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2021-03-04: Watching ‎a film from Mexico set in Newfoundland as stop #7 in March Around The World with Yulene …

2021-03-04: Watching a film from Morocco as #6 in my March Around the World – ‎ABOUT SOME MEANINGLESS EVENTS …

2021-03-04: Blue sky reflected in a cup of coffee.

2021-03-03: March Around the World film #5 is the Norwegian film ‎THE WAYWARD GIRL directed by Edith Carlmar …

2021-03-03: Continuing my March Around the World with the Chinese film ‎24 CITY from 2007 directed by Jia …

2021-03-03: Fresh sourdough bread.

2021-03-02: Watching ‎Elaine May’s darkly funny 1971 film A NEW LEAF again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2021-03-01: Film #3 of March Around the World is from Czechoslovakia in 1970 – ‎FRUIT OF PARADISE directed by …

2021-03-01: Film #2 in my March Around the World 2021 from Senegal is Ousmane Sembène’s 1968 film ‎MANDABI …

2021-03-01: Starting March Around the World 2021 with Aotera / New Zealand and the 2017 film ‎WARU directed by …

2021-03-01: Looking forward to the March Around the World Challenge this year. The goal is to watch 30 feature …

2021-03-01: It’s been exactly a year since I’ve seen a film in a movie theatre. The last (and only) …

2021-02-28: Looking up at a crow in a tree. Day 28: Up of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-28: Best new-to-me films for February 2021: A TRIBUTE TO MALCOLM X, PREPARATIONS TO BE TOGETHER FOR AN …

2021-02-27: Watching ‎Robin Campillo’s brilliant 2017 film BPM again. 🎥

2021-02-27: These Ethiopian Berbere spices are really showing off. Day 27: Pompasetting of the February …

2021-02-27: Finally uploaded the blog post about my Favourite Films of 2020 to my blog. Most of them are …

2021-02-26: One of my favourite things to do on Friday is to bake a pizza. Day 26: Favourite of the February …

2021-02-25: A book from the days when I was working more with code. Day 25: Code of the February Photoblogging …

2021-02-24: Watching ‎Amber Sealey’s 2016 film NO LIGHT AND NO LAND ANYWHERE on MUBI. 🎥

2021-02-24: Orecchiette pasta which looks like little baby ears. Day 24: Baby of the February Photoblogging …

2021-02-23: Banana tree. Day 23: Banana of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-22: Listening to Daft Punk and dancing around the house as I make supper.

2021-02-22: Keyboard that I use to spell words. Day 22: Spell of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-21: Colours of heritage carrots and other veggies chopped up for a stew. Day 21: Colours of the February …

2021-02-21: Finished reading: The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by …

2021-02-20: Snow on cedar branches. Day 20: Weather of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-20: My sourdough starter which is alive. Day 19: Alive of the February Photoblogging.

2021-02-18: My setup as I work at home. Day 18: At Home of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-17: Fluffy cat staying still on a cushion. Day 17: Still of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-16: Some of the books on my shelf. Day 16: Erudite of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-15: Watching ‎Olivier Assayas’ 1996 film IRMA VEP on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2021-02-15: Reflection of a rooster ornament in coffee mug. Day 15: Reflection of the February Photoblogging …

2021-02-14: Watching ‎Wong Kar-wai’s 2000 masterpiece IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE again on The Criterion Channel. …

2021-02-14: On a day filled with love and compassion I’m enjoying a delicious Brett Saison as I make supper. …

2021-02-13: I decided to make Lemon Thyme oil today. Day 13: Make of the February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-12: Watching ‎Cathy Yan’s 2018 debut feature DEAD PIGS on MUBI. 🎥🐂

2021-02-12: My SPOon ORGanization for Day 12: Sporg of the February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-11: My bread machine. Day11: Machine of the February Photoblogging Challenge

2021-02-10: Watching ‎the 1932 film BLONDE VENUS directed by Josef von Sternberg on the Criterion Channel. 🎥

2021-02-10: Coffee beans provide me with energy. Day 10: Energy of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-09: Watching ‎William Greaves’ 1972 newly-restored documentary NATIONTIME on the Criterion …

2021-02-09: The muddy water of the Minas Basin beside Waterfront Park in Wolfville. Day 9: Muddy of the February …

2021-02-08: Watching ‎Jacqueline Audry’s 1951 film OLIVIA. 🎥

2021-02-08: Every time I bake some bread I change the mix of flours and as I wait for it to rise and bake it …

2021-02-08: Grilled cheese. Day 7: Craving of the February Photoblogging Challenge

2021-02-07: Watching ‎the 1950 film noir / epidemic film THE KILLER THAT STALKED NEW YORK directed by Earl …

2021-02-06: Out for a walk. Day 6 of the February Photoblogging Challenge: Sport.

2021-02-06: Breakfast pizza modified slightly from a King Arthur Baking recipe.

2021-02-05: Roxy Music the cat. Day 5: Pets of the February 2021 Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-04: Watching ‎the 2020 Hungarian film PREPARATIONS TO BE TOGETHER FOR AN UNKNOWN PERIOD OF TIME directed …

2021-02-04: Layers of rock to make a gate. Day 4: Layers in the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-03: Day 3: Comfort - February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-02: Watching ‎the new Criterion edition of Jim Jarmusch’s 1999 film GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE …

2021-02-02: Morning beverage: Day 2 of the February Photoblogging Challenge.

2021-02-01: February Photoblogging Challenge Day 1: Close Up 📷

2021-01-31: Best new-to-me films for January 2021: MY SISTER’S GOOD FORTUNE, SHIRLEY, THE SMILING …

2021-01-30: Currently reading: Vegetable Kingdom by Bryant Terry 📚

2021-01-30: Want to read: Antkind by Charlie Kaufman 📚

2021-01-29: Gently winding down from the week by watching ‎Agnès Varda’s 1955 film LA POINTE-COURTE again …

2021-01-23: Really loved the first episode of PAINTING WITH JOHN. Bite-sized pieces of beauty and honesty.

2021-01-22: “It’s a sad and beautiful world.” Celebrating Jim Jarmusch’s birthday by …

2021-01-20: Wow. What a relief. Congratulations to my American friends.

2021-01-17: It was a good film year and, once again, Agnes Varda was my most-watched director. I logged 795 …

2021-01-16: Saturday sourdough. 🍞

2021-01-15: It’s TIFF Secret Movie Club day! I won’t know what film it is until I hit “play” and I really love …

2021-01-12: Watching ‎Chantal Akerman’s 1974 film JE, TU, IL, ELLE again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2021-01-12: I really enjoy my working-from-home routine. After my breakfast of coffee and oatmeal I get dressed …

2021-01-09: Time for some of the Lubitsch touch with the 1931 film ‎THE SMILING LIEUTENANT on TCM. 🎥

2021-01-08: Finally watching ‎SHIRLEY directed by Josephine Decker on Prime. 🎥

2021-01-08: Sad to hear of the passing of Michael Apted. While he directed many great films, the UP series is …

2021-01-05: Cooling sourdough bread. 🍞

2021-01-01: My 10 most watched actors for 2020 were: Agnès Varda, Cary Grant, Juliette Binoche, Chantal Akerman, …

2021-01-01: All of my top 20 watched directors for 2020 were women with the top 10: Agnès Varda, Chantal …

2021-01-01: Logged 795 films in 2020 which was an average of 15 films a week.

2021-01-01: The list of my top 20 favourite films of 2020.

2021-01-01: Happy New Year from Wolfville. Goodbye 2020 and welcome to a new year. 🎉

2020-12-31: Watching ‎David Lean’s 1949 film THE PASSIONATE FRIENDS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-12-31: My favourite films 1-10 of 2020: FIRST COW, NOMADLAND, NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS, ANOTHER ROUND, …

2020-12-31: My favourite films 11-20 for 2020: BAIT, FAMILY ROMANCE LLC, NO ORDINARY MAN, UNDINE, DICK JOHNSON …

2020-12-31: Best new-to-me films December 2020: WHITE RIOT, THE ROYAL ROAD, DAVID BYRNE’S AMERICAN UTOPIA, HOW …

2020-12-30: Made some English Muffin bread in the bread machine from a King Arthur Baking recipe. 🍞

2020-12-30: Cinnamon bun cooling.

2020-12-29: Watching ‎the 2019 Romanian documentary film COLLECTIVE directed by Alexander Nanau on iTunes. 🎥

2020-12-28: Catching up on the 1929 Fritz Lang silent film WOMAN IN THE MOON. 🎥

2020-12-25: Lentil shepherds pie for supper.

2020-12-24: Watching ‎IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE yet again. 🎥

2020-12-23: Watching ‎the 1980 film XANADU for the first time and kind of like the goofy blending of classic …

2020-12-22: Blasting off into the Criterion Channel’s Afrofuturism program with the 1974 film ‎SPACE IS …

2020-12-22: Cinnamon bun bread emerging from the bread machine. 🍞

2020-12-20: Sunday sourdough. 🍞

2020-12-19: Getting some lentil soup underway.

2020-12-18: Very glad I signed up for the TIFF Secret Movie Club. Every month I get to see a great new film.

2020-12-17: Watching ‎the 2020 music documentary THE BEE GEES: HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART. 🎥

2020-12-15: Remembering John Le Carré by watching ‎the brilliant 2011 adaptation of TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY. 🎥

2020-12-12: Watching ‎Steven Soderbergh’s new film LET THEM ALL TALK. 🎥

2020-12-12: Making a nice big pot of veggie chili for supper.

2020-12-11: Watching ‎DAVID BYRNE’S AMERICAN UTOPIA directed by Spike Lee. 🎥 🎶

2020-12-11: Pesto and fresh mozzarella pizza made with Birdies pizza dough.

2020-12-08: Watching ‎Jenni Olson’s 2015 film THE ROYAL ROAD on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-12-06: Watching ‎the Coen Brothers’ 1994 screwball comedy THE HUDSUCKER PROXY after watching a bunch …

2020-12-06: Gingerbread people fresh out of the oven from the Made With Local recipe.

2020-12-05: Feels like a good day to cook some black beans and make some flour tortillas.

2020-12-04: Time to watch David Fincher’s ‎MANK. 🎥

2020-12-03: Watching ‎Jane Campion’s brilliant and beautiful 2009 film BRIGHT STAR again. 🎥

2020-12-03: Watching ‎the 2019 documentary WHITE RIOT directed by Rubika Shah. 🎥

2020-12-02: Watching ‎the documentary OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE. 🎥

2020-12-01: Watching ‎the 1989 Hungarian film MY TWENTIETH CENTURY directed by Ildikó Enyedi on The Criterion …

2020-12-01: On the final day of #Noirvember I watched ‎DRIVE directed by Nicolas Winding Refn so I ended the …

2020-11-30: Best new-to-me films November 2020: THE AMERICAN FRIEND, L.A. TEA TIME, BAIT, ANY NUMBER CAN WIN, …

2020-11-30: Farmhouse Buttermilk Cake cooling.

2020-11-30: While I didn’t need something to reinforce my love of the community, the Microblogvember …

2020-11-29: Watching ‎the figure skating film noir SUSPENSE from 1946 directed by Frank Tuttle on TCM in Noir …

2020-11-29: It’s great to be a pedestrian in my small town and I try to get out for a walk every day. Day 29: …

2020-11-28: When I go out I always have at least one mask with me now. Day 28: Mask of Microblogvember. #mbnov

2020-11-28: More new-to-me noir tonight for #Noirvember is ‎the 1950 film THE MAN WHO CHEATED HIMSELF directed …

2020-11-27: My daily dilemma is choosing which film to watch. Usually there is a theme or a thread based on …

2020-11-26: Watching ‎INSOMNIA (1997) directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg on The Criterion Channel for some Nordic …

2020-11-26: For some new-to-me-noir tonight I’m watching ‎Ida Lupino’s 1953 film THE BIGAMIST on The …

2020-11-26: I’ve had to adjust my expectations for the holidays to make sure that everyone stays safe. I don’t …

2020-11-25: Every time I make a phone call I usually walk around the house while talking. Day 25: Call of …

2020-11-25: Time for some new-to-me noir with the 1947 film ‎BRUTE FORCE directed by Jules Dassin and starring …

2020-11-24: Just before the spike in cases today I was able to provision for my baking by ordering some bread …

2020-11-24: Time for some Nikkatsu noir for #Noirvember with the 1958 film RUSTY KNIFE directed by Toshio Masuda …

2020-11-23: It great to capture moments in time through taking pictures. Day 23: Capture of Microblogvember. …

2020-11-23: More French film noir tonight with Truffaut’s 1960 film ‎SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER on The …

2020-11-23: Watching ‎some French neo-noir tonight with Claire Denis’ 1990 film NO FEAR, NO DIE on The …

2020-11-22: I think it will be a while before I cross any border as the pandemic continues. Staying safe and …

2020-11-22: Watching ‎KISS ME DEADLY from 1955 directed by Robert Aldrich for my #Noirvember film for today. 🍿

2020-11-21: Watching ‎Corneliu Porumboiu’s brilliant and fun neo-noir THE WHISTLERS again for #Noirvember …

2020-11-21: Baked rotini with cheese for supper.

2020-11-21: It’s going to be a long winter and I’m lucky to live in a place that has good local food, produce, …

2020-11-20: It’s a wonderful moment when the lights fade and a movie starts in a theatre. Day 20: Fade of …

2020-11-20: For #Noirvember tonight I’m watching ‎the 1946 version of THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE …

2020-11-19: Watching ‎THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD directed by Armando Iannucci which is quite …

2020-11-19: In the morning when the sun is shining it feels like anything is possible. Day 19: Possible of …

2020-11-18: Trees reflected in the roof of my new car.

2020-11-18: Over the last few years of practice I’ve been able to eliminate my dependence on store-bought bread …

2020-11-18: Time for some new-to-me French film noir with Jean Gabin and Alain Delon starring in ‎ANY NUMBER CAN …

2020-11-17: Watching ‎the stylish Japanese film noir PALE FLOWER from 1964 directed by Masahiro Shinoda on the …

2020-11-17: The sound of a train in the distance is reassuring and calming to me. Day 17: Train of …

2020-11-16: Time for some arty Hungarian noir for #noirvember as I watch the newly-restored 1988 film ‎DAMNATION …

2020-11-16: An early memory I have is of watching the moon landing on TV. Day 16: Memory of Microblogvember. …

2020-11-15: In the new world we are in I rarely travel far from home as I minimize the contact I have with other …

2020-11-14: One of the nice discoveries within Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive for me was discovering the …

2020-11-14: Watching ‎more #HIFF2020 films tonight with SO PRETTY directed by Jessica Dunn Rovinelli. 🎥

2020-11-13: I guess Friday night pizza is becoming a bit of a tradition. Day 13: guess of #microblogvember.

2020-11-13: Tonight’s #Noirvember film is ‎NORA PRENTISS from 1947 directed by Vincent Sherman. 🍿

2020-11-13: Pizza with Birdie’s dough and fresh mozzarella.

2020-11-13: Watching ‎the #HIFF2020 presentation of Mark Jenkin’s hand-crafted 2019 film BAIT. 🎥

2020-11-12: It’s #HIFF2020 time and the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival begins with ‎L.A. TEA TIME …

2020-11-12: Continuing with Tom Ripley during #Noirvember by watching ‎Wim Wenders’ 1977 film THE AMERICAN …

2020-11-12: While I am teaching from home four days a week I wear a sweater to be a bit more well-dressed and …

2020-11-11: Two of my favourite words that I have learned to say are acetylsalicylic and the name of the …

2020-11-11: Another new 1960 noir for me today during #Noirvember with PURPLE NOON directed by René Clément on …

2020-11-11: Oat muffins.

2020-11-11: Watching ‎some noir from Japan in the afternoon for #noirvember with the 1960 film INTIMIDATION …

2020-11-10: While I wouldn’t say that I am elderly I realized that I am older when I was buying vitamins and the …

2020-11-09: Watching Claire Denis’ newly-restored 1999 masterpiece BEAU TRAVAIL on The Criterion Channel. …

2020-11-09: Cinema is a force for good in my life and I try to watch at least one film every day for perspective …

2020-11-08: For #Noirvember tonight I’m watching the 1956 film ‎NIGHTFALL directed by Jacques Tourneur. 🍿

2020-11-08: Another Sunday, another couple loaves of bread.

2020-11-08: Whenever I’m in a bind about what to cook I look through my recipes to find something new and …

2020-11-07: I enjoy the way the dough inflates when bread rests and rises and bakes. Day 7: Inflate of …

2020-11-07: Feeling a huge sense of relief.

2020-11-07: Pancakes cooking.

2020-11-06: Sometimes it’s puzzling to me how quickly the week goes by, but as the week ends it’s nice to relax …

2020-11-05: I try not to stoop when I stand, but it’s a challenge sometimes to remember to straighten up and …

2020-11-04: Time for some melodramatic noir for #Noirvember with the 1945 Michael Curtiz film ‎MILDRED PIERCE …

2020-11-04: Today for #Noirvember I am rewatching ‎Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s visually stunning 2011 Turkish …

2020-11-04: I really enjoy working from home most of the week now and being near to where I live every day. …

2020-11-03: Manhattan and election coverage.

2020-11-03: For #Noirvember tonight I’m watching Bong Joon-ho’s newly restored 2003 ‎MEMORIES OF …

2020-11-03: I am hoping my American friends will astonish me and choose hope over fear today. #mbnov …

2020-11-02: Watching ‎another film for #Noirvember with BLIND ALLEY from 1939 directed by Charles Vidor. 🍿

2020-11-02: My third noir of #Noirvember is ‎the 1946 film THE CHASE directed by Arthur Ripley on The Criterion …

2020-11-02: Finding it a bit challenging to concentrate today as I’m picking up a new car this afternoon …

2020-11-01: Kicking off #Noirvember by watching ‎Humphrey Bogart in the 1945 film CONFLICT directed by Curtis …

2020-11-01: As the weather starts to become dreary on this Sunday afternoon I’m baking bread and making some …

2020-11-01: Sunday sourdough.

2020-11-01: Best new-to-me for October 2020: UNDINE, WORLD OF TOMORROW EPISODE 3, DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD, THE …

2020-10-31: One of the kids who came to the door saw the orange and green light patterns inside as she took …

2020-10-31: Cleo the cat guarding the Halloween treats.

2020-10-30: A great lineup of films coming to The Criterion Channel for November including Claire Denis’ …

2020-10-29: Watching ‎the Italian film MARTIN EDEN directed by Pietro Marcello in Carbon Arc’s virtual …

2020-10-28: Watching the Ukrainian film ‎ATLANTIS directed by Valentyn Vasyanovych as part of the Festival du …

2020-10-28: Eggs for putting in a shakshuka.

2020-10-26: Taking advantage of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma’s discounted packages by renting the award …

2020-10-25: Just finished a lovely cool 21 km bike ride which just put me over 1000 km of biking for the year so …

2020-10-24: Watching ‎Sofia Coppola’s ON THE ROCKS on AppleTV+. 🍿

2020-10-24: Street at night.

2020-10-24: Close to a leaf.

2020-10-24: Rocks at Cape Split.

2020-10-21: Watching ‎Miranda July’s 2020 film KAJILLIONAIRE. 🎥

2020-10-20: Leaf on car hood.

2020-10-18: Leaves changing on a tree.

2020-10-15: Leaf on car window.

2020-10-15: Changing leaves.

2020-10-13: Watching ‎Radu Jude’s 2020 Romanian film UPPERCASE PRINT as part of #FNC2020. 🎥

2020-10-13: Basket of yarn at Gaspereau Valley Fibres in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada at 11:37 AM …

2020-10-12: Fresh sourdough cooling. 🍞

2020-10-12: Glass rooster in morning light.

2020-10-11: Apple crisp.

2020-10-11: Veggie burgers.

2020-10-10: Watching the final program of #GCM39 as #PoderoneSilent screens the collection of shorts LAUREL OR …

2020-10-10: Watching ‎the 1913 silent film UNJUSTLY ACCUSED directed by Holger-Madsen on the final day of …

2020-10-10: Currently reading: The 99% Invisible City: A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design by …

2020-10-09: Watching ‎A ROMANCE OF THE REDWOODS from 1917 directed by Cecil B. DeMille and starring Mary …


2020-10-09: With perfect timing the book and challenge coin for The 99% Invisible City arrived in the mail …

2020-10-08: Time for some silent cinema from #PordenoneSilent as I start to watch ‎the 1928 THE DEVIOUS PATH …

2020-10-07: Just immersed myself in UNDINE directed by Christian Petzold as part of the Festival du Nouveau …

2020-10-06: Time for more #PordenoneSilent films as I watch the 1921 Italian film ‎LA TEMPESTA IN UN CRANIO …

2020-10-05: Rocks in the distance with seals lounging on them.

2020-10-04: Large rock by the ocean.

2020-10-04: Watching the 1935 Chinese silent film ‎NATIONAL CUSTOMS directed by Zhu Shi-Lin and Lo Ming-Yau as …

2020-10-03: Watching ‎PENROD AND SAM from 1931 directed by William Beaudine as part of #PordenoneSilent this …

2020-10-03: Starting to watch the films of #PordenoneSilent with the program “The Urge to Travel”. …

2020-10-01: Watching ‎Albert Brooks’ 1979 debut feature REAL LIFE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-10-01: Pan pizza cooling.

2020-09-30: I love the way that loaves of bread expand.

2020-09-30: Watching Steven Soderbergh’s strange 1996 film‎ SCHIZOPOLIS again on the Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-09-29: Leaf in the road.

2020-09-28: Caterpillar that will become a spotted tussock moth.

2020-09-27: Balancing rock in Digby Neck.

2020-09-26: Taking advantage of the extended screening times of FIN Atlantic International Film Festival …

2020-09-25: Beautiful and delicious danish from Birdies.

2020-09-24: It’s time for ANOTHER ROUND, the Closing Gala for the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival …

2020-09-22: Watching ‎the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Gala presentation of the French film How to …

2020-09-22: Watching ‎Mira Burt-Wintonick’s documentary WINTOPIA on this stormy afternoon with lots of FIN …

2020-09-21: Watching ‎the Gala presentation of Ariel Nasr’s documentary THE FORBIDDEN REEL about the …

2020-09-21: Watched the impressive and intense BONE CAGE and now time for some Greek weird wave with Georgis …

2020-09-20: Wrapping up my FIN Atlantic International Film Festival today by watching ‎Clark Johnson’s …

2020-09-20: Watching the 2020 documentary ‎CURED directed by Bennett Singer and Patrick Sammon as part of …

2020-09-20: Watching Jillian Acreman’s feature directing debut, QUEEN OF THE ANDES as part of the FIN …

2020-09-20: Starting my #FINstream day watching Nathan Grossman’s inspirational documentary I AM GRETA. 🎥

2020-09-19: After a lovely q&a after the great UNDER THE WEATHER I’m wrapping up the FIN day with the …

2020-09-19: Watching the second Newfoundland-based FIN Atlantic International Film Festival Gala tonight with …

2020-09-19: One of the things I’m enjoying about streaming film festival films is being able to cook supper and …

2020-09-19: Watching film number 5 as part of FIN Atlantic International Film Festival with the documentary …

2020-09-17: Opening Gala time with FALLING as FIN Atlantic International Film Festival is fully underway. 🎥

2020-09-17: Starting early and squeezing in THE TASTE OF PHO by Mariko Bobrick as the FIN Atlantic International …

2020-09-14: On the dykes by Wolfville this weekend.

2020-09-14: Watching the 2016 musical documentary CONTEMPORARY COLOR directed by Turner Ross and Bill Ross IV on …

2020-09-13: Cats looking out the window.

2020-09-12: Starting to watch Chloé Zhao’s 2020 film NOMADLAND as part of #TIFF20 and really looking …

2020-09-12: Bee on a thistle.

2020-09-12: Highlighting some of the non-Gala films playing this year at the FIN Atlantic International Film …

2020-09-11: Watching the SHORT CUTS PROGRAM 1 of #TIFF20 tonight. 🎥

2020-09-10: Starting to watch some #TIFF20 films with the documentary FIREBALL: VISITORS FROM DARKER WORLDS …

2020-09-10: Pan pizza.

2020-09-10: We are a week away from the start of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival and I’m …

2020-09-09: Rewatching Thomas Vinterberg’s challenging 2012 film THE HUNT starring Mads Mikkelsen as I …

2020-09-08: Pond in Parrsboro.

2020-09-08: Catching up on FIN Atlantic International Film Festival films and watching the 2018 documentary JOHN …

2020-09-07: Hop.

2020-09-06: Spider

2020-09-06: Starting to watch Pre-Code films of Joan Blondell with the 1931 film ‎BLONDE CRAZY directed by Roy …

2020-09-06: Plant growing through a sewer grate.

2020-09-06: Building in Parrsboro.

2020-09-05: Watching Dorothy Arzner’s 1932 film MERRILY WE GO TO HELL on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-09-05: Fresh sourdough.

2020-09-04: I’M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS is strange and sad and beautiful with Charlie Kaufman doing something …

2020-09-04: Watching one of my most anticipated films of the year, Charlie Kaufman’s ‎I’M THINKING …

2020-09-04: Crispy cheesy pan pizza with pesto.

2020-09-04: Rainbows on my AirPods Pro case.

2020-09-03: Rusting chain.

2020-09-03: Watching Agnès Varda’s 1962 masterpiece CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7 again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-09-02: Saw a chicken when I took a walk today.

2020-09-01: Delicious ice cream from Dairy Bar.

2020-09-01: Catching up on some of the short films of Agnès Varda that I can now see on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-08-31: Best new-to-me films August 2020: SPINSTER, LADY MACBETH, SHE DIES TOMORROW, BEANPOLE, IF ONLY, …

2020-08-31: Watching the 2020 film BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC directed by Dean Parisot in iTunes. 🍿

2020-08-31: One of the things I love is sitting by a fire at night. Day 31: Love of the August Photoblogging …

2020-08-31: So glad that The Criterion Channel is adding even more films and supplemental material from their …

2020-08-30: Not sure what happened with BILL & TED’S BOGUS JOURNEY as it’s not very good, but MY OWN PRIVATE …

2020-08-30: Dessert pizza with local toppings – quark, honey, nectarines, and blueberries.

2020-08-30: One of my favourite recent discoveries is making pizza in a cast iron pan. Day 30: Discovery of the …

2020-08-29: Watching BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE for the first time. 🍿

2020-08-29: Watching Hubert Sauper’s 2020 documentary EPICENTRO on KInoMarquee and supporting …

2020-08-29: Flaking paint. Day 29: Flake of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-28: Homemade soup, grilled cheese on my own bread, and coleslaw provide a happy lunch. Day 28: Emotions …

2020-08-28: Restarting a Friday tradition as I get some tomato soup cooking in the bread machine so I can have a …

2020-08-28: I was overcome with a sugar rush when I had this lovely donut. Day 27: Overcome of the August …

2020-08-27: Watching Kathleen Collins 1982 film LOSING GROUND before it leaves the Criterion Channel in a few …

2020-08-26: Dandelions are a relentless and cheerful presence on the lawn. Day 26: Relentless of the August …

2020-08-25: Revisiting a film from the “Extreme” program of 2019 FIN Film Festival, the timely …

2020-08-25: A view of the sun at Mount Carleton Provincial Park where I hope to return to some day. Day 25: Hope …

2020-08-24: Cold-brewed coffee with ice. Day 24: Frosty of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-24: Burger buns cooling.

2020-08-23: A tree gracefully balanced over a trail. Day 23: Graceful of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 …

2020-08-22: My parents house in rural New Brunswick. Day 22: Home of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 …

2020-08-21: Chip. Day 20: Crunch of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-20: Coins. Day 20: Change of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-19: Watching Lake Bell’s 2013 film IN A WORLD… again. 🍿

2020-08-19: Gold ribbon and bells. Day 19: Ribbon of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-19: The list of films in the Features program of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival 2020. …

2020-08-19: The list of the seven films in the Special Presentations program of the FIN Atlantic International …

2020-08-19: Getting ready for the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival by creating lists on Letterboxd. The …

2020-08-19: As film festivals move online in this strange time I will miss the casual conversations with fellow …

2020-08-18: The grid of woven yarn. Day 18: Grid of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-17: Manhattan to end the day.

