Balancing rock in Digby Neck.

Basalt rock column balancing beside cliff.

Beautiful and delicious danish from Birdies.

Rectangular pastry on plate.

On the dykes by Wolfville this weekend.

Sky and mud and grass beside dykes.

Cats looking out the window.

Two cats on the arm of a sofa looking out a window.

Bee on a thistle.

Bee on top of thistle.

Pan pizza.

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

Pond in Parrsboro.

Pond surrounded by grass.


Hop blossom.


Spider in web.

Plant growing through a sewer grate.

Plant growing out of sewer grate.

Building in Parrsboro.

Red brick building.

Fresh sourdough.

Sourdough bread loaves cooling on metal rack.

Crispy cheesy pan pizza with pesto.

Pizza in cast iron pan on metal rack.

Rainbows on my AirPods Pro case.

AirPods Pro case with refracted rainbow stripes on it.

Rusting chain.

Rusting chain wrapped around metal post.

Saw a chicken when I took a walk today.

Chicken beside hedge.

Delicious ice cream from Dairy Bar.

Cup of ice cream and plastic spoon.

One of the things I love is sitting by a fire at night. Day 31: Love of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

House and fire in pit at night.

Dessert pizza with local toppings – quark, honey, nectarines, and blueberries.

Desert pizza in cast iron pan.

One of my favourite recent discoveries is making pizza in a cast iron pan. Day 30: Discovery of the August Photoblogging Challenge.📷 #mbaug

Pizza dough in cast iron pan.

Flaking paint. Day 29: Flake of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

Paint flaking on concrete wall.

Homemade soup, grilled cheese on my own bread, and coleslaw provide a happy lunch. Day 28: Emotions of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

Bowl of tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwich on plate, and bowl of coleslaw.

I was overcome with a sugar rush when I had this lovely donut. Day 27: Overcome of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

Strawberry donut in box.

Dandelions are a relentless and cheerful presence on the lawn. Day 26: Relentless of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

A view of the sun at Mount Carleton Provincial Park where I hope to return to some day. Day 25: Hope of the August Photoblogging Challenge. 📷 #mbaug

Sun over a lake.