Made some lentil balls to go with pasta.

Lentil veggie balls cooling on rack.

Friday night poutine with delightfully fresh and squeaky cheese curds.

Poutine in bowl.

Warming up with a grilled cheese and tomato soup at Birdies.

Grilled cheese in plate with bowl of tomato soup in background.

Coin check!

Radiotopia challenge coin.

Veggie burgers cooling.

Veggie burgers cooling on wire raxk.

Sourdough cooling.

Loaf of rustic sourdough bread cooling on rack.

Roxy Music the cat.

Himalayan cat.

Snow day bread from the bread machine.

Loaf of bread cooling on rack.

Snow day tree and clouds.

Tree branches against cloudy sky.

Sunday night pizza.

Cheese pizza cooling on rack.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup that I made in the bread machine.

Grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of tomato soup.

Early morning snow on car roof.

Frozen snow on car roof.

Savoury cheese bread cooling.

Sky over Halifax this morning.

Blue sky with wispy clouds.

Beans soaking.

Beans soaking.

Chili spices before I ground them.

Chili spices in mortar and pestle.

First attempt at Portuguese cornbread.

Portuguese cornbread cooling on rack.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies cooling on rack.

Bread from the bread machine.

Cross section of bread.

Grilled cheese and soup at Birdies as usual on Friday.

Grilled cheese sandwich on plate.

Chickpea noodle soup.

Bowl of soup with noodles, chickpeas, carrots, and celery.

Clouds in the morning sky.

Clouds in sky with bits of blue sky.

Chickpea curry and rice.

Chickpea curry and rice in bowl.

Sourdough loaves cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling.

View of Halifax harbour this morning.

Clouds in sky over bridge and harbour.