THERE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

On the beach at Blomidon yesterday.

Beach and sky.

Watching D.W. Young’s 2019 documentary THE BOOKSELLERS and supporting Carbon Arc with the rental too. 🍿

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

A refreshing Lifesaver wild blueberry sour from Unfiltered.

Blueberry beer in glass.

Fresh sourdough loaves cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling on rack.

Bagels fresh from the oven.

Poppy seed bagel cooling on metal rack.

Time for the new Spike Lee Joint, DA 5 BLOODS on Netflix. 🎥

Lentil and chickpea tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

Tacos on plate.

Watching Billy Woodberry’s 1983 film BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥


Lupin flowers and leaves.

Watching Shola Lynch’s 2004 documentary ‎CHISHOLM ‘72: UNBOUGHT & UNBOSSED on Kanopy. 🎥

Woodpecker on tree.

Pilated woodpecker on tree.

Pinto beans soaking.

Pinto beans in water.

Sourdough loaf cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling on metal rack.