2020-08-17: Squeezed in a nice bike ride to run some errands and I just went past the 800 km mark for the year. …

2020-08-17: The cat named Leonard Cohen cuddles with me. Day 17: Cuddly of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 …

2020-08-16: Just finished watching FOSSE / VERDON and it’s pretty amazing. 💃🏼

2020-08-16: Chair and desk where I stay still for a while each day. Day 16: Stationary of the August …

2020-08-16: Breakfast pizza.

2020-08-15: Watching Chantal Akerman’s 1986 film GOLDEN EIGHTIES again and it has got to be one of the few …

2020-08-15: Roxy Music relaxing by the window. Day 15: Silhouette in the August Photoblogging Challenge. #mbaug …

2020-08-15: A tiny frog by the side of the trail as I changed a flat tire on my bike during a 49 km ride today.

2020-08-14: Watching Jesse Moss & Amanda McBaine’s 2020 documentary ‎BOYS STATE on Apple TV+. 🎥

2020-08-14: Flower among other flowers. Day 14: Among - August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-13: Fresh sourdough bread cooling.

2020-08-13: Coffee filter in my Metallisk coffee maker. Day 13: Filter in the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 …

2020-08-12: Watching Amy Seimetz’s latest film, SHE DIES TOMORROW in iTunes. 🎥

2020-08-12: Top of my HomePod. Day 12: Sound - August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-11: Looking over the handlebars of my bike. Day 11: Transport - August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 …

2020-08-10: View out the living room window. Day 10: Window - August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-10: Dry moat with Fort Anne in the distance. Day 9: Black and White of the August Photoblogging …

2020-08-08: View at Cape Split today. Day 8: View of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-07: Time to watch Andrea Dorfman’s latest film SPINSTER in iTunes. 🍿 #nsfilmjobs

2020-08-07: Pond and willow tree at Grand Pré National Historic Site. Day 7: Daytripping of the August …

2020-08-06: Rainbow bisecting a floor tile. August Photoblogging Challenge Day 6: Bisect. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-05: Watching FRANCES HA. Again. 🎥

2020-08-05: Shubenacadie Canal. Day 5: Flow of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-04: Field and sky. Peace: Day 4 of the August 2020 Photoblogging challenge. 📷 #mbaug

2020-08-04: While I love the entire process of making sourdough bread from scratch, it’s nice to use the bread …

2020-08-03: Fly on flowers. Day 3: Bug go the August Photoblogging Challenge. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-02: Duck floating in Shubie Park. Day 2: Flow of the August Photoblogging Challenge. #mbaug 📷

2020-08-01: Bald eagle gliding. Day 1: Up - August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge. 📷

2020-08-01: Lichen on the back of an old sign.

2020-08-01: Purple coneflower downtown yesterday.

2020-07-31: Favourite new-to-me films July 2020: FIRST COW, THE TRUTH, THE ASSISTANT, JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE, …

2020-07-30: Watching Jamie Babbit’s 1999 film BUT I’M A CHEERLEADER again on The Criterion Channel …

2020-07-30: Black pepper tofu pot with string beans and rice.

2020-07-29: Fresh sourdough cooling. 🍞

2020-07-29: Acadia Cinema sign.

2020-07-28: Watching Arnaud Desplechin’s 2017 film ISMAEL’S GHOSTS on Kanopy. 🎥

2020-07-28: Squirrel peeking out from tree.

2020-07-26: Watching Céline Sciamma’s 2019 masterpiece PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE again. 🎥

2020-07-26: Poppy

2020-07-25: Veggie burgers ready to be cooked.

2020-07-24: Watching Paul Thomas Anderson’s gorgeous and intense 2012 film THE MASTER again. 🎥

2020-07-24: Flower growing.

2020-07-23: Celebrating Philip Seymour Hoffman’s birthday by watching Charlie Kaufman’s 2008 film …

2020-07-23: Hydrant

2020-07-22: Watching Steven Spielberg’s great 2002 film MINORITY REPORT again. 🎥

2020-07-21: Big ear on a fresh loaf of sourdough bread. 🍞

2020-07-20: Watching Dawn Porter’s documentary JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE. 🎥

2020-07-20: Rotini with sauce, lentil balls, and some fresh peas.

2020-07-18: Cat lounging in the driveway.

2020-07-17: Watching Michel Gondry’s inventive, beautiful, and melancholy 2013 film MOOD INDIGO again. 🎥

2020-07-15: Watching Samuel Fuller’s great 1953 noir PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET again. 🎥

2020-07-15: Fresh buns.

2020-07-14: Pan pizza with pesto.

2020-07-13: Watching Kitty Green’s film THE ASSISTANT. 🎥

2020-07-13: So glad that I got out for a 21 km bike ride earlier today as it’s a lot warmer now. Getting …

2020-07-12: Remains of a hemlock tree growing on a rock.

2020-07-10: Watching Kelly Reichardt’s latest film FIRST COW. 🎥

2020-07-09: Watching Kore-eda’s 2019 film THE TRUTH in iTunes. 🎥

2020-07-09: Black bean, sweet potato, and Swiss chard enchiladas made with fresh flour tortillas.

2020-07-07: Pesto cheesy pan pizza cooling.

2020-07-04: Watching Zacharias Kunuk’s brilliant 2016 film SEARCHERS again. It reworks John Ford’s …

2020-07-01: Watching Sara Driver’s 1993 film WHEN PIGS FLY on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-06-30: Best new-to-me films June 2020: HISTOIRES D’AMÉRIQUE (Akerman), MS SLAVIC 7 (Campbell / …

2020-06-27: Stump and fallen tree beside The Ravine trail in Kentville.

2020-06-27: Cloud seen from Port Williams.

2020-06-26: Pan pizza fresh from the pan.

2020-06-26: Made some sourdough crackers.

2020-06-25: Watching Lynn Shelton’s 2014 film LAGGIES again. 🍿

2020-06-25: Sourdough loaf fresh from the oven.

2020-06-24: Irish Buttermilk Brown Bread cooking.

2020-06-22: Watching Chantal Akerman’s 2006 film DOWN THERE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-06-22: On the beach at Blomidon yesterday.

2020-06-20: Watching D.W. Young’s 2019 documentary THE BOOKSELLERS and supporting Carbon Arc with the …

2020-06-18: Pan pizza cooling on rack.

2020-06-18: A refreshing Lifesaver wild blueberry sour from Unfiltered.

2020-06-14: Fresh sourdough loaves cooling.

2020-06-13: Bagels fresh from the oven.

2020-06-12: Time for the new Spike Lee Joint, DA 5 BLOODS on Netflix. 🎥

2020-06-10: Lentil and chickpea tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2020-06-07: Watching Billy Woodberry’s 1983 film BLESS THEIR LITTLE HEARTS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-06-07: Lupins.

2020-06-04: Watching Shola Lynch’s 2004 documentary ‎CHISHOLM ‘72: UNBOUGHT & UNBOSSED on …

2020-06-04: Woodpecker on tree.

2020-06-04: Pinto beans soaking.

2020-06-03: Sourdough loaf cooling.

2020-05-31: Best new-to-me films for May 2020: MY FIRST FILM, PEPPERMINT SODA, PAPUSZA, SWORD OF TRUST, DIS-MOI, …

2020-05-31: Common poppy.

2020-05-30: Purple tulip.

2020-05-28: Garden tulips

2020-05-26: Watching the #TIFFAtHome chat between Tantoo Cardinal and Cameron Bailey before watching ‎Darlene …

2020-05-26: For art today in the challenge I’m posting one of Bong Joon Ho’s storyboards …

2020-05-25: Watching Olivier Assayas’ intriguing and enigmatic 2014 film CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA again. 🎥

2020-05-25: I can’t draw, so for the final week of the May challenge with art, I’ll post …

2020-05-24: My final book pick is THE WELL-FILLED TORTILLA COOKBOOK by Victoria Wise and Susanna …

2020-05-24: Just watched MYTHIC QUEST: QUARANTINE which brilliantly works within the constraints of this new …

2020-05-24: Roxy Music the cat in a paper bag.

2020-05-24: Veggie burgers cooling.

2020-05-24: Sourdough pretzels cooling. 🥨

2020-05-23: While I’m reading his latest novel now, for my book pick for today I’ll highlight …

2020-05-23: Walking along the dykes today.

2020-05-22: My book recommendation for today is Amy Sedaris’ unique I LIKE YOU: HOSPITALITY UNDER THE …

2020-05-22: Black pepper pot tofu.

2020-05-21: My book pick for today is Michael Ondaatje’s THE CONVERSATIONS: WALTER MURCH AND THE ART OF EDITING …

2020-05-21: Many great films are available all the time on MUBI in their library, including LOS ANGELES PLAYS …

2020-05-20: My book challenge sprint pick for the day is ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY by Jeff …

2020-05-20: Watching Diane Kurys 1977 film PEPPERMINT SODA on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-05-20: Sourdough loaf cooling.

2020-05-19: Saw an eagle in a tree while walking in Reservoir Park today.

2020-05-19: Today my Book Recommendation Challenge Sprint I’ll recommend the nice little book …

2020-05-18: A glass of the delicious Isolator Dopplebock from Unfiltered.

2020-05-18: My book pick for the Book Recommendation Challenge Sprint for today is Flann O’Brien’s …

2020-05-17: Tiny violet coloured flowers.

2020-05-17: Had a wonderful 52 km bike ride mainly on the trails around Wolfville and it felt really great. …

2020-05-16: Watching Lynn Shelton’s 2013 film TOUCHY FEELY again. 🎥

2020-05-16: So sad to hear of the passing of Lynn Shelton. Such a talented director who brought sensitivity and …

2020-05-16: Indigo.

2020-05-15: Watching Rachel Talalay’s 1995 film TANK GIRL for the first time. 🍿

2020-05-15: Blue

2020-05-14: Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza which was quite delicious.

2020-05-14: Green.

2020-05-13: Yellow.

2020-05-12: Cheddar Beer Bread Rolls cooling.

2020-05-12: Orange cat.

2020-05-11: Watching Matt Wolf’s 2020 documentary SPACESHIP EARTH. 🎥

2020-05-11: I love how my town has put signs like this with different quotes all around the town.

2020-05-11: Red. 📷

2020-05-10: Watching Lynn Shelton’s 2019 film SWORD OF TRUST on Netflix. 🎥

2020-05-10: Veggie lasagna cooling.

2020-05-10: “We mustn’t linger. It is easy to get lost in memories.” – Emily in WORLD OF …

2020-05-09: Made some fried rice for supper last night.

2020-05-09: “you know how it is about those things, as though you do a film on your own. It’s a lie. You …

2020-05-08: “For me cinema is about time and space.” – Chantal Akerman 💬

2020-05-07: “if I can come home from working on a little film after doing it for 45 years and say, “I …

2020-05-07: Sourdough loaves cooling.

2020-05-06: ”Sometimes it’s good to do what you’re supposed to do when you’re supposed to do …

2020-05-05: Moroccan Carrot Red Lentil Soup for supper tonight.

2020-05-05: “I started thinking about why cinema is good for the soul, and what it gives us. In a nutshell, what …

2020-05-04: Sourdough chocolate cake iced and ready to eat.

2020-05-04: Made some nachos with chili and cilantro on top for lunch.

2020-05-04: M. GUSTAVE You see? There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric …

2020-05-03: View of Blomidon from Reservoir Park.

2020-05-03: French toast made with Italian Hearth bread.

2020-05-02: Just about time to watch THE BIG LEBOWSKI again as part of TIFF Stay-at-Home Cinema. 🍿🎥

2020-05-02: Italian Hearth Bread cooling. 🍞

2020-05-02: It’s a good day to make some chili and Italian bread.

2020-05-01: Cheese pizza cooling.

2020-05-01: Lots of great films added to The Criterion Channel including Chantal Akerman’s hard-to-find …

2020-05-01: Tonight I’m going to watch Pablo Larrain’s latest film EMA streaming for free on MUBI today. 🔗 …

2020-05-01: So glad that the parks and trails are opening up in Nova Scotia. Getting outside is so nice when the …

2020-04-30: Sourdough Popovers fresh from the oven.

2020-04-29: Pizza with feta, olives, yellow pepper, and cilantro.

2020-04-28: Really loving RUN which is fun and different. Merritt Weaver and Domhnall Gleason are two of my …

2020-04-28: Watching Laurie Lynd’s 2019 documentary film KILLING PATIENT ZERO. 🎥

2020-04-28: With some snow falling and wind blowing it feels good to be working from home.

2020-04-27: Watching Samuel Fuller’s fascinating 1959 noir THE CRIMSON KIMONO on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-04-27: Shakshuka dinner.

2020-04-26: Sourdough loaves made with 3/5ths bread flour and 2/5ths Red Fife. 🍞

2020-04-26: Cookies.

2020-04-25: Watching Pamela B. Green’s 2018 documentary BE NATURAL: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ALICE GUY-BLACHÉ …

2020-04-25: Watching John Ford’s 1935 film THE WHOLE TOWN’S TALKING in The Criterion Channel’s …

2020-04-25: Thinking that today is a good day for a bike ride.

2020-04-23: Watching Eliza Hittman’s 2020 film NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS. 🎥

2020-04-23: Face in cinnamon bun bread.

2020-04-23: Cinnamon bun bread cooling.

2020-04-23: Thinking that today would be a good day to make some cinnamon bun bread in the bread machine. 🍞

2020-04-21: Everything seems to be better when the sun is shining and it’s a bit warmer outside.

2020-04-20: Sunset through branches.

2020-04-20: Watching Perry Henzell’s 1972 Jamaican film THE HARDER THEY COME on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-04-17: Watching John Hughes 1985 classic film THE BREAKFAST CLUB again as part of TIFF-at-Home. 🍿

2020-04-17: Listening to the new Fiona Apple album which I’m enjoying a lot, especially, “Fetch The Bolt …

2020-04-17: Bread from the bread machine. 🍞

2020-04-16: Watching Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2015 film JOURNEY TO THE SHORE on MUBI. 🎥

2020-04-16: Time for some pizza.

2020-04-16: Very glad that I have a bread machine and I can pop in the ingredients and let it mix and knead …

2020-04-15: Maintaining a regular schedule and trying to balance out work and breaks at home can be a challenge …

2020-04-13: Watching Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman in Martin Ritt’s 1961 film PARIS BLUES on The …

2020-04-13: Veggie burgers cooling.

2020-04-13: Making a big batch of CHOW Veggie Burgers on this holiday afternoon. 🍔

2020-04-12: Getting ready for #CriterionMovieClub and watching the 1958 film noir MURDER BY CONTRACT on The …

2020-04-12: Watching Douglas Sirk’s 1947 thriller LURED on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-04-12: Crocus

2020-04-10: Snow is starting to fall and it seems like a good day to make some soup or possibly soups. Tomato …

2020-04-09: Watching Christian Petzold’s brilliant 2014 film PHOENIX again. 🎥

2020-04-09: Watching Radiohead – Live From a Tent in Dublin streaming on YouTube now. I’ve always wanted to see …

2020-04-09: Sign

2020-04-08: Watching Sophie Fiennes’ 2017 film GRACE JONES: BLOODLIGHT AND BAMI on Kanopy. 🎥

2020-04-08: Watching Joan Tewkesbury’s 1979 film OLD BOYFRIENDS on Kanopy. 🎥

2020-04-08: Watching Sophie Deraspe’s 2019 Québécois film ANTIGONE. 🎥

2020-04-07: Just watched the delightful Maine noir BLOW THE MAN DOWN and it was quite fun.

2020-04-07: Leonard Cohen the cat dozing in the morning sun.

2020-04-05: Fresh cornbread.

2020-04-05: Apple Crisp cooking.

2020-04-05: Kidney beans soaking.

2020-04-04: Watching Rita Hayworth in Alexander Hall’s 1947 film DOWN TO EARTH on the Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-04-04: Watching Martin Ritt’s 1957 film EDGE OF THE CITY on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-04-04: Edge of mushroom and cheese pizza cooling on rack.

2020-04-04: Loaf of bread from the bread machine. 🍞

2020-04-02: Watching Anna Rose Holmer’s remarkable 2015 film THE FITS again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-04-02: Cheese and mushroom pizza fresh from the oven.

2020-04-02: Watching Corneliu Porumboiu’s brilliantly constructed and dryly humorous 2019 Romanian …

2020-04-02: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies cooling.

2020-04-02: Feels like a good day to make some cookies. 🍪

2020-04-01: Watching Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper in Howard Hawks’ 1941 comedy BALL OF FIRE on the …

2020-04-01: On what would have been his 100th birthday I’m watching the great Toshiro Mifune in …

2020-04-01: Trying to balance everything out in working at home with working and taking breaks and not to …

2020-03-31: Watching the Aretha Franklin concert documentary Amazing Grace (2018) directed by Sydney Pollack and …

2020-03-30: A couple of sourdough loaves cooling.

2020-03-30: One of the very nice things about working from home is the ability to bake bread. 🍞

2020-03-29: For my 30th film in March Around the World I’m watching the 2019 Icelandic film THE COUNTY. 🎥 …

2020-03-29: Sunday night cooking as I make Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas for supper tonight with a …

2020-03-29: Chalkboard at Just Us! in Wolfville.

2020-03-28: As the March Around the World challenge approaches the end of the month I’m watching the …

2020-03-28: Black Pepper Tofu Pot.

2020-03-28: Listening to Beach House and making a Black Pepper Tofu Pot for supper.

2020-03-28: Loaf fresh from the bread machine.

2020-03-27: Watching the Instagram Live stream from TIFF with Cameron Bailey and Mandy Patinkin before watching …

2020-03-26: Chocolate chip cookies.

2020-03-26: Bread fresh from the bread machine.

2020-03-25: Was very lucky to get some AirPods Pro in a fundraising auction and they’re the best headphones I’ve …

2020-03-25: The cat named Roxy Music.

2020-03-24: Coffee cake cooling.

2020-03-24: Enjoying working at home as the snow falls outside without worrying about needing to get the …

2020-03-23: Tonight in my March Around the World viewing I’m watching the 1925 German film VARIETY on The …

2020-03-22: Loaves of sourdough cooling.

2020-03-21: March Around the World continues with a film from the UK with IN FABRIC from 2018 directed by Peter …

2020-03-21: As part of March Around the World 2020 I’m watching Roberto Rossellini’s 1952 Italian …

2020-03-21: Stay safe.

2020-03-20: Continuing to March Around the World with François Truffaut’s 1969 film ‎MISSISSIPPI MERMAID …

2020-03-20: Grilled cheese and tomato soup at home.

2020-03-20: Watching Edward Yang’s 1985 Taiwanese film TAIPEI STORY on the Criterion Channel as part of …

2020-03-20: Maintaining my regular routine and making some tomato soup to go with a grilled cheese sandwich for …

2020-03-19: Cinnamon bun bread.

2020-03-19: Listening to Wolf Parade and dancing around the kitchen as I boil water for pasta and some cinnamon …

2020-03-18: Snowy stream.

2020-03-17: Fresh veggie burgers.

2020-03-17: Continuing my March Around the World with Tomás Gutiérrez Alea’s 1968 Cuban film MEMORIES OF …

2020-03-17: Hamburger buns cooling.

2020-03-16: Fresh bread cooling.

2020-03-16: Starting March Break right by getting some sourdough ready for baking this morning.

2020-03-15: It’s in trying times like these that people reveal who they are. The small gestures of kindness and …

2020-03-14: Just before flipping and pressing the coffee.

2020-03-13: Cheese pizza made with dough from Birdies.

2020-03-13: Frosty roof of the car.

2020-03-11: Watching Antonella Sudassassi’s 2019 Costa Rican film The Awakening of the Ants on MUBI as …

2020-03-10: Watching Greta Gerwig’s wonderful 2019 adaptation of LITTLE WOMEN again. 🎥

2020-03-08: Watching Dominga Sotomayor’s 2018 Chilean film TOO LATE TO DIE YOUNG as part of my March …

2020-03-08: Had an inspiring time at the Women Making Waves conference yesterday. Women in Film and Television …

2020-03-05: Tonight I continue the March Around the World challenge with Miloš Forman’s 1967 film THE …

2020-03-04: Continuing my March Around the World challenge with Kenji Mizoguchi’s 1951 Japanese film MISS …

2020-03-02: Starting the March Around the World 2020 – Brazil challenge with the 1931 Brazilian silent film …

2020-02-29: Watching Jean Cocteau’s 1950 film ORPHEUS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-02-29: About to watch Céline Sciamma’a brilliant and beautiful PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE again in …

2020-02-28: Watching Todd Haynes’ bold and under appreciated 2017 film WONDERSTRUCK again. 🎥

2020-02-23: Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

2020-02-22: Watching Jessica Hausner’s 2019 film LITTLE JOE in iTunes. 🎥

2020-02-22: Dancing around the house to Radiohead as I wait for supper to finish cooking. As you do.

2020-02-22: Made some lentil balls to go with pasta.

2020-02-21: Friday night poutine with delightfully fresh and squeaky cheese curds.

2020-02-21: Warming up with a grilled cheese and tomato soup at Birdies.

2020-02-19: Watching Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1972 film ‎UN FLIC on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-02-18: Just rewatched Ira Sachs’ beautiful and delicately constructed film FRANKIE again. 🎥

2020-02-18: Coin check!

2020-02-18: Veggie burgers cooling.

2020-02-17: Sourdough cooling.

2020-02-17: Roxy Music the cat.

2020-02-16: Girlhood

2020-02-14: Watching Ernst Lubitsch’s 1940 film THE SHOP AROUND THE CORNER on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-02-12: Snow day bread from the bread machine.

2020-02-12: Snow day tree and clouds.

2020-02-11: Watching Madeleine Olnek’s 2018 film WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY in iTunes. 🎥

2020-02-09: Sunday night pizza.

2020-02-09: Starting my #AltOscarParty by watching Mati Diop’s 2013 experimental documentary film ‎A …

2020-02-09: Posted a bit about my favourite films of 2019 along with some stats about my viewing of films last …

2020-02-08: Part way through Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet on Apple TV+ and it’s a really great show blending …

2020-02-08: Really enjoying PICARD and how it recontextualizes many of the themes and ideas of the other Star …

2020-02-07: Grilled cheese and tomato soup that I made in the bread machine.

2020-02-05: Watching François Truffaut’s 1971 film TWO ENGLISH GIRLS on The Criterion Channel. I was …

2020-02-05: Early morning snow on car roof.

2020-02-04: Savoury cheese bread cooling.

2020-02-04: Watching Christian Petzold’s 2007 film YELLA on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2020-02-04: Sky over Halifax this morning.

2020-02-03: Beans soaking.

2020-02-02: Watching Ruben Östlund great 2017 uncomfortable satire THE SQUARE again. 🎥

2020-02-02: Chili spices before I ground them.

2020-02-02: First attempt at Portuguese cornbread.

2020-02-01: Chocolate chip cookies.

2020-02-01: Bread from the bread machine.

2020-01-31: Grilled cheese and soup at Birdies as usual on Friday.

2020-01-31: The overwhelmingly positive vibe on is so encouraging and demonstrates how it’s still …

2020-01-30: Chickpea noodle soup.

2020-01-29: Watching Leslie Harris’ 1992 film JUST ANOTHER GIRL ON THE I.R.T. before it leaves The …

2020-01-29: Clouds in the morning sky.

2020-01-28: Chickpea curry and rice.

2020-01-26: Sourdough loaves cooling.

2020-01-25: Watching Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 satirical masterpiece DR. STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO …

2020-01-25: Watching Lee Ok-seop’s 2018 South Korean film ‎MAGGIE on MUBI. 🎥

2020-01-24: FISHING WITH JOHN is on The Criterion Channel. Glad to be able to watch the strange and wonderful …

2020-01-24: Watching Sidney Lumet’s brilliant 1976 satire NETWORK again. 🎥

2020-01-24: View of Halifax harbour this morning.

2020-01-24: Watched the first episode of Picard last night and I really enjoyed it. Patrick Stewart is such a …

2020-01-23: Morning clouds.

2020-01-22: Morning light and path.

2020-01-22: Watching one of my favourite films from last year, Claire Denis’ melancholy and stylized …

2020-01-21: The view at work this morning.

2020-01-20: Watching Céline Sciamma’s naturalistic and beautiful 2011 film TOMBOY again on The Criterion …

2020-01-20: New IKEA espresso maker.

2020-01-19: Cinnamon bun bread made in a bread machine.

2020-01-19: Mushroom and chickpea Wellington for supper tonight.

2020-01-18: Hamburger buns cooling.

2020-01-17: Watching Martin Scorsese’s brilliant 1993 adaptation of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE again. 🎥

2020-01-17: Friday night cheese pizza.

2020-01-16: Chocolate chip cookies

2020-01-15: Watching Bong Joon-ho’s rock-solid metaphorical masterpiece PARASITE again. 🎥

2020-01-15: Cheese pizza.

2020-01-15: In lovely and unexpected film-related news, just got a notification that my pre-order of Bong …

2020-01-14: Trying another sourdough loaf in the bread machine.

2020-01-14: Watching Almodóvar’s beautiful 2019 film PAIN AND GLORY again in iTunes. 🎥

2020-01-12: Watching Scott Z. Burns’ 2019 film THE REPORT on Prime. 🎥

2020-01-12: Made some delicious risotto using the Jam program of the bread machine.

2020-01-12: Loaf from the bread machine.

2020-01-12: Making Bread in a Bread Machine Baking bread is one of my favourite things to cook and after years of practice I’ve finally …

2020-01-12: Thinking that I am sleepier than I thought this morning as it seems that I filled the aeropress with …

2020-01-11: Oil rig in the harbour for repair.

2020-01-10: Baked macaroni and cheese for supper tonight.

2020-01-10: Watching Spike Jonze’s 2002 film ADAPTATION again. 🎥

2020-01-09: Rotini with sauce and lentil balls for supper.

2020-01-08: Sourdough loaf made in the bread machine.

2020-01-08: Watching the strangely sweet 2018 Portuguese film DIAMANTINO on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-01-08: Snow days are delightfully productive for me as eliminating the commute and being at home means I’m …

2020-01-07: Clouds in evening sky.

2020-01-06: Trying out my new Zojirushi bread machine.

2020-01-05: Watching Susan Seidelman’s 1989 film COOKIE on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2020-01-05: Veggie shepherds pie cooling.

2020-01-04: Watching some of the Criterion Collection’s ‘70s Science Fiction with Michael …

2020-01-04: Pizza before heading into the oven.

2020-01-03: First grilled cheese of the new year.

2020-01-02: Watching Penny Lane’s 2019 documentary HAIL SATAN? on Netflix. 🍿

2020-01-02: Small travel mug.

2020-01-01: Coffee in one of my favourite mugs.

2019-12-31: Watched UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES again earlier today and probably going to fall …

2019-12-31: Here are my top 20 favourite films of 2019. It was a very good year for films. 🎥

2019-12-31: Made a list of my favourite 45 films from 2010-2019 in release order. 🎥

2019-12-31: Letterboxd has made such a huge difference in how I keep track of the films that I watch and it …

2019-12-30: A list of films I loved that I saw for the first time in 2019: KAILI BLUES, ISLAND OF HUNGRY GHOSTS, …

2019-12-29: Really loved LITTLE WOMEN. Greta Gerwig uses the whole spaghetti factory brilliantly with a …

2019-12-28: Watching one of my favourite films of 2018 again, Alice Rohrwacher’s transcendently beautiful …

2019-12-26: Sleepy dogs.

