Fresh cheese pizza cooling.

cheese pizza

Moving my blog over to @Blot and while importing I realized that some of my older posts had broken images for about a decade. Amazing to be able to move a site around so much. I went from Blosxom, to Typo, to Wordpress, to Squarespace, and soon Blot!

A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

Delicious veggie tacos at La Torta in Wolfville.

Veggie Tacos

AeroPressing as Sunday begins.

aeropress coffee maker

Watching Barbara Stanwyck in the pre-Code 1933 film BABY FACE directed by Alfred E. Green. 🍿

Looking toward the dykes in downtown Wolfville.

Field and foggy sky.

Watching Stanley Kubrick’s beautiful ‎BARRY LYNDON again. 🍿

Morning sky.


Watching THE BIG LEBOWSKI yet again. 🍿