Chris Campbell

Labyrinth at The Tangled Garden.

Grass in field and sky.

Sculpture at the centre of the labyrinth at The Tangled Garden in Grand Pré.

Metal sculpture

Damp car roof.

Wet car roof with sky and light reflected.

Empty studio after the filming was complete.

Empty film production studio.

Reflected sky on the car roof.

Clouds reflected in car roof.

Cafe film set for a student film.

Student film cafe set.

Ferry crossing the harbour.

Field and harbour with ferry and sky.

Veggie pizza for supper.

Veggie pizza with tomatoes and green pepper and cheese.

Roof of a tent.

Post and roof of tent

Margherita pizza at Lightfoot & Wolfville.

Pizza at Lightfoot & Wolfville

Pasta and sauce that I made from scratch.

Pasta and sauce

Penne, roasted tomatoes, Beyond Meat sausage, with a cream garlic sauce topped with pea shoots last night.

Pasta and veggie sausages in bowl.

Raindrops and tree reflected in the side of the car.

Side of car with raindrops

Walking trail on a drizzly day.

Damp walking trail and trees and fence.

Student film set.

Student film set.

Sunrise reflected on car roof.

Reflection of trees and sunrise in car roof.

One of the little ponies at the Glitter Bean Cafe.

Plastic pony on table

Cheese pizza with cherry tomatoes on it.

Pizza with small tomatoes on it

Flowers emerging.

Small purple flower.

Forgot my travel mug.

Takeout coffee cup

Blossoms on tree branch.

Blossoms on tree branch.

Morning shadows on the window blind.

Shadows on window blind.

Remnants of rain on car roof as the sun rises.

Raindrops on car roof.

Film set just about ready to go.

Film set in studio

At the Program Launch and keen to hear what HIFF will be showing this year.

Screen at Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival launch.