2019-12-25: Cookie in sunlight.

2019-12-24: Ho ho ho!

2019-12-23: Angel atop mom and dad’s tree.

2019-12-21: Saturday sourdough loaf.

2019-12-20: I’ve been a supporter of 99% Invisible since 2015. The diverse and fascinating podcasts of …

2019-12-16: Fresh cinnamon buns.

2019-12-15: Sunday sourdough.

2019-12-14: LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT is amazing and I wish I’d seen it in 3D. Kind of like a film noir that …

2019-12-14: Watching Bi Gan’s 2018 film LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT in iTunes. 🎥

2019-12-14: Calzones cooling.

2019-12-14: Saturday night cheese pizza.

2019-12-13: Frosty morning.

2019-12-09: Watching Noah Baumbach’s MARRIAGE STORY on Netflix. 🎥

2019-12-08: Fresh sourdough loaves.

2019-12-05: The sky yesterday afternoon.

2019-12-04: Watching Nietzchka Keene’s 1990 film THE JUNIPER TREE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-12-04: Black Pepper Tofu Pot.

2019-12-03: Whipped up some nachos for supper.

2019-12-03: Watching Ruth Beckermann’s brilliant 2018 documentary THE WALDHEIM WALTZ again. 🎥

2019-12-02: My well-used cutting board.

2019-11-30: I saw some great films for the first time in November: THE WONDERS, I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN …

2019-11-30: Mati Diop’s 2019 film ATLANTICS is on Netflix now. An extraordinarily beautiful and moving …

2019-11-29: Nothing better on a cold and windy day than a grilled cheese and tomato soup at Birdies.

2019-11-27: THE IRISHMAN is some of Scorsese’s best work with a fantastic cast telling a story in a way that …

2019-11-24: Watching Alice Rohrwacher’s 2011 film ‎CORPO CELESTE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-11-24: Sourdough Sunday night. Tried out some multigrain flour and it came out well.

2019-11-23: Tonight’s #Noirvember film is Nicolas Ray’s 1948 THEY LIVE BY NIGHT on The Criterion …

2019-11-23: Disconnecting a Device From an IKEA Trådfri Remote I love having smart lights in my home and keep adding more. I like the Trådfri system from IKEA …

2019-11-22: Watching Christian Petzold’s 2008 film JERICHOW on The Criterion Channel for my #Noirvember …

2019-11-22: Travel mug in morning light.

2019-11-18: Saw Almodóvar’s PAIN AND GLORY today and it’s such a beautiful film. One of his best. The only …

2019-11-17: Pinto beans soaking.

2019-11-16: Hamburger buns cooling.

2019-11-15: For my #Noirvember film tonight it’s Byron Haskin’s 1949 film TOO LATE FOR TEARS. 🍿

2019-11-15: Cheese, mushroom, and basil pizza made with Birdies dough.

2019-11-13: Watching a film noir from Bhutan on MUBI for my #Noirvember film today with Dechen Roder’s …

2019-11-12: Samson the cat peeking out from a tube.

2019-11-12: Choice Kippers box.

2019-11-12: Watching Radu Jude’s 2018 Romanian film I DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS …

2019-11-11: Time for another film for #Noirvember with Mervyn LeRoy’s 1941 JOHNNY EAGER. 🍿

2019-11-10: Looking forward to sharing Heather Young’s powerful debut feature MURMUR with an audience at the …

2019-11-10: Silver Wave Film Festival poster.

2019-11-07: Cloudy sky with ferry in the harbour.

2019-11-07: The Silver Wave Film Festival kicks off tonight and I’ll be heading up to Fredericton tomorrow to …

2019-11-05: Finally saw THE LIGHTHOUSE. Proud of the Nova Scotia crew who help craft it. It’s a fever dream of a …

2019-11-05: Trees against the morning sky.

2019-11-04: Leaves on the car roof.

2019-11-03: Time for some Japanese film noir with A Colt Is My Passport directed by Takashi Nomura from 1967 on …

2019-11-03: Apple pie cooling.

2019-11-03: French gingerbread spices before grinding to put in an apple pie.

2019-11-02: Time to make some pasta.

2019-11-02: Leaves on pavement.

2019-11-01: Cheese pizza made with Birdies pizza dough.

2019-11-01: Got my metal Criterion Channel subscriber card in the mail today.

2019-10-31: Favourite new-to-me films for October 2019: THE HOUSEMAID (1960) EL CAMINO (2019) THE LAUNDROMAT …

2019-10-30: 1-Pot Pumpkin Black Bean Soup.

2019-10-30: Very excited to see that The Criterion Channel will be streaming Hu Bo’s amazing and heartbreaking …

2019-10-29: Watching Sophie Letourneur ’s 2014 film GABY BABY DOLL on MUBI. 🍿

2019-10-29: Morning light.

2019-10-28: Installed a mirror in the bathroom.

2019-10-28: Watching Ursula Meier’s 2008 film HOME on MUBI. 🎥

2019-10-27: Sourdough cinnamon buns fresh from the oven.

2019-10-27: Cheese and pesto pizza cooling.

2019-10-26: Thinking of what I want to cook this weekend and just about everything starts with the letter “p”. …

2019-10-25: Muffin Tin Frittatas with salsa for supper.

2019-10-25: Beside the campus this afternoon.

2019-10-25: Watching Craig Brewer’s film ‎DOLEMITE IS MY NAME on Netflix. 🍿

2019-10-24: Leaf in morning light on car roof.

2019-10-23: Finished watching the first season of ON BECOMING A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA last night and I really …

2019-10-21: Seagull on light.

2019-10-20: Fall Green Pizza from Morris East.

2019-10-19: I really enjoyed THE LAUNDROMAT on Netflix. I like what Soderbergh and Netflix are doing.

2019-10-19: Leaf on the hood of the car.

2019-10-18: My traditional Friday lunch.

2019-10-17: Rain dapple car roof.

2019-10-16: Morning sky with moon.

2019-10-15: Peppercorns.

2019-10-14: Close to some sourdough bread cooling after coming out of the oven.

2019-10-14: Sign on the outside wall of the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville.

2019-10-13: Japanese milk bread rolls cooling.

2019-10-13: Pumpkin pie cooling.

2019-10-12: Baked some macaroni and cheese for supper.

2019-10-11: Watching Bong Joon Ho’s 2006 film THE HOST again on Hoopla. 🍿

2019-10-11: Watching Vince Gilligan’s new film EL CAMINO on Netflix. 🍿

2019-10-11: Really want to see PARASITE in a theatre again. Wish it was playing around here. Bong is amazing in …

2019-10-11: Grilled cheese for lunch.

2019-10-11: Coffee.

2019-10-10: Having a William Wellman double bill today after watching James Cagney in THE PUBLIC ENEMY this …

2019-10-10: Tiny flowers beside a path.

2019-10-09: Watching the 1960 South Korean film THE HOUSEMAID on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-10-09: I guess I’m not watching ISMAEL’S GHOSTS as it doesn’t appear to be available on Hoopla.

2019-10-09: Catching up on films and watching Arnaud Desplechin’s 2017 film ISMAEL’S GHOSTS on …

2019-10-09: Roof of car and streetlight in early morning light.

2019-10-08: Hop-shaped lamp in the new Sea Level Brewhouse.

2019-10-07: Clouds in the morning sky.

2019-10-07: Watching Agnieszka Holland’s 2017 film ‎SPOOR on MUBI. 🎥

2019-10-06: Roasted veggie and pinto bean tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2019-10-06: Watching Shirley Clarke’s 1985 documentary ORNETTE: MADE IN AMERICA on The Criterion Channel. …

2019-10-06: Cauliflower coated with spices before roasting.

2019-10-06: Chili spices before grinding with a mortar and pestle.

2019-10-05: Sourdough Beer Bread from a King Arthur Flour recipe.

2019-10-05: Apple crisp.

2019-10-04: Watching Shane Carruth’s strange, beautiful, and brilliant UPSTREAM COLOR again on The …

2019-10-04: Lunchtime walk on a cloudy day.

2019-10-03: With so many films from Shirley Clarke on The Criterion Channel now, we should maybe make Shirley …

2019-10-03: “Giving anything form gives you confidence in the universe.” – Robert Frost in Shirley …

2019-10-03: Tree reflected in the car roof as seen by the wide angle lens of my new iPhone 11 Pro.

2019-09-30: Watching the ByNWR presentation of EARS, EYES AND THROATS: RESTORED CLASSIC AND LOST PUNK FILMS 1976 …

2019-09-29: Close to sourdough bread fresh from the oven.

2019-09-29: I had a great time at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival again this year and I wrote about …

2019-09-29: Petals hanging on.

2019-09-27: Morning light in the rear view mirror.

2019-09-25: Black Pepper Tofu Pot

2019-09-23: Watching Claire Denis’ hauntingly beautiful ‎White Material again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-09-23: My well-used notebook.

2019-09-22: Sunday sourdough.

2019-09-21: Sunset.

2019-09-20: Heart of a lighthouse.

2019-09-19: The FIN Atlantic International Film Festival is over. This year the theatres were a bit more full …

2019-09-19: Seated for what could be my 26th and final film of the 39th edition of the FIN Atlantic …

2019-09-19: Flowers seen on a walk.

2019-09-19: As the final day of a great FIN Atlantic International Film Festival begins I’ve watched 25 films – …

2019-09-18: At the beginning of day 7 of FIN Atlantic International Film Festival I’ve seen 21 films – 15 …

2019-09-18: Centre of orange flower.

2019-09-18: Up close to a flower.

2019-09-17: As day 6 of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival begins I’ve seen 17 films. 12 fiction and 5 …

2019-09-16: Curious duck.

2019-09-16: Today the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival starts their Restored! series of 4 films from the …

2019-09-15: Waiting in line for my most anticipated film of the FIN Atlantic Film Festival, VARDA BY AGNÈS from …

2019-09-15: Really looking forward to seeing the amazing Agnès Varda’s final film, VARDA by AGNÈS tonight …

2019-09-15: At the end of the third day of the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival I’ve seen 9 films that …

2019-09-14: About to see PARASITE on Bong Joon-Ho’s birthday as my 9th film for the FIN Atlantic International …

2019-09-14: Coffee mug at Black Sheep.

2019-09-13: Day 2 of FIN Atlantic International Film Festival and I’ve watched 5 films so far and enjoyed them …

2019-09-13: Settled in to my seat and ready for the Gala screening of PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE at the end of a …

2019-09-13: FIN Atlantic International Film Festival sidewalk art directing people towards the theatres filled …

2019-09-11: Waiting for a ferry.

2019-09-10: Morning dew on the car roof.

2019-09-09: A preview of the fiction features screening at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival later …

2019-09-09: Sunflower rescued from Hurricane Dorian.

2019-09-08: Broken tree in the backyard.

2019-09-07: Having a beer by LED candlelight in the power-free Hurricane Dorian evening.

2019-09-06: TVP stuffed green peppers.

2019-09-05: Sunflower greeting the morning.

2019-09-05: We’re a week away from the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival and I have a preview of …

2019-09-04: Chairs in the studio.

2019-09-03: Bee on sunflower.

2019-09-02: Chalk art in front of my driveway at the street party in my lovely neighbourhood.

2019-09-02: Sunflower in a non-traditional colour.

2019-09-01: Watching Claire Denis’ sublime and beautiful 2008 film 35 SHOTS OF RUM again on The Criterion …

2019-09-01: Cheese and mushroom pizza cooling.

2019-09-01: Sourdough bread cooling.

2019-09-01: A big blog post on The Films of Agnès Varda as I remember of the greatest filmmakers. 🎥

2019-09-01: UPSTREAM COLOR and 35 SHOTS OF RUM are now streaming on The Criterion Channel! 🎥

2019-08-31: Just watched Hal Ashby’s wonderful HAROLD AND MAUDE for the first time and following it up …

2019-08-31: Black-eyed Susan in the sun.

2019-08-30: A double bill tonight with strong women with Almodovar’s ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER and Barbara Stanwyck in …

2019-08-30: It’s grilled cheese day at Birdies. 😊

2019-08-29: Finally watching Joanna Hogg’s 2019 film ‎THE SOUVENIR. 🎥

2019-08-29: View of the harbour yesterday.

2019-08-28: Leaf on the car as the sun rises.

2019-08-27: Close to a closed Black-eyed Susan.

2019-08-27: Sunflower ready to greet the sun.

2019-08-26: Close to a sunflower before emerging.

2019-08-25: Sourdough loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-08-24: Abandoned blue jay nest.

2019-08-23: Cooking some English muffins.

2019-08-22: Sunflower before flowering.

2019-08-21: Watching the documentary AMERICAN FACTORY directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert on Netflix. 🍿

2019-08-21: Cheese pizza cooling.

2019-08-21: A new blog post about archiving what you post online and where you post things.

2019-08-20: Tiny flower.

2019-08-19: Healthy snack.

2019-08-19: Watching Seijun Suzuki’s 1960 film ‎TAKE AIM AT THE POLICE VAN on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-08-19: Ant climbing on sunflower.

2019-08-19: Close to a sunflower before flowering..

2019-08-18: Close to a Black-eyed Susan before blossoming.

2019-08-18: Planning to Attend a Film Festival The big film festival in Atlantic Canada is the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival which …

2019-08-17: Getting close to the centre of a coneflower.

2019-08-17: Blueberries up close.

2019-08-16: Watching Frank Capra’s 1930 film ‎LADIES OF LEISURE in the Criterion Channel’s …

2019-08-16: Chickpea Bolognaise sauce.

2019-08-15: Watching Athina Rachel Tsangari’s strange and unique ‎ATTENBERG again on The Criterion …

2019-08-15: Sunflower on the verge Of emerging.

2019-08-15: Batch of English muffins fresh off the grill.

2019-08-14: Black eyed Susan.

2019-08-13: Sweet and sour veggie balls.

2019-08-12: Ball of yarn.

2019-08-12: Watching Athina Rachel Tsangari’s strange and playful science fictional 2000 film ‎THE SLOW …

2019-08-12: Two loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-08-11: Lotus flowers and lily pads.

2019-08-11: Water Lilly.

2019-08-10: Flag of the French Ministry of the Navy at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.

2019-08-09: Watching Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s strange and wonderful ‎WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS …

2019-08-08: Cooling loaf of bread.

2019-08-07: Pizza ready for the oven.

2019-08-07: Purple coneflower blossoming.

2019-08-06: Purple coneflower starting to emerge.

2019-08-05: Found my copy of the TRUE STORIES book before watching the new Criterion edition of David Byrne’s …

2019-08-05: Packing up to leave Sackville after a truly wonderful Sappyfest. It’s the 14th edition of the music …

2019-08-04: Republic of Sappyfest banner on fence.

2019-08-04: Sackville Coke Bowling

2019-08-04: Top of a tent reflected in an americano.

2019-08-04: Lucky numbers.

2019-08-03: Sappyfest is the best fest. #Sappyforever

2019-08-03: Pride rock in Sackville.

2019-08-02: Spider on residence window.

2019-08-02: Checked in and ready for Sappyfest 14! #sappyforever 🤘🏼🎶

2019-08-01: Flowers beside Grand Lake.

2019-08-01: Taking it easy on a lovely summer afternoon before heading to Sackville tomorrow for my 13th …

2019-08-01: Favourite new-to-me films for July 2019: ENOUGH WITH CATCALLING, LA VIE DE BOHEME, AFRONAUTS, …

2019-07-31: Beside a concrete pier on Grand Lake.

2019-07-30: Big potato.

2019-07-29: View from a kayak on the Miramichi River.

2019-07-28: Lavender.

2019-07-27: Hotel room view

2019-07-26: A truly delicious fusilli pasta for lunch at Wild Caraway Restaurant and Cafe today.

2019-07-26: Flower on the table at the wonderful Wild Caraway Restaurant Cafe today.

2019-07-25: Bee and flower.

2019-07-24: Just finished watching the two seasons of Will Sharpe’s Flowers on Netflix and it’s one of the most …

2019-07-24: Water valve cover.

2019-07-24: Watching ‎THE GREAT HACK directed by Karim Amer & Jehane Noujaim on Netflix. 🍿

2019-07-23: Lotus flower in fountain.

2019-07-22: Fresh loaves of bread cooling on the counter.

2019-07-21: Watching Rebecca Miller’s ‎2002 film PERSONAL VELOCITY on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-07-21: Fresh ravioli I just made.

2019-07-21: View from the dykes at low tide.

2019-07-20: Watching Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1955 thriller DIABOLIQUE on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-07-20: Saturday morning omelette and toast.

2019-07-19: Fresh loaf of bread cooling.

2019-07-18: Sunflower growing before the flower emerges.

2019-07-17: Watching Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 masterpiece THERE WILL BE BLOOD again. 🎥

2019-07-17: Coffee cold brewing.

2019-07-16: Dandelion

2019-07-15: Southwest Sweet Potato Black Bean Dip from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2019-07-15: Cheese pizza I made last night.

2019-07-14: Clouds in the sky last night.

2019-07-13: Garden Cosmos

2019-07-13: Fresh loaves of bread cooling. 🍞

2019-07-13: Macchiato

2019-07-12: The flower known as edelweiss.

2019-07-11: Watching Aki Kaurismäki’s 1992 film ‎LA VIE DE BOHÈME on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-07-11: Bananas in the Public Gardens in Halifax.

2019-07-10: Hydrant.

2019-07-10: Peaceful morning meditation with the sun on my face, the wind gently moving the leaves in the trees, …

2019-07-09: Delicious cinnamon coffee soft serve cone from Dairy Bar this afternoon.

2019-07-08: Watching Chantal Akerman’s strange and brilliant ‎1978 film THE MEETINGS OF ANNA again on The …

2019-07-08: White flowers.

2019-07-07: Time to put on this jersey before watching some sports.

2019-07-07: Buttercup.

2019-07-06: Watching Sidney Lumet’s brilliant 1975 film ‎DOG DAY AFTERNOON again in iTunes. 🍿

2019-07-06: Playful neighbourhood cat in the driveway.

2019-07-05: Watching Powell and Pressburger’s 1946 drama ‎A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH again on The …

2019-07-05: Watching Ida Lupino’s 1966 film THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-07-05: Path through the woods.

2019-07-04: Seed on a tree.

2019-07-03: Watching Scorsese’s under appreciated 1985 comedic masterpiece AFTER HOURS again in iTunes. 🍿

2019-07-03: Halifax apartment building.

2019-07-02: Flavour of Love sundae from Dairy Bar featuring passion fruit curd, coconut, and graham cracker on …

2019-07-01: For some reason I think I like any film that has a moving shot of someone riding a bicycle. There is …

2019-07-01: Cheese pizza with mushrooms and yellow bell pepper.

2019-07-01: Favourite Films of the First Half of 2019 As July begins, it’s a good time to look at the films that I have enjoyed in the first half of …

2019-06-30: Watching Gustaf Molander’s 1939 Swedish film ‎INTERMEZZO on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-06-30: Plant growing.

2019-06-29: Watching Stig Björkman’s lovely 2015 documentary INGRID BERGMAN: IN HER OWN WORDS again on She …

2019-06-29: The eggs in the blue jay outside my bedroom window hatched this morning it seems. I took a peek this …

2019-06-29: Water droplets on daisy.

2019-06-28: Raindrops on leaves.

2019-06-28: Moroccan red lentil soup and grilled cheese.

2019-06-28: Watching the “Deadly Domestics” double bill of THE MAIDS and LA CÉRÉMONIE on The Criterion Channel. …

2019-06-27: Roasted cauliflower, carrot and black bean tacos on fresh corn tortillas for supper tonight.

2019-06-27: Fresh pasta and sauce with veggie sausage.

2019-06-26: Light on AirPod case.

2019-06-26: Watching Mia Hansen-Love’s subtle and beautiful ‎Things to Come again and remembering actress …

2019-06-25: Cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven.

2019-06-25: Buns ready to bake.

2019-06-25: Cinnamon buns rising.

2019-06-24: Blue jays built a nest just above my bedroom window which explains why they were making so much …

2019-06-24: Pizza braids.

2019-06-23: The cat named Leonard Cohen.

2019-06-23: Another Sunday, another loaf of bread.

2019-06-22: Watching Ali Abbasi’s 2018 Swedish film BORDER on Netflix. 🍿

2019-06-22: Looking towards Blomidon from Waterfront Park at high tide.

2019-06-22: I like how they use italics to differentiate “dogs” and “people” from the rest of the text.

2019-06-21: Watching Jim Jarmusch’s brilliant 1984 film STRANGER THAN PARADISE again on The Criterion …

2019-06-21: Cheese pizza cooling.

2019-06-21: Flower.

2019-06-20: Awaiting a clean install of the image for Fall on my laptop and looking forward to starting fresh …

2019-06-20: Seeds on the roof of the car.

2019-06-19: Bush with cruise ship in the background.

2019-06-18: So proud and happy after Convocation as Screen Arts students crossed the stage. It’s such a …

2019-06-18: Where we line up the students who will be graduating very soon.

2019-06-17: Lentil, TVP, and macaroni skillet for supper tonight.

2019-06-16: Watching a double bill of THE WICKER MAN and DON’T LOOK NOW on The Criterion Channel. I’ve not seen …

2019-06-16: Another Sunday, another pair of loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-06-15: Having a beer in my favourite beer bar downtown.

2019-06-15: Black sesame soft serve ice cream yesterday at Dairy Bar.

2019-06-14: Squeezing in some zombies on this fine afternoon via Jim Jarmusch with THE DEAD DON’T DIE before …

2019-06-14: Dandelions.

2019-06-14: Friday sourdough grilled cheese and tomato and basil soup with an orange cake bite for lunch at …

2019-06-13: Lupin.

2019-06-12: Sunset over Halifax harbour.

2019-06-12: Sign outside the NSCC Screen Arts year end screening.

2019-06-12: Rainbow on wall.

2019-06-11: Veggie empanada from El Gallo along with black beans and rice for supper.

2019-06-11: Finally watching the 1973 Senegalese film TOUKI BOUKI directed by Djibril Diop Mambéti on The …

2019-06-11: Seeds and pollen on the roof of the car.

2019-06-10: Panoramic view of Evangeline Beach mud flats with Blomidon in the distance.

2019-06-10: Morning light through tree branches.

2019-06-09: Mud flats at Evangeline Beach.

2019-06-09: Mushroom risotto I made for supper.

2019-06-09: Tulip

2019-06-08: Watching Penelope Spheeris’ 1981 music documentary ‎THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION on The …

2019-06-08: Punctuation matters.

2019-06-08: View at the end of the Look Off Trail at Blomidon Provincial Park.

2019-06-07: Made a tofu, veggies, and soba noodle stir fry for supper tonight.

2019-06-07: Watching Billy Wilder’s 1951 cynical masterpiece ‎ACE IN THE HOLE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-06-07: Seed on damp car roof.

2019-06-06: Hosta.

2019-06-05: Watching the Dorothy Arzner features on The Criterion Channel and enjoying discovering her craft at …

2019-06-05: Made pizza for supper tonight.

2019-06-05: Cloudy Halifax morning.

2019-06-04: Dairy Bar is back with some delicious banana soft serve.

2019-06-04: Lemon pinwheel at Birdies.

2019-06-04: Seeds on top of damp car roof.

2019-06-03: Car roof reflections.

2019-06-02: Split in the land at Cape Split.

2019-06-01: Watching John Cameron Mitchell’s exuberant musical ‎HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH on The Criterion …

2019-06-01: Watching Agnès Varda’s brilliant 1976 portrait of the friendship of women, ‎ONE SINGS, THE …

2019-06-01: View at the end of the trail to Cape Split.

2019-06-01: Bread fresh from the oven.

2019-05-31: Double macchiato from this afternoon.

2019-05-31: Watching Wong Kar-wai’s beautiful ‎IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-05-31: Watching Nahnatchka Khan’s 2019 film ‎ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE on Netflix. 🍿

2019-05-31: Best new-to-me films watched in May 2019: HIGH LIFE, HER SMELL, BOOKSMART, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – …

2019-05-30: Raspberry ricotta mint danish from Birdies today.

2019-05-29: Watching Susan Seidelman’s grainy 1982 debut feature ‎SMITHEREENS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-05-29: Leaves starting to emerge.

2019-05-28: View out the front door last night.

2019-05-28: Going to BOOKSMART again because it’s funny and we need more great films with strong characters and …

2019-05-28: Tree and morning light reflecting on the car windshield.

2019-05-27: Watching Věra Chytilová’s brilliant debut feature, the 1963 documentary / drama hybrid …

2019-05-27: Apple blossoms I saw on the weekend.

2019-05-26: Cornbread muffins to go with the veggie chilli I just made.

2019-05-26: Country road on my bike ride yesterday.

2019-05-26: A couple of rustic loaves of bread cooling yesterday.

2019-05-25: Watching Jules Dassin’s 1968 film ‎UPTIGHT on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-05-25: Watching Louis Malle’s 1958 debut feature ‎ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS again on The Criterion …

2019-05-25: Labyrinth at The Tangled Garden.

2019-05-25: Sculpture at the centre of the labyrinth at The Tangled Garden in Grand Pré.

2019-05-24: BOOKSMART is a wonderful, honest, funny, and something you should see this weekend.

2019-05-24: Damp car roof.

2019-05-23: Empty studio after the filming was complete.

2019-05-22: Watching Claudia Weill’s wonderful 1978 story of female friendship ‎GIRLFRIENDS on The …

2019-05-22: Reflected sky on the car roof.

2019-05-21: Cafe film set for a student film.

2019-05-21: Heading to the theatre for some JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 on this foggy day. 🍿

2019-05-21: Ferry crossing the harbour.

2019-05-20: Veggie pizza for supper.

2019-05-19: Watching Paul Dano’s ‎subtle, quiet, and beautiful 2018 film WILDLIFE again on Netflix. 🎥

2019-05-19: Roof of a tent.

2019-05-18: Watching Delmer Daves’ 1956 Western JUBAL on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-05-18: Margherita pizza at Lightfoot & Wolfville.

2019-05-17: Pasta and sauce that I made from scratch.

2019-05-16: Penne, roasted tomatoes, Beyond Meat sausage, with a cream garlic sauce topped with pea shoots last …

2019-05-16: Raindrops and tree reflected in the side of the car.

2019-05-15: Watching the Coen Brothers’ BLOOD SIMPLE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-05-15: Walking trail on a drizzly day.

2019-05-14: Student film set.

2019-05-14: Sunrise reflected on car roof.

2019-05-13: At a promo screening for the 2018 farm documentary THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM directed by John Chester. …

2019-05-13: One of the little ponies at the Glitter Bean Cafe.

2019-05-13: Cheese pizza with cherry tomatoes on it.

2019-05-12: Watching Elisabeth Moss in the 2019 film HER SMELL directed by Alex Ross Perry. 🎥

2019-05-12: Flowers emerging.

2019-05-11: Watching Ken Loach’s 2012 film THE ANGELS’ SHARE again. 🎥

2019-05-11: Forgot my travel mug.

2019-05-10: Blossoms on tree branch.

2019-05-09: Morning shadows on the window blind.

2019-05-08: Watching the 2019 documentary KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE from Rachel Lears on Netflix. 🍿

2019-05-08: Remnants of rain on car roof as the sun rises.

2019-05-07: Time to watch the Czech New Wave anthology film ‎PEARLS OF THE DEEP from 1966 on The Criterion …

2019-05-07: Film set just about ready to go.

2019-05-06: At the Program Launch and keen to hear what HIFF will be showing this year.

2019-05-06: Tree beside Halifax Central Library.

2019-05-06: This week at work my film students are in three crews with each of the crews shooting a film a week …

2019-05-06: For Micro Monday I’d recommend @grayareas for some interesting thoughts on cinema.

2019-05-06: Dew on the roof of the car this morning.

2019-05-05: New leaves and old leaves.

