Watching Julie Dash’s beautiful 1991 film DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST again. 🎥

I moved my blog over to Blot and I wrote about Moving Hosts on the blog.

Pinto beans soaking.

pinto beans in water

One of the reasons I love being on is the thought behind what they do.

It’s time for platforms to slow down, actively curate, and limit features that will spread hate. – Manton Reece

Filling some growlers with some of the best beer from Unfiltered.

sign in brewery

In the theatre ready to be scared by US directed by Jordan Peele. 🍿

Watching BLUE VELVET again. I was at the world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival in August 1986. My first film festival with David Lynch & Dino De Laurentiis introducing the film and Pierre Trudeau in the audience. 🍿

Frost on the windshield.

Frost on car window

Watching the gorgeous restoration of the 1945 film noir classic DETOUR on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

Moved my main blog over to for hosting and I really love how it looks and works. Having things simpler really is better.