2019-05-04: Watching Agnès Varda’s 1993 documentary THE YOUNG GIRLS TURN 25 on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-05-04: Finally watching Jacques Demy’s 1967 musical THE YOUNG GIRLS OF ROCHEFORT on The Criterion …

2019-05-04: Unsettling, strange, and bold, HIGH LIFE is Claire Denis working in her own cinematic way. A …

2019-05-04: About to see my most-anticipated film of the year, Claire Denis’ strange sci-fi ‎HIGH LIFE in …

2019-05-04: Signs of spring.

2019-05-03: View from the fourth floor.

2019-05-03: Morning light through the trees accompanied by birds singing.

2019-05-02: Film set walls in the studio.

2019-05-01: Shadow from morning light through a window.

2019-04-30: Best new-to-me films for April 2019: Icelandic comedy BACK SOON, Danish animated short TORD AND …

2019-04-30: Morning sky.

2019-04-29: Watching the 1977 Russian film THE ASCENT directed by Larisa Shepitko on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-04-29: Morning sky.

2019-04-28: Looking at the harbour on Friday.

2019-04-28: New light in the sunroom.

2019-04-28: Had an interesting dream last night after watching Bi Gan’s film KAILI BLUES. I was on a film …

2019-04-27: Watching Bi Gan’s 2015 film ‎KAILI BLUES on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-04-27: Macchiato pattern.

2019-04-26: Watching Larisa Shepitko’s 1966 Russian film ‎WINGS on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-04-26: Partridgeberry pinwheel at Birdies.

2019-04-26: Frosty car roof.

2019-04-25: Watching the languid French musical biography EDEN directed by Mia Hansen-Løve. 🎥

2019-04-25: Container ship coming in to the harbour.

2019-04-24: Baked macaroni and cheese for supper tonight.

2019-04-24: Remnants of winter.

2019-04-23: The Nashwaak River overflowing this weekend.

2019-04-22: Signs of spring.

2019-04-22: The remnants of winter on a foggy morning.

2019-04-21: Looking at the old mill in Marysville.

2019-04-21: Lichen on post.

2019-04-20: Pain au chocolate at Café Beaverbrook in Fredericton.

2019-04-19: Rain on the windshield before a road trip.

2019-04-18: Light post reflection on car roof.

2019-04-18: Watching the strangely wonderful 1966 film ‎DAISIES directed by Věra Chytilová on The Criterion …

2019-04-17: Snow on the car roof this morning.

2019-04-16: Watching Ali Kaurismaki’s funny and sad and beautiful THE OTHER SIDE OF HOPE again on The …

2019-04-16: Command key.

2019-04-15: Trees and foggy harbour with George’s Island in the distance.

2019-04-14: Loaf baking in the oven.

2019-04-14: Loaf of bread proofing in cloth-lined banneton.

2019-04-14: I love it when I have time on the weekend to bake some bread.

2019-04-13: Watching the 1946 Columbia film noir SO DARK THE NIGHT directed by Joseph H.Lewis and playing on The …

2019-04-13: Wind turbine and solar panels.

2019-04-12: Watching WITHNAIL & I again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-04-12: Made pizza for supper.

2019-04-12: Picked up my bike from the shop and rode it home. New chain and cassette and I’m ready for a lot of …

2019-04-12: Tree beside walking trail on a beautiful day.

2019-04-12: Frost diffusing reflection of sky and trees on car roof.

2019-04-11: Roasted cauliflower and carrot and black bean and corn tacos on homemade corn tortillas.

2019-04-11: Trees against blue sky.

2019-04-10: Rabbit drawing and light bulbs in the Rabbit Hole Cafe.

2019-04-10: Roasted beet and lentil pate sandwich at Birdies.

2019-04-09: Watching Chantal Akerman’s 1974 deliberate and brilliant film JE, TU, IL, ELLE again on The …

2019-04-09: Since the prelaunch I’ve already watched 14 films on the Criterion Channel and it looks as …

2019-04-09: April snows bring May flowers.

2019-04-08: Watching Chantal Akerman’s strangely compelling silent 1972 feature HOTEL MONTEREY on The …

2019-04-08: The Criterion Channel is live now in Canada and the first thing I see is a collection of Agnès Varda …

2019-04-08: Morning sky reflected in the car roof.

2019-04-07: Fresh pasta I made for supper.

2019-04-07: Affagado at The Real Scoop in Wolfville.

2019-04-07: Looking towards Blomidon from beside the reservoir in Wolfville.

2019-04-07: Walking beside the reservoir in Wolfville.

2019-04-06: Japanese milk bread fresh from the oven.

2019-04-06: Watching the 2012 film QUEEN OF MONTREUIL directed by Sólveig Anspach on MUBI. 🍿

2019-04-06: Tasty vegan burger from the Edible Art Cafe in Greenwich today.

2019-04-05: Time for a Criterion Channel double Bill with John Woo’s LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY and Jacques Demy’s …

2019-04-05: Pizza for supper.

2019-04-05: A wonderful grilled cheese and tomato soup lunch at Birdies today.

2019-04-05: Sunrise.

2019-04-04: Watching Sólveig Anspach’s 2008 Icelandic film BACK SOON on MUBI. 🍿

2019-04-04: Morning light through trees reflected on the roof of the car.

2019-04-03: Watching Kore-eda’s beautiful SHOPLIFTERS again. 🍿

2019-04-03: Buster Benson has launched a neat app called Pocket Biases that provides a great way to find out …

2019-04-03: End of grip arm on set.

2019-04-02: Watching Joanna Hogg’s 2010 film ARCHIPELAGO on Hoopla. 🍿

2019-04-02: Pizza ready for the oven.

2019-04-02: Morning sky reflected in windows.

2019-04-01: Wolfville parking lot with Blomidon in the distance.

2019-04-01: Rainy windshield.

2019-03-31: The best new-to-me films seen in March 2019: MOUTHPIECE, I AM WANDA, HALF-LIFE IN FUKUSHIMA, US, …

2019-03-31: A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-03-30: Red lentil curry cooking.

2019-03-30: Crows flying.

2019-03-29: Tanker in the harbour.

2019-03-29: So sad to hear of the loss of the amazing Agnès Varda and happy that she was able to share her …

2019-03-28: Morning sun on bushes and trees.

2019-03-27: Lemon pistachio danish at Birdies.

2019-03-27: Moon in a clear morning sky.

2019-03-26: Watching the 2015 Niger-based remake of a certain Prince film RAIN THE COLOR OF BLUE WITH A LITTLE …

2019-03-26: Ferry in harbour this morning.

2019-03-25: Catching up on African cinema and watching ‎YEELEN from 1987 directed by Souleymane Cissé on MUBI.🎥

2019-03-25: Bought my pass for Sappyfest 14. I was sad to miss the best music festival last year after being …

2019-03-25: Sunrise on clouds.

2019-03-24: Sunlight on fresh bread.

2019-03-24: Where I'm Watching Films Now As the launch of The Criterion Channel approaches I’m thinking about where I watch films as I …

2019-03-24: Coffee beans.

2019-03-23: Watching Julie Dash’s beautiful 1991 film DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST again. 🎥

2019-03-23: I moved my blog over to Blot and I wrote about Moving Hosts on the blog.

2019-03-23: Pinto beans soaking.

2019-03-22: One of the reasons I love being on is the thought behind what they do. It’s time for …

2019-03-22: Filling some growlers with some of the best beer from Unfiltered.

2019-03-22: In the theatre ready to be scared by US directed by Jordan Peele. 🍿

2019-03-21: Watching BLUE VELVET again. I was at the world premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival in …

2019-03-21: Frost on the windshield.

2019-03-20: Watching the gorgeous restoration of the 1945 film noir classic DETOUR on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-03-20: Moved my main blog over to for hosting and I really love how it looks and works. Having …

2019-03-20: Sewer cover.

2019-03-20: Reflected window in my morning coffee.

2019-03-19: Spicy tofu and veggie stir fry cooking.

2019-03-19: Ginger Molasses Amber Ale cookies from a King Arthur Flour recipe.

2019-03-19: Fixing up old blog posts and finding typos that are 15 years old. But it’s fixed now so that …

2019-03-18: Fresh cheese pizza cooling.

2019-03-18: Moving my blog over to @Blot and while importing I realized that some of my older posts …

2019-03-18: A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-03-17: Delicious veggie tacos at La Torta in Wolfville.

2019-03-17: AeroPressing as Sunday begins.

2019-03-16: Watching Barbara Stanwyck in the pre-Code 1933 film BABY FACE directed by Alfred E. Green. 🍿

2019-03-16: Looking toward the dykes in downtown Wolfville.

2019-03-15: Watching Stanley Kubrick’s beautiful ‎BARRY LYNDON again. 🍿

2019-03-15: Morning sky.

2019-03-14: Watching THE BIG LEBOWSKI yet again. 🍿

2019-03-14: Pizza for Pi Day

2019-03-14: Morning light.

2019-03-13: Shadows of trees on building.

2019-03-12: Clouds and trees and morning light.

2019-03-11: I became a vegetarian 27 years ago today and am very happy with that decision.

2019-03-11: Rainy view out the car window.

2019-03-10: Tree beside lake.

2019-03-10: Had a really wonderful time at the Women Making Waves conference with inspiring workshops and great …

2019-03-09: Ferry at the terminal.

2019-03-08: Looking forward to attending the Women Making Waves conference tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we get …

2019-03-08: Five great films about women directed by women for #IWD2019: JEANNE DIELMAN, 23, QUAI DU COMMERCE, …

2019-03-08: Snow and trees reflected on the car roof.

2019-03-07: Tree against morning sky.

2019-03-06: Clouds and ferry in the harbour.

2019-03-06: Watching Barbara Loden’s brilliant and gritty 1970 film WANDA on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

2019-03-06: Morning light on the campus.

2019-03-05: Watching Wes Anderson’s ‎ISLE OF DOGS again. 🍿

2019-03-05: Watching the 2017 documentary ‎THE TIGERS OF SCOTLAND directed by Leanne Gater. 🍿

2019-03-05: Pizza baking in the oven.

2019-03-05: Clouds in the morning sky.

2019-03-04: Watching Steven Soderbergh’s brilliant 1999 film THE LIMEY yet again. 🍿

2019-03-04: Guinness mug filled with afternoon coffee.

2019-03-03: Settled in to the theatre to see some of the afternoon documentaries at the Halifax Black Film …

2019-03-03: A couple of rustic loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-03-03: Branches and clouds.

2019-03-02: Watching Barbara Stanwyck in the 1930 pre-Code film NIGHT NURSE directed by William Wellman. 🍿

2019-03-02: Baked macaroni and cheese fresh from the oven.

2019-03-01: Best new-to-me films watched in February: THE MAN WITH THE SUITCASE, HIGH FLYING BIRD, SATURDAY …

2019-03-01: Clear morning sky.

2019-02-28: Watching Christian Petzold’s brilliant, timeless. and relevant TRANSIT again. 🎥

2019-02-28: Sky and campus this morning.

2019-02-27: Watching Charles Burnett’s 1990 film TO SLEEP WITH ANGER for the first time. So glad that The …

2019-02-27: Ship in the harbour on a cold morning.

2019-02-26: Watching Barry Jenkins’ transcendent MOONLIGHT again. 🍿

2019-02-26: Sky on a cold morning.

2019-02-25: Watching Corneliu Porumboiu’s great 2009 Romanian New Wave film POLICE, ADJECTIVE again. 🍿

2019-02-25: Cookies I baked this weekend.

2019-02-24: In the Al Whittle Theatre to watch the Fundy Cinema screening of Barry Jenkins’ beautiful IF …

2019-02-24: Summing up my favourite 20 films from 2018 in a blog post before the little gold man awards.

2019-02-24: A loaf of bread fresh from the oven.

2019-02-24: So glad that I started an Oscar tradition a few years ago of not watching the ceremony and focussing …

2019-02-23: Remembering the great Stanley Donen by watching TWO FOR THE ROAD from 1967. 🍿

2019-02-23: Orchid.

2019-02-23: Orchid.

2019-02-22: Watching the 1949 comedy ADAM’S RIB directed by George Cukor. 🍿

2019-02-22: Branches and cityscape in the distance.

2019-02-22: Partially cleaned car roof.

2019-02-21: Watching the 2018 film THE BREAKER UPPERERS directed by Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek. 🍿

2019-02-21: Snowy view out the window.

2019-02-20: Pizza I made for supper.

2019-02-20: The latest episode of I Watch Movies is up and I introduce Sarah Polley’s brilliant 2012 …

2019-02-20: Morning light as the moon sets.

2019-02-19: Watching Marielle Heller’s 2018 film CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? on my Apple TV. 🍿

2019-02-19: Tiny berries on a branch.

2019-02-18: Looking towards Blomidon on a walk on the dykes.

2019-02-17: Margherita pizza with a fried egg at Morris East. ❤️

2019-02-17: Seeing the exquisite COLD WAR in a theatre again to savour the visuals, sound design, performances, …

2019-02-16: Remembering Bruno Ganz and watching Wim Wenders’ 1987 WINGS OF DESIRE. 🍿

2019-02-16: Lentil and carrot “barbacoa” tacos from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2019-02-16: Tasty Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich at Maritime Express Cider Co.

2019-02-16: Taster at Maritime Express Cider.

2019-02-15: Lamp in morning light.

2019-02-14: Time for that Lubitsch touch With the 1939 film NINOTCHKA. 🍿

2019-02-14: Cookie.

2019-02-14: Morning sky with seagull.

2019-02-13: Looking forward to seeing a couple of films with Albert Finney I haven’t seen as The Criterion …

2019-02-13: Cork coaster.

2019-02-13: Working from home on a snow day that isn’t as stormy as predicted is a good day.

2019-02-12: Morning sky.

2019-02-11: Just finished watching RUSSIAN DOLL on Netflix and really loved it. Lots of stuff going on with a …

2019-02-11: Set for music video.

2019-02-11: Morning light reflected on car window.

2019-02-10: Macchiato at Glitter Bean.

2019-02-10: Typewriter.

2019-02-09: Bread fresh from the oven.

2019-02-08: Time to watch Steven Soderbergh’s latest film HIGH FLYING BIRD on Netflix. 🍿

2019-02-08: Primavera with pasta I freshly made.

2019-02-08: Snow on rocks yesterday.

2019-02-07: Watching Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 stylish CHUNGKING EXPRESS on the Criterion Channel. 🍿

2019-02-06: Watching Agnès Varda’s 1988 playful biography of Jane Birkin, JANE B. BY AGNÈS V. again. 🍿

2019-02-06: Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 CHUNGKING EXPRESS is the Criterion Channel film of the week. I …

2019-02-06: Branches and clouds and sky.

2019-02-05: The brilliant TRANSIT from Christian Petzold is available on iTunes Canada now.

2019-02-05: Grass and island view.

2019-02-04: Starting to watch Steven Soderbergh’s MOSAIC. 🍿

2019-02-04: Windows.

2019-02-03: Watching Sarah Polley’s 2006 film AWAY FROM HER again. 🍿

2019-02-03: Pizza from start to finish.

2019-02-03: Tree against blue sky.

2019-02-03: My favourite Sundays are the Sundays when the sun is shining and I get some cooking done.

2019-02-02: Watching Elaine May’s brilliant MIKEY AND NICKY again as I take advantage of my Criterion …

2019-02-02: Morning coffee.

2019-02-01: Clear Friday morning sky.

2019-01-31: Just signed up for the Criterion Channel and so excited for it being available in Canada. Curated …

2019-01-31: Clouds in morning sky.

2019-01-30: Watching Agnès Varda’s lovely 1963 short SALUT LES CUBAINS again. A brilliant use of stills …

2019-01-30: Snowy morning.

2019-01-30: Cattails hanging on.

2019-01-29: Watching the 1918 film THE DREAM LADY directed by Elsie Jane Wilson. 🍿

2019-01-29: On the newest episode of my “I Watch Movies” microcast I introduce the 1997 film Contact.

2019-01-29: The community of is warm and supportive and shows how it is still possible to build …

2019-01-29: Morning sky.

2019-01-28: Late afternoon sun in Wolfville.

2019-01-28: Campus on a foggy morning.

2019-01-27: Singapore noodles with tofu from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2019-01-27: Bird cutout.

2019-01-26: Afternoon sun on trees yesterday.

2019-01-26: Late afternoon trees reflected on car roof yesterday.

2019-01-25: Time for a bit it Ernst Lubitsch on this Friday night with some TROUBLE IN PARADISE from 1932. 🍿

2019-01-25: Clouds in the morning sky.

2019-01-24: Damp trail.

2019-01-23: Tree and morning light.

2019-01-23: Tonight at 6:30pm at the Halifax Central Library I get to introduce a free screening of the film …

2019-01-22: Pizza made with some pizza dough from Birdies.

2019-01-22: Frosty landscapes.

2019-01-22: Some great film directing last year with YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, LET THE SUNSHINE IN, HAPPY AS …

2019-01-22: As the discussions begin of the films nominated for the golden male statue it will be good to talk …

2019-01-21: Heading to a promo screening of DESTROYER directed by Karyn Kusama. 🍿

2019-01-21: Macchiato In monochrome.

2019-01-20: A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

2019-01-20: Ice pellets on the car roof.

2019-01-19: New Overst stainless steel pour over coffee maker with a permanent filter from IKEA.

2019-01-18: 16mm film leader.

2019-01-17: Watching the strange and beautiful MAUVAIS SANG from 1986 directed by Leos Carax and featuring Denis …

2019-01-17: Sunrise through the car window.

2019-01-16: A few episodes into Killing Eve and really loving it. 📺

2019-01-16: Watching the 2014 Siberian punk rock documentary ‎I DON’T BELIEVE IN ANARCHY directed by …

2019-01-16: Windswept grass and snow.

2019-01-15: View from the lunch room.

2019-01-14: Branches against the sky as the sun sets.

2019-01-14: Morning sky.

2019-01-13: Afternoon sun on snow.

2019-01-13: Shadows of branches on a frosty window.

2019-01-12: Veggie chili from the Minimalist Baker cookbook.

2019-01-12: Watching the wonderful BIG NIGHT again. 🍿

2019-01-12: Maximum 50

2019-01-12: Listened to the great interview on The Weekly Review with @rosemaryorchard yesterday and bought …

2019-01-11: Watching the beautiful and gentle LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON from 2013 directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda. 🍿

2019-01-11: Pizza before, during, and after.

2019-01-11: Coffee to go.

2019-01-10: Morning light on buildings in the distance.

2019-01-09: Pasta with a Romesco sauce I made from a recipe from the Minimalist Baker cook book.

2019-01-09: Sticky toffee pudding at The Port Pub.

2019-01-08: WILDLIFE is a great film with pitch perfect performances, a subtle and beautiful script, and …

2019-01-08: Watching Paul Dano’s 2018 film WILDLIFE. 🍿

2019-01-08: Picked up some storm chips on the way home today just in case it’s a snow day tomorrow.

2019-01-08: Looking into the harbour.

2019-01-07: Watching Ruth Beckermann’s 2001 documentary ‎HOMEMAD(E) on MUBI. 🍿

2019-01-07: Watching the 2017 documentary film ARCHIPELAGO directed by Giulio Squillacciotti and Camilla Insom …

2019-01-07: Assignment viewed through my glasses.

2019-01-06: Watching AND BREATHE NORMALLY directed by Ísold Uggadóttir on Netflix. 🍿

2019-01-06: Baked some bread.

2019-01-06: Melting snow on top of the car.

2019-01-06: Snow on branch.

2019-01-05: Watching the 1916 film THE OCEAN WAIF directed by Alice Guy-Blaché in the “Pioneers: First …

2019-01-05: Starting to go through the MacSparky Siri Shortcuts Field Guide so I can tweak and make my own to …

2019-01-04: Snowy walk.

2019-01-03: Sky this morning as I arrived at work.

2019-01-03: Screened Bergman’s WILD STRAWBERRIES in class today and enjoyed it yet again. Putting films in …

2019-01-02: Watching Albert Brooks’ 1981 film MODERN ROMANCE for the first time. 🍿

2019-01-02: Just made a cheese pizza for supper.

2019-01-02: Morning light on ship in the harbour.

2019-01-01: Watching Agnès Varda’s 1981 documentary MUR MURS on MUBI. 🍿

2019-01-01: Leaf hanging onto branch.

2019-01-01: My most watched directors for 2018: Agnès Varda (15), Claire Denis (8), Chantal Akerman (7), Mati …

2019-01-01: Marie Kondo’s new series is on Netflix now and if I start watching it today I have a feeling …

2019-01-01: Starting off the new year with some morning writing on 750 Words. I started daily writing there …

2019-01-01: Happy New Year from Atlantic Canada!

2018-12-31: My best films of 2018 list is on Letterboxd. 🎥 ANNIHILATION, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, …

2018-12-31: Living it up in New Years Eve and watching MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT again. 🍿

2018-12-31: Watching Peter Bogdanovich’s PAPER MOON for the first time. 🍿

2018-12-31: Black bean and butternut squash enchiladas from a Minimalist Baker recipe for the last supper of …

2018-12-31: Sunlit glass rooster.

2018-12-30: Continuing to catch up on films and watching THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND directed by Orson Welles. 🍿

2018-12-30: Cheese pizza fresh from the oven.

2018-12-30: A great collection of 17 early films directed by women is now on Netflix in the PIONEERS: FIRST …

2018-12-29: A couple of loaves of bread fresh from the oven.

2018-12-29: Watching Bo Burnham’s 2018 film EIGHTH GRADE as I continue to catch up on films from last …

2018-12-29: Branches and blue sky between the clouds.

2018-12-29: Catching up on reviewing films that I’ve watched this year before I start to finalize my …

2018-12-28: Had fun going through BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH. Some interesting moments and little touches …

2018-12-28: Watching Mariana Rondón’s 2013 Venezuelan film ‎BAD HAIR on MUBI. 🍿

2018-12-28: My new @Letterboxd t-shirt.

2018-12-27: Cold morning.

2018-12-26: The edge of the bar at the new Big Axe Brewery In Nackawic. The wood is approximately 309 years old.

2018-12-26: Sunrise in rural New Brunswick.

2018-12-25: Santa ornament.

2018-12-25: Telephone pole and road on a cold walk.

2018-12-24: Morning sky.

2018-12-23: Watching Tony Gilroy’s brilliant 2007 thriller MICHAEL CLAYTON yet again. 🍿

2018-12-23: Just in time for the season, I introduce Arnaud Desplechin’s A Christmas Tale in the latest …

2018-12-23: Gingerbread guy.

2018-12-22: Watching the Coen Brothers love letter to classic Hollywood, HAIL, CAESAR! again. 🍿

2018-12-22: Watching Susanne Bier’s new film ‎BIRD BOX on Netflix. 🍿

2018-12-22: Delicious grilled cheese and 2018 Freshman IPA at Schoolhouse Brewery in Windsor.

2018-12-22: Raindrops on window.

2018-12-21: THE FAVOURITE strangely is Yorgos Lanthimos’ gentlest and most mainstream film. It’s a darkly …

2018-12-21: Seeing one of my most anticipated films of the year, THE FAVOURITE from Yorgos Lanthimos, really …

2018-12-21: Vegan Lentil Fesenjān for supper last night from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-12-20: So proud to be a Radiotopia supporter. This year I loved 99% Invisible, the 99pi spinoff Articles of …

2018-12-20: AeroPress pre press.

2018-12-19: Watching Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s strange and wonderful CEMETERY OF SPLENDOUR again. 🍿

2018-12-19: Watching the 1937 screwball comedy BREAKFAST FOR TWO which stars Barbara Stanwyck. 🍿

2018-12-19: Morning light on rooster.

2018-12-18: Watching some stylish 70s crime drama with Walter Hill’s 1978 ‎THE DRIVER tonight. 🍿

2018-12-18: A couple of rustic loaves of bread fresh from the oven.

2018-12-18: Fresh cheese pizza for lunch.

2018-12-18: View out the window on a grey and snowy morning.

2018-12-18: A quiet snow day working at home planning out the next term.

2018-12-17: Snowy morning as I arrived at work.

2018-12-16: Mac and cheese grilled cheese at The Real Scoop (cooked in a waffle iron).

2018-12-15: Watching Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s brilliant WINTER SLEEP again. 🍿

2018-12-15: Tasters at Roof Hound Brewing just outside of Digby.

2018-12-14: Watching Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA on Netflix as I continue to catch up on films before the end of …

2018-12-14: Thinking about the brilliance of Claire Denis using Neil Young’s “Safeway Cart” as the background …

2018-12-14: Salty sewer cover.

2018-12-13: Tree and morning light.

2018-12-12: I introduce the Claire Denis film LET THE SUNSHINE IN for the latest episode in my “I Watch Movies” …

2018-12-12: Button from Birdies Bread.

2018-12-11: Thinking that I may not get to see all of the films that I want to see before the end of the year. …

2018-12-11: Snow on fence.

2018-12-11: Smoke from the stacks in the distance.

2018-12-10: Morning light looking towards the harbour.

2018-12-09: Morning light on cilantro.

2018-12-08: A few days later and HAPPY AS LAZZARO is sticking with me. What a strange and beautiful film it is. …

2018-12-08: Snowy view out the kitchen window.

2018-12-07: Watching Stanley Donen’s 1963 thriller CHARADE on a snow-covered Friday night. 🍿

2018-12-07: Ships in the harbour in interesting light.

2018-12-07: I’ve launched a new microcast on where I do brief introductions to films. The first …

2018-12-07: Morning light.

2018-12-06: Pizza with butternut squash sauce topped with some cauliflower and red onion and cheese and …

2018-12-06: Setting sun.

2018-12-06: Tree branches and cloudy sky.

2018-12-05: Morning light on the campus.

2018-12-04: Watching ‎MADELINE’S MADELINE directed by Josephine Decker as I catch up on films I want to …

2018-12-04: Cattails.

2018-12-03: Catching up on films I want to see before the end of the year by going to Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS …

2018-12-03: AirPod case.

2018-12-02: Watching Sandi Tan’s 2018 documentary SHIRKERS on Netflix. 🍿

2018-12-02: Butternut squash veggie pizza from a Minimalist Baker recipe. I substituted cauliflower for …

2018-12-02: Received the Double Mega Flock badge yesterday on 750 Words, which means that I passed the 2 million …

2018-12-02: Breakfast on a fine Sunday morning.

2018-12-01: Very delicious Pad Gra Prao at Thai Memory in Aylesford, Nova Scotia.

2018-12-01: Clouds and seagull and lamp.

2018-11-30: On the final day of #noirvember it is time for the 1963 film HIGH AND LOW directed by the great …

2018-11-30: Tree and trail.

2018-11-29: Home due to a huge power outage in the province, but luckily the power came back at home so I can …

2018-11-29: Looking out the car window.

2018-11-29: Power is out at the school and awaiting word on what will happen with the rest of the day.

2018-11-28: On a rainy night it’s perfect for another #Noirvember film so I’m watching the 1948 noir …

2018-11-28: Heritage carrots chopped up.

2018-11-28: Tree and the harbour.

2018-11-27: Watching another film noir for #Noirvember with Robert Parrish’s CRY DANGER from 1951. 🍿

2018-11-27: Notes as I prepare for a sound recording exercise.

2018-11-26: Moon in morning sky.

2018-11-25: Japanese milk bread.

2018-11-25: Watching Molly Bernstein’s great 2012 documentary DECEPTIVE PRACTICE: THE MYSTERIES AND …

2018-11-25: Mixing up dough for Japanese milk bread.

2018-11-24: Sunlight on leaf on pavement.

2018-11-24: Winter light is my favourite light.

2018-11-23: Watching Leos Carax’ strange and beautiful THE LOVERS ON THE BRIDGE again. 🍿

2018-11-23: Beer-glazed black beans and rice that were cooked with the delicious Flat Black Jesus Stout from …

2018-11-23: A warm and delicious lunch at Birdies.

2018-11-22: Watching some Pre-Code Michael Curtiz with the 1933 film THE KEYHOLE. 🍿

2018-11-22: Clouds.

2018-11-21: Trees and sun and trail.

2018-11-20: Watching Tamara Jenkins’ new film PRIVATE LIFE on Netflix. 🍿

2018-11-20: Pizza is my favourite thing to make and eat.

2018-11-20: Damp trail.

2018-11-19: Catching up on some Orson Welles by watching his 1962 film THE TRIAL. 🍿

2018-11-19: Tagmoji Discovery I saw the film tagmoji today for the first time! One of the things I love about is how …

2018-11-19: Gentle morning light.

2018-11-18: Some film noir again tonight for #Noirvember with NO QUESTIONS ASKED from 1951 directed by Harold F. …

2018-11-18: Rusty bolts.

2018-11-17: Combining some of my favourite things for tonight’s #Noirvember‎ viewing with Stanley …

2018-11-17: Water dripping into puddle.

2018-11-16: So glad I set my DVR to record lots of the Noir Alley presentations on TCM so now I can watch the …

2018-11-16: Snow covered tree.

2018-11-15: Roasted cauliflower and tvp tacos for supper earlier tonight.

2018-11-15: Time for some cool, French noir as I watch Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1967 ‎LE SAMOURAÏ for …

2018-11-15: Shadows on walking path.

2018-11-14: For #Noirvember tonight I’m watching the 1951 film TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY directed by Felix …

2018-11-14: Saucy Moroccan-Spiced Lentils over rice from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-11-14: Looking out at the harbour on a windy day.

2018-11-13: Tonight’s #Noirvember film for me is THE THREAT from 1949, directed by Felix E. Feist. 🎥

2018-11-13: Afternoon coffee.

2018-11-12: Sign for Mel’s.

2018-11-11: Parking garage stairs.

2018-11-10: Silver Wave is on again.

2018-11-10: Slushy snow on the ground.

2018-11-09: Morning light.

2018-11-08: One more #Noirvember film today with THE BIG SHAKEDOWN from 1934 directed by John Francis Dillon. 🎥

2018-11-08: Heading up to Fredericton tomorrow for the 18th Silver Wave Film Festival. Things get started …

2018-11-08: Morning reflection.

2018-11-07: For #Noirvember today I’m in the mood for the pre-code HEAT LIGHTNING from 1934 directed by …

2018-11-07: Finally catching up with Desiree Akhavan’s 2018 film THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST (2018) …

2018-11-07: Leafy trail.

2018-11-06: Fresh cheese pizza.

2018-11-06: Watching my favourite film noir, the Coen Brothers MILLER’S CROSSING as I squeeze in another …

2018-11-06: Pizza dough resting.

2018-11-05: My #Noirvember film today is the 1942 film THE GLASS KEY directed by Stuart Heisler. 🎥

2018-11-05: Morning light through a tree.

2018-11-04: Time for some film noir with Edward Dmytryk’s 1952 film THE SNIPER on TCM as my #Noirvember …

2018-11-04: Caramelized Shiitake Mushroom Risotto from a Minimalist Baker recipe. It was delicious.

2018-11-04: Glass rooster in the window.

2018-11-04: Loving the new and subtle changes to the Letterboxd branding and the web site. It’s become an …

2018-11-03: Up next for my #Noirvember is Elia Kazan’s 1950 PANIC IN THE STREETS on TCM. 🎥

2018-11-03: Curry and chips at The Spitfire Arms.

2018-11-03: Watching the 1916 film Where Are My Children? co-directed by Lois Weber as I catch up on female …

2018-11-02: Watching Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950 thriller STAGE FRIGHT on TCM. #Noirvember

2018-11-02: For #Noirvember today I’m watching Orson Welles’ 1958 TOUCH OF EVIL on Netflix. 🎥

2018-11-02: Beautiful country sourdough bread from Birdies.

2018-11-02: Ferry in the foggy harbour.

2018-11-01: My second #Noirvember ‎is Howard Hawks’ classic noir THE BIG SLEEP. 🎥

2018-11-01: Starting off ‎#Noirvember by watching Fred MacMurray, Dorothy Malone, and Kim Novak in Richard …

2018-11-01: Container ship in the harbour.

2018-11-01: It’s the first day of #Noirvember and I can’t wait to start watching a whole bunch of …

2018-10-31: It will be fun handing out treats to kids on Hallowe’en as the come through the neighbourhood. 🎃

2018-10-31: A scary pain au chocolate from Birdies!

2018-10-30: The new iPad Pros look really great. I don’t think I need one, but they really are erasing the …

2018-10-30: Installed some more IKEA smart lights in the house last night and it’s an ingenious way that …

2018-10-30: Cloudy morning looking at the harbour.

2018-10-29: Pizza out of the oven.

2018-10-29: Pizza baking in the oven.

2018-10-29: Trees on a foggy morning.

2018-10-29: Kelly Reichardt’s 2016 masterpiece CERTAIN WOMEN is now streaming on Netflix, so if you …

2018-10-28: Leaves on the car.

2018-10-27: Watching Sara Driver’s 2017 film ‎Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel …

2018-10-27: Another leaf on the car.

2018-10-27: Took a lovely and chilly 31.5 bike ride from Wolfville to Kentville and back through Port Williams …

2018-10-26: Afternoon sky.

2018-10-26: Morning sky.

2018-10-25: Leaves.

2018-10-24: Walk on a cloudy day.

2018-10-23: Watching Boots Riley’s inspired and strange SORRY TO BOTHER YOU again. 🎥

2018-10-23: Just short of two years as the odometer is about to move into 6 figures.

2018-10-23: Morning shadow on the way in to work.

2018-10-22: Barriers

2018-10-21: Japanese milk bread rolls I made from a King Arthur Flour recipe.

2018-10-21: Tree downtown.

2018-10-21: Leaf on car roof.

2018-10-21: Replenishing my oatmeal supply.

2018-10-20: Pump and leaves on tree.

2018-10-19: Coffee

2018-10-18: Watching ‎Agnès Varda’s 1962 masterpiece CLÉO FROM 5 TO 7 again. 🎥

2018-10-18: Pear cardamom danish from Birdies.

2018-10-18: Going for a walk on a windy day.

2018-10-17: Roasted lentil and potato tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2018-10-16: Morning clouds.

2018-10-15: Cup from Cafe Goodluck.

2018-10-15: Out of service.

2018-10-14: Light on a table through a water bottle.

2018-10-13: Leaf on car window.

2018-10-12: Watching Michael Ritchie’s 1972 film THE CANDIDATE on TCM. 🎥

2018-10-12: Watching Michael Curtis’ 1950 musical drama YOUNG MAN WITH A HORN. 🎥

2018-10-12: Cheese pizza for supper.

2018-10-11: Watching Alan Hicks and Rashida Jones’ 2018 music documentary QUINCY on Netflix. 🎥

2018-10-11: Raindrops on clover.

2018-10-10: Watching Nicole Holofcener’s 2018 film THE LAND OF STEADY HABITS on Netflix. 🎥

2018-10-10: Cheese pizza for supper tonight.

2018-10-10: Trees and morning sky.

2018-10-09: Tiny flowers.

2018-10-08: Utility pole with Blomidon in the distance.

2018-10-08: Leaf on tree.

2018-10-08: Autumn leaves on tree.

2018-10-08: Tree beside old train tracks.

2018-10-08: Autumnal tree.

2018-10-07: Fresh bread from the oven.

2018-10-07: Veggie shepherds pie for Thanksgiving Dinner.

2018-10-07: Apple crisp fresh out of the oven.

2018-10-06: Flowers in sunlight.

2018-10-06: Coming to the end of The Knick and I really wish that more people would have watched it so that …

2018-10-06: Wild grape leaves.

2018-10-06: I was very happy to find Turmeric Ginger soft serve back on the menu at Dairy Bar yesterday.

2018-10-05: Sign at Birdies.

2018-10-05: Really looking forward to seeing Claire Denis’ LET THE SUNSHINE IN tonight at Carbon Arc in Halifax. …

2018-10-05: USB-C connector.

2018-10-04: 1-Pot Golden Curry Lentil Soup from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-10-04: Bee getting some pollen.

2018-10-03: Wonderful vegan ramen from Water and Bone in Halifax.

2018-10-03: Creamers.

2018-10-02: Hummus wrap and pumpkin soup at The Palate in Fredericton.

2018-10-01: Coffee and laptop in the classroom.

2018-09-30: Leaf on pavement.

2018-09-29: Omelette and toast for breakfast.

2018-09-28: Raindrops on flowers.

2018-09-27: Butternut squash soup at Birdies for lunch.

2018-09-26: Fresh pasta I made for supper.

2018-09-26: Switch on base of lamp.

2018-09-25: Tofu and veggie stir fry on rice.

2018-09-25: Watching Lisa D’Apolito’s 2018 documentary LOVE, in iTunes. 🎥

2018-09-25: Red flower.

2018-09-25: Really loving that OmniFocus integrates so well with Siri so I can add things while I’m …

2018-09-24: Shadows on floor.

2018-09-24: Great review of OmniFocus 3 from @rosemaryorchard on MacStories. I’ve already tweaked some of …

2018-09-23: Cheese pizza fresh out of the oven.

2018-09-23: Fresh loaf of bread.

2018-09-23: Coffee grounds in the AeroPress waiting for water.

2018-09-23: Starting read Ken Kocienda’s book Creative Selection on a quiet morning and thinking about how we …

2018-09-22: Fresh pasta and tomato sauce that I made for supper.

2018-09-22: Bee on a flower.

2018-09-21: RSMA is on and it great to have it back.

2018-09-21: Delicious veggie chili from Birdies for lunch today.

2018-09-21: Morning dew on mirror.

2018-09-20: Top seven favourite films of #FINAIFF could be: SHOPLIFTERS, TRANSIT, WOMAN AT WAR, COLD WAR, THE …

2018-09-20: Tired after a full week of films and grateful for the programmers, staff, and volunteers of #FINAIFF …

2018-09-20: Label on my trusty bag. #ObscuraCamera

2018-09-20: Gates of the Public Gardens last night.

2018-09-19: You can tell you write about films more than others when autocorrect can fill in director names like …

2018-09-19: Loving the Siri Shortcuts they are showing up. My favourite so far is In Overcast A’s now I can …

2018-09-19: Carrot miso soup and a pain chocolate for lunch at Birdies.

2018-09-19: At this point at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival I’ve seen 16 feature films and …

2018-09-18: Settled in for my 16th feature film of the #FINAIFF festival with the subtle beauty of Japanese …

2018-09-18: Iced organic lemonade with mint.

2018-09-17: Stillwell logo at the Beer Garden.

2018-09-16: Nitro coffee from Dairy Bar before AN ELEPHANT SITTING STILL which was my 11th #FINAIFF film.

2018-09-16: First time at the Glitter Bean cafe and it is delightful.

2018-09-15: Just saw the Italian film DOGMAN which was tense with an amazing central performance and my final …

2018-09-15: Veggie Seattle Dog at Stillwell Beer Garden between films today. Yum!

2018-09-15: Sign at #FINAIFF gala last night.

2018-09-14: Cinnamon coffee nice cream from Dairy Bar before I started watching films today.

2018-09-14: New notebook for film festival notes.

2018-09-14: Morning dew on the roof of the car.

2018-09-13: A preview of ten of the films I’m looking forward to at the FIN Atlantic International Film …

2018-09-13: Thinking that I have my #FINAIFF schedule figured out. I can’t wait to spend a week watching films …

2018-09-13: Clouds and sky.

2018-09-12: I preview some of the galas and other programs at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival which …

2018-09-12: My #FINAIFF pass for this year before the films start tomorrow!

2018-09-12: Walking towards the campus.

2018-09-11: Laptop in classroom.

2018-09-10: Traffic cone and long morning shadows.

2018-09-09: Bread baking in the oven.

2018-09-08: Leaf

2018-09-08: Arrows on barrier.

2018-09-08: Hydrant.

2018-09-08: Icon on hand dryer.

2018-09-08: Brass sailboat on window sill.

2018-09-07: Watching João Miller Guerra and Filipa Reis’s 2018 film DIJON AFRICA on MUBI. 🎬

2018-09-07: My notebook is getting nicely worn in.

2018-09-06: Curry chickpea soup for lunch today at Birdies with some marble rye bread was delicious.

2018-09-06: View out my classroom window yesterday.

2018-09-05: Blue skies.

2018-09-04: Chairs in the studio for day one of NSCC Screen Arts.

2018-09-03: It is so amazing to live in Wolfville. There was a wonderful street party for the neighbourhood …

2018-09-03: Chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.

2018-09-03: Canada Geese

2018-09-03: Getting Ready for a Film Festival It’s fun to go to a film festival as it’s an immersive and at times overwhelming …

2018-09-02: Old scales in Fort Anne.

2018-09-02: Mirror in Annapolis Royal.

2018-09-01: Faded no parking sign.

2018-09-01: Stained glass in Bridgetown.

2018-09-01: Hatchets.

2018-09-01: Oman Art in Bridgetown.

2018-09-01: Double capping @AnnapolisBrewCo with my @UnfilteredBrews cap.

2018-08-31: Creme brûlée at Troy.

2018-08-31: Yellow chickpea cauliflower curry that I made last night.

2018-08-31: Breathing in the cool morning air as the oatmeal cooks and the after boils for the coffee on a …

2018-08-30: Listening to Tindersticks on the HomePod as I make some Yellow Chickpea Cauliflower Curry for …

2018-08-30: My lunchbox.

2018-08-30: Planning and setting things up for the returning students is always one of the most exciting things …

2018-08-29: New notebook.

2018-08-29: Morning sun reflected on the roof of the car.

2018-08-28: Planning and getting ready for the return of the students next week.

2018-08-27: Back to work.

2018-08-26: I made a Letterboxd list of the documentaries screening at the upcoming FIN Atlantic International …

2018-08-26: As I continue to get ready for the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival I made a Letterboxd list …

2018-08-26: Chair at Lightfoot & Wolfville.

2018-08-25: The amazing new edition of Double Orange Ale from Unfiltered Brewing. So hazy and delicious. Nash is …

2018-08-25: Graham cracker ice cream from Dairy Bar.

2018-08-25: Morning light through a window blind.

2018-08-24: Morning sunlight.

2018-08-23: Magnetic knife holder, knives, and cutting board.

2018-08-23: New cutting board.

2018-08-22: Roasted cauliflower and lentil tacos on fresh corn tortillas topped with local queso fresco and …

2018-08-22: Paper straws.

2018-08-22: Starting the process of planning out what to see at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival. It …

2018-08-21: Sunlight shining through a leaf.

2018-08-20: Local milk from Fox Hill.

2018-08-20: First apples of the season mixed in with my oatmeal as it cooks in the rice cooker.

2018-08-19: Glass rooster in window.

2018-08-18: Omelette and toast I had for breakfast this morning.

2018-08-17: Watching Rob Reiner’s brilliant 1984 rockumentary THIS IS SPINAL TAP again.

2018-08-17: Looking towards Blomidon from Waterfront Park in Wolfville.

2018-08-17: The sun peeks through the clouds and birds sing on a cooler Friday morning as the oatmeal cooks and …

2018-08-16: My well-worn Sea Level ball cap.

2018-08-16: The day after the program launch of the Atlantic International Film Festival is always fun as I …

2018-08-15: Amazing black caramel ice cream from Dairy Bar earlier today.

2018-08-14: Watching Tony Zierra’s documentary about Kubrick’s assistant Leon Vitali, FILMWORKER on …

2018-08-14: Flower.

2018-08-14: Very much looking forward to the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival program launch tomorrow …

2018-08-13: Sourdough loaf fresh from the oven and destined for some grilled cheese sandwiches.

2018-08-13: Tiny flowers.

2018-08-12: An early line of code I wrote.

2018-08-11: Grapes on the vine.

2018-08-11: Big sky over the Annapolis Valley as seen from the Look Off this afternoon.

2018-08-09: Pizza I made last night.

2018-08-09: Turkish coffee.

2018-08-08: Buddha on windowsill.

2018-08-07: Finally catching up with Chloé Zhao’s 2017 film THE RIDER. 🎬

2018-08-07: Pump.

2018-08-06: Watching Agnieszka Smoczynska’s weird and wonderful 80s carnivorous mermaid disco film THE …

2018-08-06: Sunlight through trees.

2018-08-05: Roasted cauliflower and lentil tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2018-08-04: Fountain.

2018-08-03: Mudflats.

2018-08-02: Dense blazing star.

2018-08-01: Sunflower

2018-07-31: Squirrel in a tree.

2018-07-30: If you love films you should watch more films directed by women. A good place to start and to get …

2018-07-30: Back in the 80s I typed up index cards for every book I had.

2018-07-29: Nachos!

2018-07-29: Tiny dandelion clocks.

2018-07-28: Roasted cauliflower and black bean tacos.

2018-07-28: Fresh, local cauliflower before being prepared for some tacos.

2018-07-28: Starting the day with a nice omelette and toast.

2018-07-27: Great beers from Unfiltered on the chalkboard at the brewery.

2018-07-27: Having a grilled cheese with sourdough bread from Birdies and accompanied with the new Dementia DIPA …

2018-07-27: I enthusiastically accepted the mission.

2018-07-26: Watching Brian De Palma’s 1996 film MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE again to get ready for the new film …

2018-07-26: Exotic flowers.

2018-07-25: Watching one of the most purely cinematically-beautiful films of all time, Leos Carax’s …

2018-07-25: Clouds.

2018-07-25: Sophie Goyette’s understated and beautiful “Still Light, Still Night” is the film that starts …

2018-07-24: Watching Amy Adrion’s 2018 documentary about female filmmakers, HALF THE PICTURE in iTunes. 🎬

2018-07-24: Filling a dumpster with stuff I’ve kept over the years and it feels good to rid of stuff. I really …

2018-07-24: Amazing and delicious braised tofu for lunch at Li’s Wok and Grill in Wolfville.

2018-07-24: Time to get the oatmeal cooking and the coffee brewing as a fine Tuesday morning begins.

2018-07-23: Watching Thom Andersen’s remarkable and comprehensive 2003 documentary essay film LOS ANGELES …

2018-07-23: Broke the handle off my Radiotopia mug as I took it out of the cupboard today. It was a good and …

2018-07-22: Watching Michael Mann’s stylish 1981 crime film THIEF for some rain-slicked streets, neon, and …

2018-07-22: Water droplets on leaf.

2018-07-22: Tiny flower.

2018-07-21: Watching Claire Denis poetic and beautiful FRIDAY NIGHT again. Nobody portrays details and …

2018-07-21: Flower.

2018-07-21: Watching the 1981 film DIVA for the first time in many years. Jean-Jacques Beineix kicked off the …

2018-07-21: Cleaning up around the house and I found my original CD of OK Computer, one of the best albums of …

2018-07-21: Echinacea.

2018-07-21: MUBI has been a small and vital source of streaming movies and yesterday they kicked off a series …

2018-07-20: Watching the 2016 Japanese bureaucratic action film SHIN GODZILLA on this fine Friday evening. 🎬

2018-07-20: Looking toward Blomidon at mid-tide.

2018-07-20: Second cup of coffee underway as I get some morning writing done as I take a break from cleaning and …

2018-07-19: In a promo screening for Gus Van Sant’s DON’T WORRY, HE WON’T GET FAR ON FOOT. 🎬

2018-07-19: An amazing Mexican chocolate soft serve cone from Dairy Bar.

2018-07-19: Yellow flowers.

2018-07-18: Before, during, and after baking a loaf of bread.

2018-07-18: Pancakes for lunch.

2018-07-17: Brick wall.

2018-07-16: Hydrant in grass.

2018-07-15: While I am rooting for France, I wouldn’t mind if Croatia won in the World Cup today. It was a good …

2018-07-15: Making some appropriate coffee before cheering on Les Bleus soon. ⚽️🇫🇷

2018-07-14: Watching Chantal Akerman’s fascinating 1977 experimental documentary about New York City and …

2018-07-14: Trees.

2018-07-13: Beside Sea Level Brewing.

2018-07-13: Checking out the beta of byNWR, the new and odd film curation and streaming project from Nicholas …

2018-07-12: Watching Jennifer Fox’s 2018 film THE TALE. 🎬

2018-07-12: Flowers on a lamp post.

2018-07-12: One of the things I enjoy about vacation is sitting down while eating breakfast. Usually I’ll stand …

2018-07-11: At an advance screening for Debra Granik’s new film LEAVE NO TRACE thanks to FIN. It’s the third …

2018-07-11: Dropped some fresh strawberries into the oatmeal that I cooked this morning.

2018-07-10: Sunflower obscuring the sun before opening.

2018-07-10: Watching François Truffaut’s 1959 French masterpiece THE 400 BLOWS again. 🎬

2018-07-10: Batard fresh from the oven.

2018-07-10: Dandelions.

2018-07-10: A very delicious Beyond Meat veggie burger that I had for lunch at A&W.

2018-07-09: Woodland trail.

2018-07-09: Chicken wandering around the neighbourhood.

2018-07-09: Clover.

2018-07-08: Watching George Cukor’s 1944 film GASLIGHT as I catch up on films from TCM. 🎬

2018-07-08: Drain in a lawn.

2018-07-08: Lovely macchiato.

2018-07-07: Power lines against the sky.

2018-07-07: Watching Yorgos Lanthimos’ strange, deeply unsettling, and stylized THE KILLING OF A SACRED …

2018-07-07: Eau / Water

2018-07-06: Immersing myself in Lynne Ramsay’s dark and brilliant YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE again. 🎬

2018-07-06: Macchiato with a donut in the distance.

2018-07-06: Rainbow on the package and the delicious Unicorn donut from Apt. 3 Coffee. 🦄

2018-07-06: ⚽️🇫🇷🙂

2018-07-05: Macchiato on a hot afternoon.

2018-07-04: What a strange and unique and funny and dark and brilliant and relevant film SORRY TO BOTHER YOU is. …

2018-07-04: Eggs boiling.

2018-07-03: Lion on a fountain.

2018-07-02: Country road.

2018-07-02: Flower.

2018-07-02: McAdam train station.

2018-07-02: Flowers.

2018-07-02: Pump.

2018-07-01: California poppy.

2018-07-01: Best new-to-me films for June 2018: THE LITTLE GIRL WHO SOLD THE SUN, THE DEATH OF STALIN, …

2018-07-01: At the halfway point of the year my favourite films have been: ANNIHILATION LEAN ON PETE YOU WERE …

2018-06-30: Bug on flower.

2018-06-30: Woodland trails.

2018-06-29: Watching Michael Curtiz’s 1942 masterpiece CASABLANCA yet again because it is always good to …

2018-06-29: Watching Sergei Parajanov’s 1965 film SHADOWS OF FORGOTTEN ANCESTORS for the first time. 🎬

2018-06-29: Picnic table.

2018-06-28: Watching Jim Jarmusch’s 1980 debut feature again, the rambling and fascinating PERMANENT …

2018-06-28: Just watched HANNAH GADSBY: NANETTE on Netflix and it is quite remarkable and essential viewing. …

2018-06-28: Blossoms.

2018-06-27: The community is warm and inviting and as I test the new version of Sunlit for posting …

2018-06-27: Aeropressing

2018-06-26: “Your film will always travel more than you — it’s like your baby being away and you hope it’s …

2018-06-26: Evening light on wall.

2018-06-26: A couple of batards fresh out of the oven.

2018-06-25: Sign and flowers.

2018-06-25: For Micro Monday I would suggest @vasta as Sameer Vasta shares interesting thoughts and links after …

2018-06-25: Top of hydrant.

2018-06-25: As the rain falls outside I’m thinking that I may not go for a bike ride today. 🌧

2018-06-24: Watching Stanley Donen’s 1967 dramedy TWO FOR THE ROAD starring Audrey Hepburn and Albert …

2018-06-24: Cheese pizza with sundried tomatoes and olives before and after baking. (I left it in a bit too …

2018-06-24: Catching up on some early Ingrid Bergman with the 1938 Swedish film A WOMAN’S FACE. 🎬

2018-06-24: Time to make some pizza.

2018-06-24: Raindrops on leaves.

2018-06-24: Raindrops on daisy.

2018-06-23: Watching Marcel Carné’s 1938 French masterpiece, PORT OF SHADOWS again. 🎬

2018-06-23: Flowers beside the sidewalk.

2018-06-23: “It would be nice if we were all able to fulfil our desires and live good, long, happy lives.” – …

2018-06-22: Beautiful pattern cut into a sourdough loaf from Birdies.

2018-06-22: Watching Steven Soderbergh’s delicately-constructed and fun LOGAN LUCKY again. 🎬

2018-06-22: Morning sun on blossoms.

2018-06-21: Watching Marie Clements’ 2017 stylized musical documentary THE ROAD FORWARD through the NFB …

2018-06-21: A delicious veggie sandwich at Birdies for lunch.

2018-06-21: One way to recognize #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay is to watch some of the great Indigenous-made …

2018-06-20: Pizza fresh from the barbecue.

2018-06-20: Tugboats.

2018-06-20: Ferry arriving.

2018-06-20: Bee on a rose.

2018-06-19: Watching Steven Soderbergh’s 1998 film OUT OF SIGHT again. 🎬

2018-06-19: “That this is happening today fills me with both rage and grief: rage toward a failed political …

2018-06-19: Lounge area at end of hallway.

2018-06-19: Water drops on leaf.

2018-06-19: “change is dangerous. Change is fear, change is opening the jail. That’s why it is so difficult for …

2018-06-18: Part of one of the living walls at the campus.

2018-06-18: How I Post to For some reason I spend a lot of time thinking about what to post where …

2018-06-18: Tiny maple leaf.

2018-06-17: Watching Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 visually splendid and wonderfully strange AMELIE again. 🎬

2018-06-17: Another Sunday, another fresh loaf of bread.

2018-06-17: Took a lovely 28 km bike ride and used my new speed and cadence sensors which worked well. 🚴 A …

2018-06-16: Bee coming out of a blossom.

2018-06-16: Bee coming out of a blossom.

2018-06-16: Was so excited to recognize this chair in a cafe today thanks to 99% Invisible and Benjamen Walker’s …

2018-06-16: Seed on car windshield.

2018-06-16: Catching up on some Cassavetes with his 1971 film MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ. 🎬

2018-06-16: Some lovely WordCamp Halifax swag.

2018-06-16: A lovely #WCHFX badge which shows the attention to detail that is an important part of WordCamp …

2018-06-15: Looking forward to WordCamp Halifax tomorrow in less than 12 hours!

2018-06-15: Watching Lynn Shelton’s 2017 film OUTSIDE IN on Netflix Canada. 🎬

2018-06-15: Beer for the weekend.

2018-06-15: Path to the campus.

2018-06-15: Maple leaves.

2018-06-14: HEREDITARY is a carefully crafted horror film with some great performances, superb production design …

2018-06-14: Seed on car window.

2018-06-13: Claire Denis’ latest film isn’t opening near me this week, so I think I need to catch up on some of …

2018-06-13: The graduating class of NSCC Screen Arts before the convocation ceremony today. #NSCCGrad

2018-06-13: “let’s push for a future of film that’s built on a network of festivals, venues and film communities …

2018-06-13: Today is Convocation and the Nova Scotia Community College Screen Arts 🎬 Class of 2018 will walk …

2018-06-12: Finally watching Mina Shum’s 2017 film MEDITATION PARK because it’s now in iTunes in …

2018-06-12: Veggie quinoa soup for lunch at Birdies today.

2018-06-12: Cornflower

2018-06-12: Just logged the 250th film I watched this year. Of those films, 175 are new-to-me and 139 of the …

2018-06-12: Seeds on car roof.

2018-06-11: Trying to figure out what to post where is a perpetual challenge. Have moved away from Facebook and …

2018-06-11: “I decided I would never, ever direct a conventional script someone else had written - or indeed try …

2018-06-11: Morning light through leaves.

2018-06-10: Watching Agnès Varda’s complex and beautiful cinematic love letter JACQUOT DE NANTES again. 🎬

2018-06-10: Boule made with Acadia hard red wheat flour from a farm nearby.

2018-06-10: Dough rising in a basket.

2018-06-10: Two bald eagles on branches over the trail I biked on.

2018-06-10: “Using images to try and understand what we feel—it’s such a beautiful thing to be a filmmaker.” – …

2018-06-09: Utility poles, trees, and sky.

2018-06-09: Daisy

2018-06-09: Flower

2018-06-09: Tree and blue sky.

2018-06-09: Enjoying my Saturday morning routine of sipping coffee while getting my 750 words written for the …

2018-06-08: Veggie chili and cold brew coffee at Birdies today.

2018-06-08: Large-Leaved Lupine.

2018-06-07: Dandelion clock.

2018-06-07: Watching Chantal Akerman’s 1983 Pina Bausch documentary ONE DAY PINA ASKED… using the …

2018-06-07: Adding my Letterboxd Feed to my I keep track of the films that I watch through the Letterboxd web site as I watch many films. …

2018-06-07: Dandelion about to go to seed.

2018-06-06: Green veggie soup at Birdies for lunch.

2018-06-06: Chantal Akerman was born on this day. I wrote about the time and space within her extraordinary …

2018-06-05: Watching HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES again which I quite liked. 🎬

2018-06-05: Damp leaves.

2018-06-05: Pain au chocolat at Birdies as a treat after a walk in the rain.

2018-06-05: Catching up on WWDC news and there are some neat things coming to iOS and MacOS. Building in ways to …

2018-06-04: Watching Agnès Varda’s DAGUERREOTYPES again on MUBI because there are wonderful things in …

2018-06-04: Cauliflower and pinto bean tacos on fresh corn tortillas topped with homemade green salsa and …

2018-06-04: For Micro Monday I’d recommend @rosemaryorchard for some great nerdy tips and insight on …

2018-06-04: Tree and blue sky.

2018-06-03: Another loaf of bread.

2018-06-03: Plastic container with dough rising inside.

2018-06-02: Watching Jim Jarmusch’s monochrome 1986 classic DOWN BY LAW again. 🎬

2018-06-02: Clover.

2018-06-02: Blue jays have built a nest in a tree close the house just at the height of the windows and …

2018-06-02: Toast and omelette.

2018-06-01: Some of the amazing Unfiltered Brewing Warning Label with 10% ABV and the double IPA is aged on …

2018-06-01: Feels like I should get the charcoal into the barbecue and start cooking.

2018-06-01: The wonderful Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival begins June 6 and I saw some of the films in …

2018-06-01: Favourite new-to-me films for May: ORLY ALL YOU CAN EAT BUDDHA TEAM HURRICANE FUGUE. (Two of these …

2018-06-01: Morning tree reflection.

2018-05-31: Morning light through blinds.

2018-05-30: Every day is a good day to watch a film by Agnès Varda and today I rewatched YOU’VE GOT BEAUTIFUL …

2018-05-30: Really enjoying Obscura 2 which helps me take better photos. Thoughtful interfaces make a big …

2018-05-30: Windows.

2018-05-30: Doors and windows.

2018-05-30: Apple danish at Birdies.

2018-05-30: “when I started I did not know I wanted to be a filmmaker. You know, I started—I made a film. Then …

2018-05-30: Morning light in tree.

2018-05-30: Morning light in tree.

2018-05-29: Grilled halloumi tacos for supper.

2018-05-29: This is my favourite time of the year as I reflect on the past school year and plan out things for …

2018-05-29: Path.

2018-05-29: Seed on the car.

2018-05-28: Clock tower on Citadel Hill.

2018-05-28: Clouds

2018-05-27: Getting the charcoal ready for the barbecue.

2018-05-27: Had a great 39 km bike ride through the Gaspereau Valley and then up to Kentville and back on the …

2018-05-27: Brick wall.

2018-05-27: Out for a bike ride.

2018-05-26: Chained driveway.

2018-05-26: Bollard cover

2018-05-25: Last car in the parking lot.

2018-05-25: Raindrops on the windshield.

2018-05-24: Watching the 2002 Hong Kong crime thriller INFERNAL AFFAIRS again 12 years after the first time I …

2018-05-24: Dandelion and rocks and shadows.

2018-05-24: “A lot of businesses are run on fear, and I think it’s really bad. I think it’s money in the bank to …

2018-05-24: Going through old paper files which brings back memories, but also reminds me of how many duplicated …

2018-05-24: Sky and campus.

2018-05-23: Setting sun on building.

2018-05-23: Halifax Central Library as the sun begins to set.

2018-05-23: About to watch FRANCES HA again and so glad that there is a community supportive of cinema in …

2018-05-23: Halifax Central Library

2018-05-23: Salted Caramel Sundae from Dairy Bar FTW.

2018-05-22: Watching Tig Notaro’s new Netflix standup special TIG NOTARO: HAPPY TO BE HERE.

2018-05-22: Buttercup.

2018-05-22: “You finish a film these days and right away you have this pressure to write about it in words. …

2018-05-21: Veggie burger fresh off the barbecue.

2018-05-21: Bike trail beside abandoned rail line.

2018-05-20: The restored versions of Tarkovsky’s SOLARIS and STALKER make me appreciate the films even more as …

2018-05-20: Watching Tarkovsky’s 1972 film SOLARIS again. 🎬

2018-05-20: Black bean tacos on fresh corn tortillas with some Mexican rice.

2018-05-20: Black beans ready to cook.

2018-05-19: Watching Christian Petzold’s remarkable 2014 German film PHOENIX again. 🎬

2018-05-19: Barbecued veggie burger on a homemade sourdough bun with some potato wedges.

2018-05-19: Watching John Sturges’ 1950 film noir MYSTERY STREET on TCM. 🎬

2018-05-19: Dandelion with bug.

2018-05-18: Shadow of a sunset through blinds.

2018-05-18: Light and sky.

2018-05-17: “I must say that I had not any other intentions but to tell the story of what happened to Jeanne …

2018-05-17: I missed the wonderful Google Doodle celebrating the life of Chantal Akerman on Monday.

2018-05-17: Side of Halifax ferry terminal.

2018-05-17: Staples on telephone pole.

2018-05-17: Mixing board.

2018-05-16: Dairy Bar is open and that means a cone of amazing Turmeric Ginger soft serve ice cream. 🍦❤️

2018-05-16: Apple slices and cinnamon on top of the oatmeal before cooking it in the rice cooker.

2018-05-15: At the beginning of the #HIFF2018 program launch and retrospective screening.

2018-05-15: The truly wonderful Veggie Ball Banh Mi from Indochine in Halifax.

2018-05-15: Flower blossoming.

2018-05-15: “it’s topsy-turvy and the fake has been trumpeted as the truth. That’s what this film is about. I …

2018-05-14: Watching Angela Schanelec’s 2016 film THE DREAMED PATH on MUBI. 🎬

2018-05-14: No. 23

2018-05-13: Sunset over the Saint John River.

2018-05-13: Yar relaxing by the fire.

2018-05-13: Barbed wire on post.

2018-05-12: Maple leaf starting to emerge.

2018-05-12: Pine stump.

2018-05-12: Hummingbird.

2018-05-12: Parking structure.

2018-05-12: Parking garage.

2018-05-11: On my way to Fredericton and soon will be on the newly reopened section of the Trans-Canada Highway …

2018-05-11: Tulips by the school.

2018-05-10: Interesting clouds.

2018-05-09: Dandelion

2018-05-09: I started my blog at on this date in 2002. At first it was based on Blosxom, then Typo, …

2018-05-08: Watching Michael Almereyda’s 2017 film MARJORIE PRIME on my Apple TV. 🎬

2018-05-08: Sandbag on dolly track.

2018-05-08: Doing a bit of work at home before driving in to the city.

2018-05-07: Firing up the barbecue for the first time this year as the sun shines and birds sing.

2018-05-07: Sunlight on a rock in the back yard.

2018-05-07: My Instagram archive is now on on my page and the import worked great! Nice to …

2018-05-07: Looking out the cafeteria window.

2018-05-06: Watching Angela Schanelec’s 2010 film ORLY as I thoroughly enjoy her films streaming on MUBI. …

2018-05-06: Watching Jeremy Saulnier’s tense and brilliant thriller BLUE RUIN again. 🎬

2018-05-06: Path to the statue of Evangeline and the church at Grand Pré beside the Harvest Moon trail.

2018-05-06: Took a lovely 14.6 km bike ride on the trails from Kentville to Grand Pré and it was the perfect …

2018-05-06: Just downloaded my Instagram archive to have a backup and to upload it to and in looking …

2018-05-06: Mushroom, yellow pepper, and cheddar omelette for breakfast with some sourdough toast.

2018-05-05: Watching Angela Schanelec’s 2007 German film AFTERNOON on MUBI. 🎬

2018-05-05: Path through the woods.

2018-05-05: Walking along a trail.

2018-05-05: Sewer grate.

2018-05-04: Watching Abbas Kiarostami’s 2010 film CERTIFIED COPY again and liking it a lot more the second …

2018-05-04: Pizza fresh with the oven. Topped with Parmesan, feta, and pizza mozzarella along with olives, …

2018-05-04: The truly delightful Sunday Morning pale ale from @UnfilteredBrews which is a great way to celebrate …

2018-05-04: Container ship in the foggy harbour.

2018-05-04: Parking spot 18.

2018-05-03: Watching Christian Mungiu’s brilliant and harrowing 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS and 2 DAYS again. 🎬

2018-05-03: Spicy plantain and black bean tacos on fresh homemade corn tortillas topped with cilantro sour …

2018-05-03: Listening to music by Jonny Greenwood as I make some tacos for supper. 🌮

2018-05-03: Croutons in delicious tomato soup from Birdies.

2018-05-03: Tulip.

2018-05-02: Catching up on some Bergman with his 1972 film CRIES AND WHISPERS. 🎬

2018-05-02: Leaves emerging.

2018-05-01: Fifty years after May 1968 I’m watching Romain Goupil’s documentary HALF A LIFE and …

2018-05-01: “I really like it if I see faces that I haven’t seen before on screen.” – Angela Schanelec

2018-05-01: Tree and the harbour.

2018-04-30: Favourite new-to-me films I watched in April: YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE (2017) LEAN ON PETE (2017) …

2018-04-30: Watching Jacques Audiard’s 1996 sophomore feature A SELF-MADE HERO. 🎬

2018-04-30: Veggie pizza fresh from the oven.

2018-04-30: Thinking I need to shut down my Facebook and Instagram accounts soon as I haven’t logged in to FB in …

2018-04-30: Looking down from the fifth floor.

2018-04-30: Rear window of the car this morning.

2018-04-29: Watching Andrew Bujalski’s 2002 film FUNNY HA HA on Sundance Now. 🎬

2018-04-29: Another loaf of bread.

2018-04-29: Watching Angela Schanelec’s 2004 film MARSEILLE on MUBI. 🎬

2018-04-29: Ice cream cone.

2018-04-28: Watching Angela Schanelec’s 2001 German film PASSING SUMMER on MUBI. 🎬

2018-04-28: Front Line Rocker DIPA from @unfilteredbrews as I celebrate #nscraftbeer excellence at home tonight.

2018-04-28: Better late than never, but I’m finishing off the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale before the …

2018-04-28: Cauliflower and carrot tacos for lunch.

2018-04-28: Tiny flowers after the rain.

2018-04-27: Grilled cheese on Birdies’ Sprouted Wheat sourdough bread with spicy potato wedges.

2018-04-27: In the lovely theatre of the Halifax Central Library for some free lunchtime comedy from the Halifax …

2018-04-27: Downtown buildings.

2018-04-26: Rain-speckled glasses after a walk to get a pain au chocolate and a coffee.

2018-04-26: In that lovely space at the end of the term with marking done and planning and prep starting for …

2018-04-26: Red pen on red notebook.

2018-04-25: Roasted cauliflower and carrot tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2018-04-25: Painted rock inside a tree.

2018-04-25: The oatmeal is cooking, the water is boiling for the coffee, the sun is rising gently, and I’m just …

2018-04-24: Finally started listening to the Micro Monday microcast on the drive home today. Hearing @macgenie …

2018-04-24: Ship in the harbour.

2018-04-24: Apple slices on top of the oatmeal in the rice cooker.

2018-04-23: Morning sky and trees.

2018-04-22: Watching the delightful indie slow burn comedy-drama DIM THE FLUORESCENTS again. 🎬

2018-04-22: Dough rising.

2018-04-21: Watching Claire Denis’ dark and disturbing 2013 film BASTARDS on Netflix Canada.

2018-04-21: Bee on a crocus.

2018-04-21: Crocuses in the backyard.

2018-04-21: Crocus.

2018-04-21: Omelette and sourdough toast and coffee.

2018-04-20: “There are these moments where everything seems to stop and you’re just absolutely in …

2018-04-20: Cauliflower tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

2018-04-20: My tortilla press.

2018-04-20: Path.

2018-04-20: Glasses on my desk.

2018-04-19: Branches against a morning sky.

2018-04-18: Loving Drafts 5 and how it makes it easy to do so much more with text in so many ways. Thanks …

2018-04-18: Lynne Ramsay has made some remarkable and memorable films exploring dark and haunting themes: …

2018-04-18: Sidewalk.

2018-04-17: Harbour view on a stormy day.

2018-04-16: “I went to see this film called Blue Velvet and felt I’d entered a different universe. I just …

2018-04-16: Sweet potato cauliflower curry I made from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-04-16: Bark.

2018-04-15: Watching Chantal Akerman’s understated and essential 1975 masterpiece JEANNE DIELMAN, 23, QUAI DU …

2018-04-15: Leaf that held on through winter.

2018-04-14: Catching up with some silent Lubitsch with his 1927 film THE STUDENT PRINCE IN OLD HEIDELBERG as I …

2018-04-14: Watching Lynn Ramsay’s brilliant and unsettling 2002 film MORVERN CALLAR again. 🎬

2018-04-14: Margherita pizza freshly sliced.

2018-04-14: Tiny blossoms.

2018-04-13: Watching Agnès Varda’s haunting 1985 masterpiece VAGABOND again. 🎬

2018-04-13: Rainy view before the drive.

2018-04-12: LEAN ON PETE is a subtle and beautiful character study that tells a remarkable story with …

2018-04-12: Looking up in Halifax Central Library.

2018-04-12: "Curiosity is a good thing": An Interview with Agnès Varda — cléo “Rosalie, my daughter who did the production of Faces Places, and I decided we may not win anything, …

2018-04-12: Branches against a morning sky.

2018-04-11: “It seems that my films stay in people’s memories, or in people’s minds, as meaning something. For …

2018-04-11: Frosty windshield.

2018-04-10: Watching Agnès Varda’s semi-sweet and awkward 1988 film KUNG-FU MASTER! again on MUBI. 🎬

2018-04-10: Roasted sweet potato and black bean tacos for supper.

2018-04-10: Travel mug ready for the drive.

2018-04-09: Snowy hillside on a spring morning.

2018-04-09: “This vile season, run by crime families, shot through with bad faith and giddy injustice, with the …

2018-04-08: Boule fresh out of the oven as I try a different recipe.

2018-04-08: Signs of Spring.

2018-04-07: Lemon chiffon croissant I picked up from Birdies on the way home yesterday.

2018-04-07: “How are we meant to feel about art that we both love and oppose?” – Molly Ringwald

2018-04-07: Best new-to-me films I watched in March: BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY GOOK UNSANE THE WALDHEIM …

2018-04-06: Watching François Truffaut’s 1981 film THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR. 🎬

2018-04-06: A glass full of the amazing Double Orange Ale DIPA from Unfiltered. So good. 🍺

2018-04-06: Sunrise reflected on car roof.

2018-04-05: Watching Rob Epstein’s 1984 documentary THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK. 🎬

2018-04-05: Roasted lentil and cauliflower tacos on homemade corn tortillas tonight.

2018-04-05: Raindrops on car roof.

2018-04-04: Watching Seijun Suzuki’s 1966 stylish crime film TOKYO DRIFTER as I sip some Japanese whisky. 🎬 🥃

2018-04-04: Cream of mushroom soup at Birdies on a rainy day.

2018-04-03: Veggie pizza cooking.

2018-04-03: Frosty car roof this morning.

2018-04-02: Watching Ellen Goldfarb’s 2018 documentary NEW WAVE: DARE TO BE DIFFERENT and feeling nostalgic …

2018-04-02: “I usually have a very strong desire to participate in an experience, and then shortly thereafter, …

2018-04-02: Chantal Akerman’s essential and amazing JEANNE DIELMAN, 23, QUAI DU COMMERCE, 1080 BRUXELLES …

2018-04-02: Burl on tree.

2018-04-01: Watching Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s wonderful WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS yet again. 🎬

2018-04-01: Sourdough bread fresh from the oven.

2018-04-01: Strawberry ice cream in a waffle bowl at The Real Scoop.

2018-03-31: Tiny cone.

2018-03-31: Water.

2018-03-31: If you are a woman you do human stories, chick films, romantic comedies—there’s a limit in what we …

2018-03-30: Watching Ruth Beckermann’s 2018 documentary THE WALDHEIM WALTZ on Festival Scope. 🎬

2018-03-30: A Good Friday breakfast of an omelette and sourdough toast.

2018-03-29: Watching Bob Byington’s 2017 film INFINITY BABY. 🎬

2018-03-29: I have two Caran d’Ache pens that I really like using, one orange and one green. I find it …

2018-03-29: Spent an inordinate amount of time looking for my pen and very glad that I found it.

2018-03-29: Set under construction in the NSCC Screen Arts Studio.

2018-03-28: Watching FANTASTIC MR. FOX again because it looks as though ISLE OF DOGS won’t be playing near me …

2018-03-28: Drops on branch.

2018-03-27: Sautéing some mushrooms to put in my quinoa tacos before watching PHANTOM THREAD again.

2018-03-27: Afternoon sunlight in hallway.

2018-03-27: Delicious corn chowder for lunch at Birdies today.

2018-03-26: Fresh veggie pizza.

2018-03-26: For Micro Monday if you aren’t already following @brentsimmons you should as he contributes to …

2018-03-26: Harbour view this morning.

2018-03-25: Light bulb.

2018-03-24: Watching the clever deconstructive romantic comedy THE ONE I LOVE again. 🎬

2018-03-24: Robin on branches.

2018-03-24: Affagado at The Real Scoop.

2018-03-24: Comfortable swings by the window at The Real Scoop ice cream & espresso shop in Wolfville.

2018-03-24: Sourdough toast and omelette for breakfast.

2018-03-23: Watching the scary and superb GET OUT again. 🎬

2018-03-23: Snow covered stone seats.

2018-03-22: Finally watching the 2017 film I, TONYA.

2018-03-22: Blank sticky notes.

2018-03-21: Dogs in the window.

2018-03-21: My new Tadafusa knife which is quite amazing to use.

2018-03-21: Morning at the campus.

2018-03-20: Salty trail.

2018-03-19: Watching Justin Chen’s 2017 film gook on Netflix. 🎬

2018-03-19: Lamppost in morning light.

2018-03-18: Catching up on some film noir with Michael Curtiz’s 1950 film THE BREAKING POINT. 🎬

2018-03-18: Watching the 2016 documentary THE ROAD MOVIE. 🎬

2018-03-18: Steam rising from morning coffee.

2018-03-17: Delicious huevos rancheros from Antojos new brunch menu earlier today.

2018-03-17: Morning light on cupboard door.

2018-03-16: Veggie pizza for supper.

2018-03-15: Received my Radiotopia patch and stickers today.

2018-03-14: Pizza from Fadi’s in Fredericton for Pi Day.

2018-03-14: Oatmeal cooking.

2018-03-13: It’s Suntory time.

2018-03-13: Morning oatmeal mixed with yogurt and blueberries.

2018-03-12: Growler cap from Fuzzy Bubbles Imperial Pale Lager from Trailway.

2018-03-12: Coffee.

2018-03-11: Omelette and toast for breakfast.

2018-03-10: Aeropressing.

2018-03-09: Stairs.

2018-03-08: Watching Alexandra Dean’s 2017 documentary BOMBSHELL: THE HEDY LAMARR STORY. 🎬

2018-03-08: “I’m really privileged to work in cinema because I’m so, so in love with it. It’s got texture …

2018-03-08: Snowy trail.

2018-03-08: "I suspect, male film-makers are rarely asked how they feel about being a male director." Julia …

2018-03-08: Snow stuck to the car.

2018-03-07: Gap in bark.

2018-03-07: "There is something so touching in normal people. They really have a beauty, I feel that they need …

2018-03-06: Watching Agnès Varda and JR’s delightful film FACES PLACES again. 🎬

2018-03-06: Tree and trail.

2018-03-05: Sweet potato and black bean tacos for supper.

2018-03-05: "Diversity sells. Black movies and their success aren’t flukes. And talent is talent, and you should …

2018-03-05: For Micro Monday – @patrickrhone has small but important thoughts that make me pause and think and …

2018-03-05: "I can actually pace myself and say I’m gonna enjoy this one, I’m gonna not go to the next one. I …

2018-03-05: Branches and light clouds.

2018-03-04: Watching Claire Denis’ subtle and beautiful 2008 film 35 SHOTS OF RUM again. 🎬

2018-03-04: Uprooted tree.

2018-03-04: Listening to the new Belle and Sebastian album as I make some cheddar lentil loaf for supper (and …

2018-03-03: Watching Andrea Arnold’s naturalistic, sad, nearly-wordless, and beautiful adaptation of WUTHERING …

2018-03-03: Chain.

2018-03-03: Looking at the stats of how and what I watched in 2017 on my blog based on the 469 films I logged …

2018-03-03: Listening to birds chirp outside as the wind blows on an unseasonably warm March morning.

2018-03-02: Bolt

2018-03-01: Favourite 7 new-to-me films watched in February: THE ARBOR (2010) A THOUSAND SUNS (2013) EMBRACE OF …

2018-03-01: Light.

2018-03-01: “I’ve always liked fast talking ladies.” – Greta Gerwig on the great new A24 podcast with …

2018-02-28: Afternoon sun on trees.

2018-02-27: Loved THE SHAPE OF WATER even more the second time seeing it. So beautifully-crafted with wonderful …

2018-02-27: Setting sun and street.

2018-02-26: We’re discovering the future as we build it. Brett Simmons on and why it matters.

2018-02-26: A damp morning as light rain slowly melts the snow.

2018-02-25: Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos with Creamy Chipotle Sauce from a Cookie + Kate recipe.

2018-02-25: Watching Jonathan Glazer’s semi-surreal and unsettling BIRTH again. 🎬

2018-02-25: Stone steps.

2018-02-25: Poem by Keats on a tree by a trail.

2018-02-24: Watching Tom DiCillo’s feature 1995 debut LIVING IN OBLIVION on Sundance Now. 🎬

2018-02-24: Take your time when you park the car.

2018-02-24: Watching Clio Barnard’s innovative 2010 documentary hybrid THE ARBOR, which tells the story of …

2018-02-24: Turn and reduce speed.

2018-02-24: Still thinking about ANNIHILATION the next day as I walk around and look at plants and trees and …

2018-02-24: The great online film service MUBI now has free Student and Teacher programs where you can get …

2018-02-24: Morning coffee in my favourite mug.

2018-02-23: In the theatre ready for some cerebral science fiction with Alex Garland’s new film ANNIHILATION. 🎬

2018-02-23: Lunchtime walk.

2018-02-22: Blue sky on Thursday morning.

2018-02-21: Path on a foggy afternoon.

2018-02-20: Bushes on a grey morning.

2018-02-19: For Micro Monday I’ll highlight @joshsharp who is a key part of Hello Code and which helps …

2018-02-19: Grilled cheese with fresh bread and Romesco soup.

2018-02-19: Watching Edward Dmytryk’s 1947 film noir, CROSSFIRE on TCM. 🎬

2018-02-19: Fresh loaf of bread.

2018-02-19: Flowers draped over the statue of Mona Parsons in Wolfville today.

2018-02-19: Shadows on cabinet.

2018-02-18: Watching the new restoration of Lizzie Borden’s revolutionary 1983 feminist film BORN IN FLAMES. 🎬

2018-02-18: Lentil and Chili Macaroni Skillet.

2018-02-18: Watching Robert Mugge’s 1983 musical documentary BLACK WAX, about the remarkable Gil Scott-Heron. 🎬

2018-02-18: Marquee of the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville.

2018-02-18: Snowy branch.

2018-02-18: I think I’m interested in personal cinema. Not autobiographical cinema but personal cinema. – Greta …

2018-02-18: Another growth on a branch I saw yesterday.

2018-02-17: Watching Justine Triet’s 2016 French film IN BED WITH VICTORIA on MUBI. 🎬

2018-02-17: Lichen on fallen branch.

2018-02-17: Going to see BLACK PANTHER soon because the excitement around it is infectious.

2018-02-17: Sunlight through leaves.

2018-02-17: Stone gate beside graveyard.

2018-02-17: Coffee grounds awaiting water in the Aeropress.

2018-02-16: Tasty Romesco Soup with Smashed Chickpeas from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-02-16: Watching Sam Peckinpah’s 1972 film THE GETAWAY on Hollywood Suite.

2018-02-16: Dew on car roof.

2018-02-16: It is good to see a film that has no drama, no accident, no crime, no gun, no politics. We made our …

2018-02-15: Finally catching up with the 2015 Columbian film EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT on Sundance Now! 🎬

2018-02-15: Perogies for supper.

2018-02-15: Morning view of the harbour.

2018-02-14: Immersing myself once again in the cool, uncomfortable perfection of Ruben Östlund’s THE SQUARE …

2018-02-14: New travel mug.

2018-02-13: Two of the best films from last year – LADY BIRD and THE SQUARE – are available digitally in Canada …

2018-02-12: Making Pizza 2018-02-11 Mixing dough. 2018-02-12 Assembling and baking.

2018-02-12: Early evening sky.

2018-02-12: Car mirror.

2018-02-11: Watching Jim Jarmusch’s 2005 gently humorous and slightly melancholy BROKEN FLOWERS again. 🎬

2018-02-11: Tree and spruce cones.

2018-02-10: Making a stronger effort this year to watch more films directed by women as well as more films from …

2018-02-10: Watching Steven Soderbergh’s documentary about Spalding Gray AND EVERYTHING IS GOING FINE. 🎬

2018-02-10: A healthy breakfast.

2018-02-09: Rocks.

2018-02-08: “All you have in life is time, and in fact with my films you are aware of every second passing by …

2018-02-08: Yummy oatmeal.

2018-02-07: Watching Angela Robinson’s lovely PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN again.

2018-02-07: Spicy soba noodles for supper tonight.

2018-02-07: Tanker in the harbour.

2018-02-06: High tide in Port Williams.

2018-02-06: School this morning.

2018-02-05: Early evening clearing sky.

2018-02-05: For this Micro Monday I pick @jack as he has a range of geeky and nostalgic interests …

2018-02-05: Blustery morning looking at the harbour.

2018-02-04: Braided calzone fresh from the oven.

2018-02-04: Storytelling is a tool for knowing who we are and what we want, too. If we never find our experience …

2018-02-04: Just fed sourdough starter.

2018-02-02: Grass resisting the snow.

2018-02-01: Snow on car window.

2018-01-31: Tree against the sky.

2018-01-31: Snowy trail.

2018-01-31: Watching Sean Baker’s 2017colourful and complex film THE FLORIDA PROJECT again. 🎬

2018-01-31: I’ve finally posted my Favourite Films of 2017 blog post. 🎬

2018-01-31: Lamp and ice.

2018-01-30: The arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways; I cannot calculate the curve and complete …

2018-01-30: Condensation in the rice cooker as the oatmeal and apple slices cook.

2018-01-29: Grass

2018-01-28: Public Gardens gate at night.

2018-01-28: Very delicious cauliflower tacos from @AntojoTacos hit the spot.

2018-01-28: At @AntojoTacos for some tacos.

2018-01-28: Macchiato

2018-01-27: Spending a silent Saturday night with Ernst Lubitsch’s 1921 film THE WILDCAT.

2018-01-27: Watching the 2016 French film WILLY I on MUBI. 🎬

2018-01-27: Coffee brewing in the Aeropress.

2018-01-27: Sartre said, “Hell is other people.” Well, I don’t agree with Sartre. I like others. – Agnès Varda …

2018-01-27: Morning omelette.

2018-01-26: Fading light and the moon in the sky.

2018-01-26: Watching Bill Morrison’s 2017 documentary film DAWSON CITY: FROZEN TIME. 🎬

2018-01-26: For #femalefilmmakerfriday 🎬 I would pick anything by Agnès Varda, Claire Denis, Chantal Akerman, or …

2018-01-26: Not sure if this is a thing, but let’s do #filmfriday 🎬 and recommend a film to watch. I can start …

2018-01-26: “The best nonfiction asks us to examine the relationship between what we’re seeing on the screen and …

2018-01-26: Sewer cover and light snow.

2018-01-25: Watching Zuzanna Solakiewicz’s experimental audio documentary film 15 Corners of the World on MUBI.

2018-01-25: 1-Pot Everyday Lentil Soup from a Minimalist Baker recipe.

2018-01-25: Chopped carrots.

2018-01-25: Trees in sun, path in shade.

2018-01-24: Watching Greg Barker’s 2017 Obama documentary THE FINAL YEAR. 🎬

2018-01-23: Watching Martin Scorsese’s 1993 bold and beautiful The Age of Innocence.

2018-01-23: Rethinking my plans for taking a lunchtime walk.

2018-01-23: Trusty travel mug.

2018-01-22: Watching Wes Anderson’s brilliant masterpiece RUSHMORE again.

2018-01-22: It’s so important to be silent. Because you realize you are made up of time. – Anne Atik

2018-01-22: Morning view from Dartmouth.

2018-01-21: Calzone fresh out of the oven.

2018-01-21: Sunny Sunday winter afternoon as I make some calzone for lunches and curry for supper.

2018-01-20: Celebrating David Lynch’s birthday by watching one of his films I have never seen, his 1980 THE …

2018-01-20: Late afternoon sun on snow.

2018-01-20: Watching Amanda Kernell’s 2016 Swedish film SAMI BLOOD in iTunes. 🎬

2018-01-20: At the point in writing something where I’m wondering whether I have the best app and tools for …

2018-01-20: Icicles outside the kitchen window.

2018-01-19: What a strange and beautiful film PHANTOM THREAD is. Carefully–crafted, fragile, and almost magical …

2018-01-19: Looking forward to seeing PHANTOM THREAD tonight on the big screen. 🎬

2018-01-18: Trail on a snowy afternoon.

2018-01-18: Icy plant.

2018-01-18: Ice-covered branches and sky.

2018-01-17: Every year I spend too much time on writing and preparing my favourite films of the year list which …

2018-01-17: Snowy morning.

2018-01-16: Cattails hanging on into the winter.

2018-01-15: Micro Monday: @belle Belle B. Cooper is a talented iOS developer and human who thinks about habits …

2018-01-15: A reminder that Todd Haynes’ sublime and beautiful CAROL is on Netflix now. 🎬

2018-01-15: Frozen snow on roof of car.

2018-01-14: My first attempt at calzone.

2018-01-14: Unbended by the snow.

2018-01-13: Rock wall and squirrel in the front yard.

2018-01-13: My traditional weekend breakfast of an omelette covered with sriracha and some sourdough toast.

2018-01-12: “I like things that are funny but also things that have a real ache in the center of them.” – Greta …

2018-01-12: Flattened grass.

2018-01-11: Starting to read The Post-Office Girl by Stefan Zweig, which Wes Anderson based The Grand Budapest …

2018-01-11: Loving the graphic design of @hfxpublib for the Wes Anderson director series.

2018-01-11: Vegetarian chili and bread at Birdies for lunch.

2018-01-10: “My favorite part of filmmaking is really just what a collaborative art form it is. How many …

2018-01-10: Morning sky and trees.

2018-01-09: Tree and sky and clouds.

2018-01-08: Snowflakes on roof of car.

2018-01-07: Frosty morning light.

2018-01-06: Spruce cones

2018-01-06: Snowy vines on bricks.

2018-01-06: Spruce cones.

2018-01-06: Frosty window.

2018-01-05: Lawn after a stormy night.

2018-01-05: The wonderful and essential film logging site Letterboxd have their fascinating Year in Review for …

2018-01-04: Chili pot pies

2018-01-04: Chili starting to cook.

2018-01-04: Frosty leaves.

2018-01-03: Moon in morning sky.

2018-01-02: Planning and note-taking tools for the semester.

2018-01-02: Morning sky.

2018-01-01: Dough starting to rise.

2018-01-01: Stone fence beside graveyard.

2018-01-01: My Year in Review on Letterboxd is now complete. I logged 468 films in 2017 which is an average of 9 …

2018-01-01: Starting the new year with some black bean and egg breakfast burritos.

2017-12-31: My top 12 films of 2017 are LADYBIRD, FACES PLACES, BABY DRIVER, T2: TRAINSPOTTING, LOGAN LUCKY, THE …

2017-12-31: NYE beer from @TrailwayBrewing

2017-12-31: Morning sky through branches.

2017-12-30: Growth in snow.

2017-12-30: Winter light on snow.

2017-12-29: Tree and field in evening sun.

2017-12-28: Veggie sandwich and fries at Isaac’s Way.

2017-12-27: Sunrise.

2017-12-26: Angel on tree.

2017-12-26: Christmas tree at Mom and Dad’s.

2017-12-26: Shadow on cupboard.

2017-12-25: Some @trailwaybrewing Seeing Citra on a quiet Christmas night as the snow blows around in …

2017-12-24: Blue skies and icy trees on Christmas Eve.

2017-12-24: Icicles.

2017-12-24: Icicles

2017-12-23: Christmas Rascal milk stout from @TrailwayBrewing

2017-12-23: Festive window display.

2017-12-22: Blue sky.

2017-12-21: Frost morning window.

2017-12-20: Strange plants seen on a walk.

2017-12-20: I haven’t watched enough films by Chantal Akerman this year.

2017-12-20: Tiny carrot cake muffin.

2017-12-20: Morning light.

2017-12-19: Squash soup and sourdough bread for lunch.

2017-12-19: Squash soup and Birdies bread.

2017-12-18: Empty halllway.

2017-12-17: Leaf on salty pavement.

2017-12-16: Inside the delightful Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay.

2017-12-16: Inside @biscuiteater today which is a delightful place for lunch.

2017-12-16: Seagull and island on a snowy Halifax morning.

2017-12-16: The cover of the menu at The Watch That Ends the Night where I had some great food, great drinks, …

2017-12-15: Branches.

2017-12-14: Sky and clouds and lights.

2017-12-13: Damp rocks.

2017-12-12: Glass of delicious RSMA from @Unfilteredbrews.

2017-12-11: Living wall.

2017-12-10: Loving the new MarsEdit as now I have a searchable archive of over 10 years of my Tumblr posts which …

2017-12-10: Abandoned train tracks and Wolfville Library.

2017-12-10: Tracks and library.

2017-12-09: Poster from Deep Hollow Print.

2017-12-09: “Everybody wants something new, but nobody is willing to risk spending their money on …

2017-12-09: Getting to the time of year where my list of favourite films is just about done and I only want to …

2017-12-08: Cone.

2017-12-07: Smoke stack.

2017-12-07: “I just want to do what’s real, and what’s beautiful, and what’s life affirming. That’s all I care …

2017-12-06: Rainy lunchtime view.

2017-12-04: Notebook.

2017-12-04: “You won’t run out of ways to improve.” – Greta Gerwig on doing something difficult like …

2017-12-03: Water on leaves.

2017-12-03: “Every idea seems amazing at the moment of inception, but once you sleep on it and check the …

2017-12-02: Tree.

2017-12-01: Damp trail.

2017-11-30: Sunset over Halifax.

2017-11-29: Morning light reflected.

2017-11-29: Minestrone and fresh bread for lunch at Birdies Bread.

2017-11-28: “There is nothing more beautiful in all the arts than something that appears simple. And if you try …

2017-11-28: Morning light on building.

2017-11-27: Branches and clouds.

2017-11-26: Celebrating 10 years of @SeaLevelBrewing with THe Devil’s Backbone their cask-aged Baltic porter.

2017-11-25: Another leaf on pavement.

2017-11-25: Stairs

2017-11-24: Stairs.

2017-11-24: Leaves on pavement.

2017-11-24: Light in parking lot.

2017-11-23: Wind blowing through grass.

2017-11-22: Trail in the sun.

2017-11-21: Cattails.

2017-11-21: Cattails by the campus.

2017-11-19: Crow on sidewalk.

2017-11-19: Crow

2017-11-18: A tasty flight earlier today @HortonRidge including the new, all Nova Scotia 100 from …

2017-11-17: Beautiful @Unfilteredbrews cans so now it’s easier to share the love.

2017-11-17: Shadow. photo challenge day 7.

2017-11-16: Seasonal. photo challenge day 6.

2017-11-15: Liquid. photo challenge day 5.

2017-11-14: Pond.

2017-11-14: Up Close. photo challenge day 4.

2017-11-13: “On the move”. photo challenge day 3.

2017-11-13: Pond.

2017-11-12: Tasty. photo challenge day 2. Nourishing Curried Lentil & Sweet Potato Bowl from a …

2017-11-11: No parking sign.

2017-11-11: Pump.

2017-11-11: Close Id

2017-11-11: photo challenge day 1: Squares. #squares

2017-11-10: Close Id.

2017-11-09: Campus in the afternoon.

2017-11-09: Campus in the afternoon

2017-11-09: Delicious tomato and basil soup with bread at Birdie’s Bread today.

2017-11-09: “The people I really respect … have a sense of grace about them, because they know that there …

2017-11-06: Chalkboard at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

2017-11-05: Photogenic Machine Co. Studio Modeling Light

2017-11-05: The Silver Wave screenings are almost over and all the people who make it possible will be able to …

2017-11-04: Silver Wave is underway with a full slate of films. #swff2017

2017-10-31: What greeted the kids at the door this Halloween.

2017-10-31: Cheddar lentil loaf fresh from the oven.

2017-10-30: Nachos I made for supper.

2017-10-29: Little free library on the trail by Acadia.

2017-10-29: Fiery branches.

2017-10-29: Fountain.

2017-10-29: Fiery branches.

2017-10-28: Remember what it is to be me. That is always the point. – Joan Didion

2017-10-28: Leaves.

2017-10-25: Happy birthday to one of my favourites, Mathieu Amalric, here in UN CONTE DU NOËL. …

2017-10-23: Trail by the school.

2017-10-23: Inspiration beside the elevator.

2017-10-23: Bees on flower.

2017-10-22: Bees on flower.

2017-10-21: Red leaves.

2017-10-21: Leaf in sunshine.

2017-10-21: Rusty cover.

2017-10-19: Camera demo for Screen Arts #nsccOpenHouse today.

2017-10-19: Ready for the #nsccOpenHouse today.

2017-10-19: Camera demo for Screen Arts #nsccopenhouse today.

2017-10-15: Leaves.

2017-10-15: Leaves.

2017-10-15: Gardens.

2017-10-14: “This industry doesn’t tend to attract the most gentle and principled among us.“ – Sarah Polley

2017-10-11: Pizza cooked on the barbecue.

2017-10-11: Pizza on the barbecue.

2017-10-10: I got the twist of pumpkin spice and vanilla at Dairy Bar today.

2017-10-08: Webs and leaves and morning dew.

2017-10-07: Train bridge.

2017-10-07: Yar

2017-10-07: Morning dew on spider web.

2017-10-07: Morning dew on web.

2017-10-03: The “Thanks for Nuthin’” from Dairy Bar which is actually quite something.

2017-10-03: The amazing “Thanks for Nuthin’” from @dairybarhfx .

2017-10-01: Small flowers.

2017-10-01: Flower.

2017-10-01: “Real film is light, digital is electricity.” – Aki Kaurismäki

2017-09-30: Roasted red pepper tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

2017-09-30: “I’ve avoided success artfully” – Harry Dean Stanton in Partly Fiction

2017-09-30: “I’ve artfully avoided success” – Harry Dean Stanton in Partly Fiction

2017-09-27: View of the city yesterday.

2017-09-23: Butterfly.

2017-09-22: Back of the notebook I used @thefilmfest this year.

2017-09-22: Well-worn notebook after seeing 24 films @thefilmfest this year. #fin #aiff



2017-09-14: Train tracks

2017-09-14: Before LONG TIME RUNNING as #FIN #AIFF begins.

2017-09-13: Windows at the campus. #gudakcam

2017-09-12: Entering the Oxford. #gudakcam

2017-09-10: Pizza fresh from the barbecue.

2017-09-10: Before I saw my last film at the Oxford.

2017-09-10: Love the feeling of sitting in a theatre with a group of people watching a film sharing the …

2017-09-10: Floor of the Oxford.

2017-09-10: Oxford Theatre statue.

2017-09-09: Exquisite salted caramel sundae from Dairy Bar. 😍

2017-09-09: Oxford on September 25, 2010.

2017-09-05: Studio filled with possibilities.

2017-09-04: Echinacea.

2017-09-04: “It’s a story that happened yesterday, but I know it’s tomorrow.” – Laura Dern in INLAND …

2017-09-03: Excited for the #TwinPeaks finale tonight and amazed at how Lynch and Frost have renewed it with …

2017-09-03: Morning sun on flowers.

2017-09-02: Boat on land. #gudak

2017-09-02: Boat on land near Parrsboro. #gudak

2017-09-02: Dogs outside the screen door.

2017-09-02: Lights in the Oxford.

2017-09-02: Globe and light in the Oxford.

2017-09-01: Ceiling of the Oxford.

2017-09-01: Inside the Oxford.

2017-09-01: Outside the Oxford today.

2017-09-01: Screen and statue.

2017-09-01: Outside the Oxford

2017-08-31: Pizza cooking on the barbecue. #gudak

2017-08-31: Getting ready to cook. #gudak

2017-08-31: Windows at my campus.

2017-08-28: Hops

2017-08-28: On a beach looking towards Partridge Island.

2017-08-26: Another Saturday, another loaf of sourdough bread fresh from the oven.

2017-08-25: Pizza!

2017-08-24: Walk through the woods.

2017-08-20: “There’s some fear in letting go.” – Margaret Lanterman (Catherine Coulson) in Twin Peaks

2017-08-20: Fresh pasta with home-made sauce, basil, and bocconcini.

2017-08-20: Making some pasta.

2017-08-20: Making pasta.

2017-08-17: Pizza made on the barbecue.

2017-08-17: I made spicy soba noodles for lunch.

2017-08-15: Walking on a trail.

2017-08-15: “We’re like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream. But who is the dreamer?” – …

2017-08-14: Flowers

2017-08-13: Purple flowers

2017-08-12: Yar.

2017-08-12: Yar.

2017-08-12: View from kayak a few days ago on the Oromocto River.

2017-08-11: Leaf on a trail.

2017-08-11: Pridewalk in downtown Fredericton.

2017-08-11: Pride cookie.

2017-08-11: Exposed roots on hiking trail.

2017-08-11: Mossy rocks

2017-08-11: Exposed roots on trail.

2017-08-10: Trail up a mountain close to Welsford on a lovely summer day.

2017-08-10: Tiny tree and lichen.

2017-08-10: Anchor on top of Mount Douglas Bald.

2017-08-10: Trail up a mountain.

2017-08-10: View from the end of Mount Douglas Bald trail.

2017-08-09: Black-eyed Susans and blue car.

2017-08-08: Grass in the ocean at Kouchibouguac.

2017-08-07: Tree and clouds at Kouchibouguac.

2017-08-07: Beach at Kouchibouguac National Park.

2017-08-07: Tree and clouds

2017-08-07: Beach at Kouchibouguac

2017-08-07: Delicious roasted vegetable and goat cheese salad at the Centre Culturel de Kent-Sud in Bouctouche.

2017-08-05: Was just transported to another plane by the magical high priestess @LidoPimienta on this special …

2017-08-05: No secrets again tonight in the #sappyfest tent.

2017-08-05: Branches against the sky.

2017-08-05: The remarkable @lidopimienta on stage working her magic. #sappyfest12 #nosecrets

2017-08-05: Fuel for #Sappyfest weekend. #nosecrets

2017-08-05: No secrets tonight in the tent.

2017-08-05: Is this love. #nosecrets #sappyforever

2017-08-05: Sign for exhibition of beautiful and colourful tapestries by @LidoPimienta before her inspiring …

2017-08-05: Is this love? #sappyfest #nosecrets

2017-08-05: Tall shadows.

2017-08-04: No secrets tonight at #Sappyfest.

2017-08-04: Looks like we made it (again). #sappyfest #nosecrets

2017-08-04: Detour

2017-08-04: Arrows on Bridge Street

2017-08-04: No secrets. #sappyfest

2017-08-04: No secrets.

2017-08-04: Looks like we made it (again). #sappyfest #nosecrets

2017-08-04: This is now. #sappyfest #sappyforever #nosecrets

2017-08-04: Posted up in Ducky’s with wood-fired pizza from next door and some @Unfilteredbrews Daytimer …

2017-08-03: Black-eyed Susan.

2017-08-03: A hazy and delicious glass of Dunder on the patio at Trailway.

2017-08-02: T-shirts I’m packing for #Sappyfest 12. #nosecrets #sappyforever

2017-08-01: Replenished my oatmeal supply today.

2017-07-31: Super thick three bean chili from a #minimalistbaker recipe.

2017-07-30: Tiny green bug on my car window.

2017-07-29: Flowers in clock park in Wolfville.

2017-07-28: Leaves and berries.

2017-07-28: Bread fresh out of the oven.

2017-07-27: Bee on flower.

2017-07-26: Construction in progress.

2017-07-22: Dandelions

2017-07-21: Yellow flower seen on a morning walk.

2017-07-20: Grass beside train tracks a few days ago.

2017-07-19: 🚴 48 km on a hot afternoon on the mostly shaded trails from Wolfville to beyond Coldbrook so now …

2017-07-19: Abandoned train bridge.

2017-07-19: Bridge on trail on bike ride on a lovely afternoon.

2017-07-17: Thinking about the #52FilmsbyWomen challenge and why it matters.…

2017-07-16: Train bridge over the Gaspereau River that I walked across with my bike.

2017-07-15: Daisy

2017-07-14: Potatoes before being folded into tinfoil and cooked on the barbecue.

2017-07-13: Watching the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece MILLERS CROSSING yet again. A perfect film. …

2017-07-13: Sourdough loaf cooling.

2017-07-12: Water.

2017-07-12: Flower on a bush.

2017-07-11: Flowers in the backyard.

2017-07-10: A nice 20 km bike ride before lunch is a good thing on sunny day. ☀️🚴😀

2017-07-09: Beautiful view of fields where the malt came from for the beer in the glasses at Horton Ridge.

2017-07-09: View from the taproom of the field where the malt for beer came from @hortonridge on a lovely …

2017-07-09: Patiently waiting for the next episode of #TwinPeaks tonight.

2017-07-07: Looks like something rude was broken off the sign.

2017-07-06: Cheese pizza cooked on the barbecue.

2017-07-05: THE BIG SICK is a warm and funny true-life story with heart. Great performances and great writing …

2017-07-05: THE BEGUILED is a beautiful dark southern slow burn with Sofia Coppola at the height of her …

2017-07-05: Pasta and homemade breadstick for lunch.

2017-07-05: Feeling productive as dough rises for bread just as I finish my first coffee of the day.

2017-07-03: Mint brownie sundae from Dairy Bar.

2017-07-03: The thing with franchises is that if you don’t direct it, somebody else will. – Edgar Wright

2017-07-02: Path

2017-06-30: Drinking the awesomely hoppy Adore DIPA from @TrailwayBrewing beside a fire. Life is good.

2017-06-30: Hops starting to grow.

2017-06-29: Flowers

2017-06-28: Stray cat that was quite comfortable with me after I caught it near Springhill Road in Fredericton.

2017-06-28: Moth

2017-06-28: BABY DRIVER is fun, fast, and fluid filmmaking. Musical and beautiful with just enough what I …

2017-06-27: Made Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw for supper.

2017-06-27: Paddleboarding on the Saint John River.

2017-06-27: Moon in the sky last night.

2017-06-26: Went paddleboarding for the first time. On the Saint John River which was calm as the sun set with …

2017-06-26: Walking bridge on a beautiful day.

2017-06-26: Veggie pizza fresh from the oven.

2017-06-26: Super sweet patio coming soon @PicsRoundhouse for beer enjoyment.

2017-06-24: Daisy

2017-06-23: Listening to Ok Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 and it makes my favourite album even better. An …

2017-06-23: Black caramel soft serve from Dairy Bar. Dark and delicious.

2017-06-22: Trail on afternoon walk.

2017-06-22: My first growler from Horton Ridge with some Smoke House Brown Ale in it. Tasty!

2017-06-21: The season finale of Better Call Saul is some of the finest television there is. Great cast and …

2017-06-20: SLACKER is a strange and wonderful film. Not for everyone, but an impressive and idiosyncratic film …

2017-06-20: Thinking I should watch The Age of Innocence again as I reflect on Daniel Day-Lewis retiring from …

2017-06-19: “I think filmmaking requires a certain kind of personality that can have extremely deferred …

2017-06-18: Blossoms

2017-06-17: Sourdough bread fresh from the oven.

2017-06-17: Coffee in my Radiotopia mug.

2017-06-16: Some Unfiltered Warning Label DIPA in an Alchemist glass. Feels right.

2017-06-16: unfilteredbrewing Warning Label in an Alchemist glass. Feels right.

2017-06-13: Cinnamon coffee soft serve from Dairy Bar was the perfect snack today.

2017-06-13: Still smiling after Convocation as the graduates of Screen Arts completed their two year NSCC …

2017-06-12: Flower downtown in Wolfville.

2017-06-12: Hops and Dreams from Unfiltered and homemade veggie burgers on the BBQ for supper tonight.

2017-06-12: Flower

2017-06-11: Camera in the Union Street Cafe in Berwick.

2017-06-11: Biked 106 km along the trail from Wolfville to Kingston and back on this beautiful and warm day. 🚴

2017-06-10: Took a nice and sunny 24 km bike ride along the trails by Wolfville. 🚴

2017-06-09: Fence, building, and sky.

2017-06-08: Daniel Boos and director Anocha Suwichakornpong answering questions about her enigmatic film BY THE …

2017-06-08: Soft serve filled cream puff from Dairy Bar.

2017-06-07: Sofia Bohdanowicz introducing an extraordinary collection of her films on the great first day of …

2017-06-07: Super delicious turmeric ginger ice cream from Dairy Bar.

2017-06-07: Purple flowers.

2017-06-06: Dandelion clock

2017-06-04: Waiting for the next #TwinPeaks episode to appear.

2017-06-04: The taps in the Schoolhouse Brewery taproom in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

2017-06-03: Cheese pizza with red and green peppers.

2017-06-03: My Letterboxd stats show I’ve logged 3000 films. The key way to record what I’ve …

2017-06-02: The best soft serve I’ve ever had from Dairy Bar and some Nitro cold brew. Feels like the …

2017-06-02: The best soft serve yet from Dairy Bar. The goat cheese and honey is divine.

2017-06-01: Water drops on a tulip.

2017-05-31: Cage SuperDrive.

2017-05-30: Tiny, pretty flowers.

2017-05-29: Dandelion

2017-05-29: Beautiful sunshine and blossoms on a lunchtime walk.

2017-05-28: Setting sun on a tree in the backyard.

2017-05-28: Took a lovely 48km bike ride over a mountain and through the Valley. 🚴

2017-05-28: Tree in the backyard lit by the setting sun.

2017-05-27: Sign with a definite opinion about coffee cups.

2017-05-27: Ready for #WCHFX today.

2017-05-27: How do you really feel about coffee cups?

2017-05-26: The school year wraps up today with screenings of films made by Screen Arts filmmakers. Always …

2017-05-25: Morning sun through a window.

2017-05-24: Dogs in the window.

2017-05-23: Paws of a sleeping dog.

2017-05-21: Tasting beer at Trailway.

2017-05-20: Fire.

2017-05-20: Ice cream stand snowman.

2017-05-20: Concrete snowman.

2017-05-19: Yar the puppy.

2017-05-19: A neat can for a delicious sour.

2017-05-18: Nachos.

2017-05-17: Dandelions

2017-05-16: Firing up the barbecue.

2017-05-15: Dal on basmati rice.

2017-05-15: Case for my AirPods.

2017-05-14: Sourdough hamburger buns that I just made.

2017-05-13: Veggie burger and fries at Union Street Cafe in Berwick after a 33 km bike ride on the trail from …

2017-05-13: Weighing the beans.

2017-05-12: Starting to make some pizza dough.

2017-05-12: The start of quick beer crust pizza.

2017-05-12: A grey day, but a Friday, so a good day.

2017-05-11: Leaves and the promise of flowers.

2017-05-11: Notebook and pen.

2017-05-10: Pen and notebook.

2017-05-09: Tomato on the window sill.

2017-05-08: View from the ferry.

2017-05-07: Bread fresh from the oven.

2017-05-07: New bike helmet as I realized my old helmet was a bit small for my head.

2017-05-06: Figured out what the sound I heard in the night was when it was windy.

2017-05-06: Light rain so instead of biking took a nice walk to the farmers market for a growler fill, some …

2017-05-06: Wind grabbed the screen door last night.

2017-05-05: Building on my #52FilmsbyWomen pledge from last year with half of the films I watch directed by …

2017-05-05: Getting my head around the microblog idea. It’s good to make the walls of the gardens porous …

2017-05-04: Dogs listening to bagpipes in the distance.

2017-05-04: When the battery in the clock on my desk gets low the second hand tries to move forward but pulses …

2017-05-03: Homemade veggie nachos for supper after a lovely 20 km bike ride.

2017-05-03: Veggie nachos.

2017-05-03: Taking a walk around outside and paying attention to what is around me is a very good way to break …

2017-05-03: Added a feed for films watched through Letterboxd and hoping to try out the iOS app soon for more …

2017-05-02: Here I go again with a smaller blogging thing that I’m thinking fits somewhere between tweets …

2017-04-30: Spring flowers

2017-04-29: School’s in for summer! @schoolhousebrewing

2017-04-28: Melancholy sign

2017-04-27: Foggy night.

2017-04-21: Quilt my mom is making on a frame my grandmother started using in 1979.

2017-04-18: Extraordinary veggie ramen from Water & Bone.

2017-04-15: Cheese pizza fresh from the oven

2017-04-14: First fire of the season.

2017-04-14: Flooded trail

2017-04-11: So fun to introduce and watch films at the library. @hfxpublib is such a great community resource.

2017-04-02: Quinoa Gado-Gado from a #minimalistbaker recipe.

2017-03-19: Sourdough boule fresh out of the oven.

2017-03-13: Wholegrain batard fresh from the oven.

2017-03-09: Awkward selfie after a fun screening of #Goon2 tonight with the talented Jay Baruchel.

2017-03-09: Ready for Goon: Last of the Enforcers at the Halifax premiere.

2017-03-05: Whole grain sourdough boule.

2017-02-21: Coin check! #radiotopia #coincheck

2017-01-26: Harbour

2017-01-22: Curried Potato and Lentil Soup from the #minimalistbaker recipe.

2017-01-22: Ready for the show.

2017-01-07: Shadows on the fridge

2017-01-05: Sunset from the parking lot

2017-01-02: Sunrise over tomato and basil.

2017-01-01: First loaf of bread baked in 2017.

2016-12-31: My #2016bestnine

2016-12-26: Angels

2016-12-26: Lights in window

2016-12-26: A tasty beer for Christmas.

2016-12-25: Sunrise

2016-12-24: Santa

2016-12-24: Lamp and a painting I made in grade 3.

2016-12-24: Tree at my parents place

2016-12-21: Pizza fresh out of the oven.

2016-12-21: Mushrooms on the ground

2016-12-19: Delicious macchiato

2016-12-18: Berries on branch

2016-12-18: Snowy stream

2016-12-11: Butternut Squash, Kale + Quinoa Bake on my plate from a #minimalistbaker recipe.

2016-12-11: Butternut Squash, Kale + Quinoa Bake out of the oven. #minimalistbaker

2016-12-11: Aeropressing

2016-12-11: Frosty morning.

2016-12-10: Pot of black beans cooking away.

2016-12-10: Tiny snowman

2016-12-04: Thai Baked Sweet Potatoes from the #minimalistbaker recipe from her Everyday Cooking cookbook.

2016-12-04: Apple pie using the @kingarthurflour #bakealong recipe from last month.

2016-12-04: Apples ready for a pie

2016-12-04: Afternoon walk. #vsco

2016-12-02: Tree by the harbour

2016-11-27: Simple Curried Carrot + Lentil Soup from a @minimalistbaker recipe with some sourdough bread still …

2016-11-27: Sourdough boule made with local Hard Red flour from Longspell Point Farm.

2016-11-24: After losing my Yaris in an accident and getting a concussion, I now have a spiffy new Honda Fit.

2016-11-24: Why colours are messed up

2016-11-20: 1-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka #minimalistbaker

2016-11-16: Sourdough boule

2016-11-13: Apple pie from the @kingarthurflour #bakealong challenge recipe. The challenge now is waiting for it …

2016-11-11: Tonight

2016-11-11: Graveyard

2016-11-09: Afternoon sun #vsco

2016-11-07: Light on tree

2016-11-07: Film coop sign

2016-11-05: It’s on! #swff2016

2016-11-03: No Loit Ring

2016-10-29: Pizza before going in to the oven.

2016-10-23: Coconut Curry Ramen from the @minimalistbaker recipe. I used fresh soba noodles. So delicious!

2016-10-23: Face on the ground

2016-10-22: Oatmeal resupply.

2016-10-21: Unauthorized content.

2016-10-21: A Herzog documentary tonight! (I get to do the intro!)

2016-10-20: Happy to receive my Ordinary Women rewards from @femfreq! #becriticalofthemediayoulove

2016-10-18: Late afternoon sun

2016-10-18: Leaf #photojojoiris

2016-10-16: Fly on flower #photojoiris

2016-10-14: My great great grandfather, great grandfather, and grandfather on the land where my parents still …

2016-10-12: Ready for the Sociable! World Premiere.

2016-10-11: Salt and pepper

2016-10-10: Chalkboard at Sea Level Brewing about the delicious Indigenous Pale Ale.

2016-10-09: Mailbox in the woods

2016-10-09: Autumn skyline

2016-10-09: Bridge

2016-10-09: Autumn trail

2016-10-09: Light bulb

2016-10-09: Gallery expansion in progress

2016-10-09: Walking bridge

2016-10-09: Road closed. #vsco

2016-10-09: View from the walking bridge.

2016-10-08: Hydrant

2016-10-08: Fire on autumn evening

2016-10-08: Web on mirror

2016-10-04: Green chairs

2016-10-03: The tasty “Thanks for Nothing” sundae from that I was thankful for today.

2016-10-01: Chapel

2016-09-30: Waterfront park

2016-09-29: Grass, wall, and sky

2016-09-25: Flowers

2016-09-24: View out window

2016-09-22: Taylor and Koumbie and Jason at the Q&A after the wonderful Ariyah and Tristan’s Inevitable …

2016-09-21: Afternoon break from films

2016-09-18: Alexandre Goyette answering questions with Jason Beaudry after a great screening of King Dave. …

2016-09-15: In the balcony before MAUDIE opens the 36th Atlantic Film Festival tonight. #aff2016 #WorldsUnknown

2016-09-12: Inside-out Pumpkin Muffin right out of the oven. From the @kingarthurflour #bakealong September …

2016-09-10: Ferries in the harbour. #vsco #latergram

2016-09-05: Freshly baked sourdough quinoa honey bread.

2016-09-04: Sourdough pretzel fresh out of the oven

2016-09-03: Cheese pizza

2016-09-03: Breakfast

2016-09-02: Santa’s Discotheque

2016-08-30: The transcendent Ginger Spice. @dairybarhfx

2016-08-24: Rocky road ftw.

2016-08-20: The CoCo. #Vsco

2016-08-20: Vines

2016-08-17: Sourdough pretzels

2016-08-16: Roasted red pepper tomato soup. #minimalistbaker #vsco

2016-08-15: Flowers

2016-08-15: Monochrome echinacea

2016-08-14: Flower

2016-08-14: Wharf

2016-08-13: Pane Bianco fresh from the oven as I #bakealong with @kingarthurflour.

2016-08-13: Dirt on the dykes

2016-08-13: Graveyard

2016-08-10: Was lucky to get the first of today’s Rocky Road sundaes at today.

2016-08-09: Sourdough boule fresh out of the oven.

2016-08-09: Sourdough rising before forming and baking. #vsco

2016-08-08: Bridge #vsco #photojojoiris

2016-08-08: Echinacea #vsco

2016-08-08: Lily pads

2016-08-07: Path through trees. #vsco

2016-08-07: Gate #vsco

2016-08-06: Temperance Fountain #vsco

2016-08-06: Looking up on the Bluenose. #vsco #photojojoiris

2016-08-06: Bell on the Bluenose II

2016-08-06: Peggy’s Cove #vsco

2016-08-06: Boat in Peggy’s Cove. #vsco

2016-08-06: Lighthouse #prisma

2016-08-05: Bee on flower. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-08-05: Bench #vsco

2016-08-05: Anchor #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-08-05: Rock and lighthouse. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-08-05: Sun and lighthouse. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-08-05: Iconic Nova Scotia scene

2016-08-03: Sourdough buns fresh out of the oven.

2016-08-03: Waterfowl park. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-08-02: Flavour of Love from @dairybarhfx is very good.

2016-08-02: Warning sign

2016-08-01: Wedges #vsco

2016-08-01: Late night #swampmagic in the #republicofsappyfest.

2016-07-31: An amazing high-energy set with Les Hôtesses D’Hilaire. #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-31: Beautiful view on morning walk. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-07-31: Flower

2016-07-31: Barbed wire #vsco

2016-07-31: Morning in Sackville. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-07-31: Ambiguous at best. #republicofsappyfest

2016-07-30: Walk through Waterfowl Park. #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-07-30: Duck in water #vsco

2016-07-30: Sorrey #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-30: Duck

2016-07-30: Walkway #vsco

2016-07-30: Boxes #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-30: Looks like we made it. #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-29: Good to be home. #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-29: Poutine with veggie Bay of Funghi gravy. #republicofsappyfest #vsco

2016-07-29: It’s lit with Adrian Teacher and the Subs at #sappyfest XI. #republicofsappyfest …

2016-07-29: Getting some poutine with Bay of Funghi gravy. #republicofsappyfest #prisma

2016-07-29: Sappy banner on Bridge Street #republicofsappyfest

2016-07-29: Decoding the program. #republicofsappyfest

2016-07-29: Raising my glass to @unfilteredbrewing as I enjoy Daytimer at Ducky’s. Happy anniversary!

2016-07-29: Patch on the sleeve of my #sappyfest hoodie. #republicofsappyfest

2016-07-28: Daisy #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-07-27: Tiny flowers #photojojoiris #vsco

2016-07-22: Walking bridge #Prisma

2016-07-21: Worlds Largest Axe #Prisma

2016-07-19: Coffee on a patio #Prisma

2016-07-18: Resting dog #Prisma

2016-07-17: Early evening clouds

2016-07-15: A lovely flight of @drinkannapolis cider including the new Garden Strawberry which is delicious. …

2016-07-14: Trying out the Prisma app which does some neat things with photos.

2016-07-13: Delightful sundae from @dairybarhfx

2016-07-13: Tiny dinosaur #photojojoiris

2016-07-12: Great view taking a break on a lunchtime bike ride. #photojojoiris

2016-07-10: My first loaf of sourdough bread

2016-07-06: Sourdough pretzels using sourdough starter I made.

2016-07-01: Pine cones on strings on tree.

2016-06-30: Sappy has always been in my heart and now I can wear it on my sleeve. #republicofsappyfest …

2016-06-28: One of my new favourite places. #latergram

2016-06-28: The sublime grilled corn at the @barstillwell Beer Garden.

2016-06-26: No meat

2016-06-25: A delicious flight from a few days ago that combines coffee and oatmeal and beer. #latergram

2016-06-25: Table made from the old bowling alley in Marysville.

2016-06-25: Walking bridge

2016-06-24: Iranian ice cream I got at the Cultural Expressions Festival in Officers Square earlier

2016-06-24: Bridge on logging road. #photojojoiris

2016-06-24: Large rock

2016-06-24: On the Hikers Dream trail near Nackawic #photojojoiris

2016-06-24: Superhero ice cream

2016-06-23: Brewing process illustrated at @grimrossbrewing

2016-06-23: Fredericton cover

2016-06-23: Leaves and clover

2016-06-23: Tall tree #photojojoiris

2016-06-23: Sign on Mount Bailey trail. #latergram #photojojoiris

2016-06-23: Sunlight on leaves.

2016-06-23: Monarch along the trail up Mount Bailey

2016-06-22: Summit of Mount Bailey #photojojoiris #latergram

2016-06-22: Tiny flower along trail #photojojoiris

2016-06-22: Fire cabin panorama on Mount Carleton. #latergram

2016-06-21: Coin check at an altitude of 820 metres. @99percentinvisible #alwaysreadtheplaque #coincheck

2016-06-21: Triangulation station on Mount Carleton

2016-06-21: 820 metres high on Mount Carleton #latergram

2016-06-21: Growth at the summit of Mount Carleton #photojojoiris #latergram

2016-06-21: Summit view #latergram #photojojoiris

2016-06-21: Fire cabin panorama #latergram

2016-06-21: Fire cabin built in 1923 on top of Mount Carleton #latergram

2016-06-21: Close to the summit #photojojoiris #latergram

2016-06-21: Shelter along the trail up Mount Carleton #latergram

2016-06-21: Flower along hike up Mount Carleton

2016-06-21: Woodshed

2016-06-20: Rusty bucket

2016-06-20: Beside Nictau Lake #photojojoiris

2016-06-20: View from Mount Carleton yesterday. #photojojoiris

2016-06-17: Sunset

2016-06-15: Amazing tomato soup and grilled cheese at Black Sheep

2016-06-14: Fresh bread

2016-06-11: Back in Wolfville after 2999.1 km of driving through New England and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

2016-06-10: Loving BitCam from the Iconfactory.

2016-06-10: Delicious Malaysian vegetarian curry at Zensation on Queen Street.

2016-06-09: Cap on @mainebeerco Lunch IPA #photojojoiris

2016-06-09: In a happy place @mainebeerco

2016-06-09: Doing what’s right. #photojojoiris

2016-06-09: W. B. Co. Step

2016-06-09: Stairwell

2016-06-08: Amazing industrial space that is being repurposed in Easthampton

2016-06-08: Eastworks #photojojoiris

2016-06-07: My favourite place in Northampton.

2016-06-07: Love a concession stand at a movie theatre that serves beer and wine.

2016-06-06: Bridge across the Conneticut River

2016-06-05: Vermont view.

2016-06-04: Gateway to beer

2016-06-01: Apple blossom #photojojoiris

2016-05-29: Bird cutout

2016-05-24: Apple blossom #photojojoiris

2016-05-23: Damp flower

2016-05-22: The delightful still at Barrelling Tide Distillery where I picked up some vodka while on a bike ride …

2016-05-21: Pen #photojojoiris

2016-05-21: Tiny flowers #photojojoiris

2016-05-21: At the Look Off #photojojoiris

2016-05-21: Tiny heart #photojojoiris

2016-05-21: Water on a blade of grass. #photojojoiris

2016-05-20: Leaf and setting sun #photojojoiris

2016-05-19: Pizza from my new oven

2016-05-17: Evening light

2016-05-17: Big beautiful clouds over the Valley. #photojojoiris

2016-05-14: Spicy Braised Tofu Tostadas from my @minimalistbaker Everyday Cooking cookbook. ❤️

2016-05-12: Branches and sunset

2016-05-11: Tree and corner of the library #photojojoiris

2016-05-11: Sign #photojojoiris

2016-05-10: Macchiato (using the wide #photojojoiris lens)

2016-05-10: Flag #photojojoiris

2016-05-10: The veggie Seattle dog from @tdogshfx

2016-05-09: Dandelion #photojojoiris

2016-05-09: Bee on a dandelion #photojojoiris

2016-05-09: Bread crust up close. #photojojoiris

2016-05-09: White flower #photojojoiris

2016-05-08: Flower #photojojoiris

2016-05-08: Tiny blue flower #photojojoiris

2016-05-08: View of the Valley while taking a break on a bike ride. #photojojoiris

2016-05-07: By Sea Level Brewing Panorama using a #photojojoiris Wide lens

2016-05-06: Veggie pizza

2016-05-06: Command #photojojoiris

2016-05-05: Earbuds #photojojoiris

2016-05-05: Tiny dinosaur #photojojoiris

2016-05-03: Veggie sushi pizza at #twushi

2016-05-03: Danger

2016-04-29: Late afternoon sunshine

2016-04-28: Flowers on table

2016-04-27: Flower in the sun

2016-04-27: Delicious veggie sandwich cross section

2016-04-25: On set

2016-04-21: Open

2016-04-20: Manhole cover

2016-04-20: Mural on the wall of The Abbey across from the Red Rover Cider filling station

2016-04-20: City hall

2016-04-20: Jars

2016-04-20: Vegan Chili Cheese Hot Bowl

2016-04-20: Sign on gate

2016-04-20: Bike by the dam

2016-04-19: Dam and shed

2016-04-19: Driftwood by the dam

2016-04-19: Shed by the dam

2016-04-19: Driftwood

2016-04-18: Below the dam

2016-04-18: Sunset

2016-04-18: Texture

2016-04-18: Clear cut

2016-04-18: Sunshine through cider

2016-04-18: Rust on the bridge

2016-04-17: By the fire last night

2016-04-16: Sign from the film last night.

2016-04-15: Cover for the popcorn machine

2016-04-15: Panorama overlooking Grand Pré. #appsforearth


2016-04-14: Bridge

2016-04-14: Tiny flowers and morning light

2016-04-13: Branches against sky

2016-04-13: Where the CBC building used to be

2016-04-12: Amazing tostada

2016-04-11: Tiny spring flowers

2016-04-11: Flour, organized

2016-04-11: Rock wall

2016-04-10: Vegan lentil sloppy joes from #minimalistbaker recipe. I added some green onions to them and made …

2016-04-10: Morning view out the kitchen window

2016-04-10: Bone on the ground

2016-04-10: Tiny flower reacts to the morning snow outside

2016-04-09: Rocks

2016-04-09: Morning light on flower

2016-04-09: View along the trail

2016-04-08: Sleeping dog

2016-04-08: Tunnel

2016-04-08: BLT Mural on the way towards the city

2016-04-08: Mural welcoming on BLT trail

2016-04-08: Bread

2016-04-07: Pizza from last night

2016-04-07: Remnants of Easter

2016-04-06: Cover

2016-04-05: Light and wires and clouds and sky

2016-04-05: Pine cones

2016-04-05: Morning light before writing

2016-04-04: Crocus poking through leaf

2016-04-04: Oatmeal cooking away in the rice cooker

2016-04-03: Breakfast pizza with some ranchero sauce and black beans

2016-04-02: Veggie pizza fresh out of the oven

2016-04-02: Garlic cheese fingers fresh out of the oven

2016-04-01: Demolished building

2016-04-01: Macchiato

2016-03-29: Spicy black bean enchiladas

2016-03-29: Bread

2016-03-28: Wolfville Library

2016-03-27: Horton Poorfarm Cemetery sign

2016-03-27: Easter donut from Binky’s

2016-03-27: Pashka on homemade bread

2016-03-26: Bread fresh from the oven

2016-03-25: Logo on my new iPad Air 2

2016-03-21: Trees

2016-03-20: Grilled cheese with apple and homemade tortilla chips

2016-03-20: Morning coffee

2016-03-14: 1 Pot Red Lentil Chili cooking #minimalistbaker

2016-03-12: Easy Chana Masala #minimalistbaker

2016-03-12: Preparing for coffee making

2016-03-10: The latest addition to my own built environment thanks to @99percentinvisible which keeps me curious …

2016-03-09: Veggie sushi pizza from Wasabi House

2016-03-08: My Radiotopia mug

2016-03-07: Snowy stream by trail

2016-03-06: Tiny Free Library along the trail.

2016-03-06: A glass of Unfiltered Brewing Flat Black Jesus which is delicious.

2016-03-06: Morning light on rising dough

2016-03-05: Snowy woodland trail

2016-03-04: Got my two $9 computers in the mail today.

2016-03-03: Macchiato

2016-03-02: Veggie pizza made last night

2016-02-29: Walking trail.

2016-02-29: Cloud and pole

2016-02-28: Dough whisk

2016-02-24: Structure in the river by the Walking Bridge.

2016-02-23: View of future Picaroons location from the walking trail. #Picaroons

2016-02-23: Saint John River

2016-02-22: Walk on the bridge

2016-02-21: Fresh bread

2016-02-20: Empty Stillwell 2 Bottle

2016-02-18: On Springhill Road

2016-02-18: Sushi for lunch

2016-02-18: Roxy

2016-02-17: Cool down

2016-02-16: Old clock

2016-02-16: Tracks through the snow

2016-02-15: Imprint of bird in snow

2016-02-15: Jellybeans

2016-02-15: Quilt in progress

2016-02-14: Snowshoeing on a beautiful day

2016-02-05: General Tso’s Tofu Stir Fry from #minimalistbaker recipe. I substituted red pepper as I …

2016-02-02: Veggie sushi pizza at the 7th anniversary #Twushi tonight.

2016-01-30: View out the kitchen window this snowy morning.

2016-01-18: Ramen made from #minimalistbaker recipe and it was delicious. Vegan except for the egg I added.

2016-01-16: Basil on roasted red pepper tomato soup I made. #minimalistbaker

2016-01-15: Morning frost

2016-01-09: Morning loaf of bread

2016-01-06: Geese flying south

2016-01-04: Three cheese pizza made with my dough and pesto.

2016-01-02: Small bush and snow

2015-12-28: Afternoon walk

2015-12-26: Morning sun

2015-12-26: Santa

2015-12-25: Late afternoon sun

2015-12-24: Ho Ho Ho!

2015-12-24: Frosty the tiny

2015-12-24: Figurines

2015-12-21: Light poles in parking lot

2015-12-20: Afternoon light by Sea Level Brewing

2015-12-20: Angel on tree

2015-12-20: Fisherman on tree

2015-12-18: Car guarding yarn

2015-12-17: Veggie pizza for 50 years of living is very nice

2015-12-16: A glass of the delightful Double Orange Ale from Unfiltered.

2015-12-15: Hanukkah socks from Cards Against Humanity #eightsensiblegiftsforhanukkah

2015-12-15: Trees and snow

2015-12-14: Snowy trail

2015-12-13: Legislature at night

2015-12-12: Eggs Benny on Seasoned Tofu which was very delicious for brunch.

2015-12-11: Fallen tree

2015-12-10: Park bench

2015-12-10: Trees reflected in puddle

2015-12-09: Samson at work at the NB Filmmakers’ Co-op

2015-12-09: By the Saint John River

2015-12-07: Snowy trail by the river.

2015-12-07: Floor

2015-12-07: Screen

2015-12-06: Window

2015-12-06: Monochromatic morning

2015-12-04: Snowy walk through the woods

2015-12-04: Clock

2015-12-04: Tall shadow on snow

2015-12-04: Snowy trees

2015-12-04: Snowy rural NB sunrise

2015-12-02: Unfiltered Brewing glass filled with Flat Black Jesus

2015-12-02: Snow on the trail

2015-12-01: Shadows and trail

2015-11-30: Tree

2015-11-30: Big rock

2015-11-29: Walkway on Crowbar Lake Trail

2015-11-28: Carving in tree.

2015-11-28: View on Crowbar Lake Trail.

2015-11-27: Sign at Two if By Sea

2015-11-25: Vegan Singapore Noodles packed up for lunch. So tasty. #minimalistbaker

2015-11-20: Pond beside Millennium Trail.

2015-11-20: Sunlight on candle

2015-11-17: Town clock

2015-11-16: Leaf

2015-11-16: Woodland trail

2015-11-15: Road

2015-11-15: Leaves in water

2015-11-15: Breakfast pizza

2015-11-14: Bridge

2015-11-14: Bridge

2015-11-14: Trees

2015-11-14: Mixing board

2015-11-13: Trail by the river. #vsco

2015-11-13: Candles

2015-11-10: Frame

2015-11-09: Delicious Feta Pesto pizza from Milda’s Pizza and More. So good.

2015-11-08: Caley MacLennan before the New Brunswick premiere of Noon Gun at Silver Wave. #swff2015

2015-11-05: Films to be returned to filmmakers during Silver Wave. #swff2015

2015-11-05: Morning commute.

2015-11-04: Silver Wave passes waiting to be picked up. #swff2015

2015-11-04: Tim Rayne in control at CHSR before Tony and I spoke about Silver Wave today. #swff2015

2015-11-04: Before going on the air to talk about Silver Wave. #swff2015

2015-11-03: Snacks for the Silver Wave Film Festival hospitality suite. #swff2015

2015-11-03: Testing out the new Silver Wave backdrop. #swff2015

2015-11-03: Walking trail

2015-11-02: Stream beside walking trail

2015-10-27: Plastic skull

2015-10-27: Fire

2015-10-26: Fall leaves

2015-10-26: Leaf

2015-10-24: Coac Falls just outside of Nackawick

2015-10-23: 15th Silver Wave Film Festival Poster #swff2015

2015-10-23: Tony Merzetti unveiling the Silver Wave Film Festival program today. #swff2015

2015-10-20: Reflection in pond

2015-10-19: A voting place

2015-10-10: Deep dish apple crumble from #minimalistbaker recipe. Very delicious Thanksgiving desert.

2015-10-10: Vines on building

2015-10-10: Maple leaf

2015-10-07: Small flowers

2015-10-07: Monochrome leaf

2015-10-07: Maple leaf on sidewalk

2015-10-05: #blogjam2015 name tag station

2015-10-05: Veggie sushi pizza from Wasabi House at #twushi

2015-10-04: #blogjam2015 name tag station

2015-10-01: Notes

2015-09-26: Dogs watching Frances Ha with me.

2015-09-26: Light on sidewalk

2015-09-19: Stephen Dunn and Fraser Ash introduce Closet Monster. #aff2015 #35aff


2015-09-17: It’s on!

2015-09-02: One of the elements of creating magic in a glass.

2015-09-02: First growler from Unfiltered but not the last.

2015-08-30: A break and a pint at the 40 km point of a bike ride.

2015-08-21: Keep out danger

2015-08-20: Daisy

2015-08-15: Cape Split

2015-08-15: Roots

2015-08-15: At Cape Split

2015-08-12: View from a plane

2015-08-11: Morning light

2015-08-11: Good St. John’s morning

2015-08-11: Pain au chocolat and coffee at Rocket

2015-08-10: Stairs up Signal Hill

2015-08-10: West fire station

2015-08-10: Cat in yarn shop.

2015-08-10: Zine stand at Fixed Coffee Bar

2015-08-10: Chain and lock

2015-08-09: Signal Hill silhouette

2015-08-09: Trail sign bolted to a rock

2015-08-08: Looking towards Signal Hill on the East Coast Trail

2015-08-08: Fixed logo on window

2015-08-08: Pink pop tart at Fixed

2015-08-07: Quidi Vidi

2015-08-07: Cape Spear lighthouses

2015-08-07: Lighthouse at Ferryland

2015-08-07: Beautiful St. John’s morning

2015-08-05: Droplets on web

2015-08-05: Spiderweb on clothesline

2015-08-05: Hummingbird on a foggy morning

2015-08-04: Flower

2015-08-04: Road closed

2015-08-04: N.B. Telephone Co. Building

2015-08-04: Do not enter sign

2015-08-03: Applause sign from Sappy past at Thunder & Lightning. #Sappyfest #Sappyforever

2015-08-02: Looks like we made it. #Sappyfest #SappyX #Sappyforever

2015-08-02: Banner on Sappy HQ. #Sappyfest #SappyX

2015-08-02: Ambiguous at best.

2015-08-01: Sappyfest flag. #SappyX #Sappyforever #Sappyfest

2015-08-01: j’aime ma bicyclette #Sappyfest #SappyX

2015-08-01: We love you all. #Sappyfest #SappyX

2015-08-01: Construction sign on Bridge Street

2015-08-01: Arrow

2015-07-31: Sappyfest logo in chalk. #SappyX

2015-07-31: Looks Like We Made It #Sappyfest

2015-07-31: Swamp magic banner at #Sappyfest

2015-07-31: Sappyfest banner. #SappyX #Sappyforever

2015-07-31: Sappyfest flag. #SappyX #Sappyforever

2015-07-29: Looking out from West Brooklyn Mountain

2015-07-29: Tree on West Brooklyn Mountain

2015-07-29: Cows in field

2015-07-28: Chairs overlooking the landscapes of Grand Pré #VSCOcam

2015-07-27: Dogs on a dirt road

2015-07-27: On the Ridge Road

2015-07-25: Macchiato at Two if by Sea

2015-07-24: Reading

2015-07-24: Sleeping dog

2015-07-20: World’s biggest axe

2015-07-20: Walking (and biking) bridge

2015-07-19: Flowers

2015-07-18: Butterfly

2015-07-15: Future home of Picaroons

2015-07-15: Water is shallow in the Nashwaak River.

2015-07-15: Nashwaak River

2015-07-14: By the dam

2015-07-14: Abandoned restaurant in rural NB

2015-07-11: Spider

2015-07-09: Front of the Food Wolf truck.

2015-07-09: Good Robot sign

2015-07-08: Veggie Banh Mi T-Dog that is so delicious. #VSCOcam

2015-07-06: Dogs in window #VSCOcam

2015-06-24: Spanish Quinoa Stuffed Peppers from #minimalistbaker fresh out of the oven. They were delicious. …

2015-06-14: Mexican Green Chili Veggie Burger from a Minimalist Baker recipe. Very yummy. #VSCOcam …

2015-06-07: At the Lookoff #VSCOcam

2015-05-25: Street at night. #VSCOcam

2015-05-18: Train bridge part way through a bike ride. #VSCOcam

2015-05-10: Inside the library. #VSCOcam

2015-05-09: Very delicious Green Chickpea Curry with Couscous and pan-fried tofu from the wonderful …

2015-04-06: Cornbread muffins. #VSCOcam

2015-04-01: Delicious Banh Mi Spring Rolls from a #minimalistbaker recipe. #VSCOcam

2015-03-22: Snow outside window #VSCOcam

2015-02-28: Winter morning light #VSCOcam

2015-02-16: Rosie and Otto #VSCOcam

2015-02-12: Reflective macchiato #VSCOcam

2015-02-07: Tiny dog on my shoulder #VSCOcam

2015-02-07: Leather small growler bike carrier for Schoolhouse beer. #VSCOcam

2015-02-07: Morning light #VSCOcam

2015-02-06: Film camera #VSCOcam

2015-02-06: Rosie by the window #VSCOcam