Chris Campbell

The sky yesterday afternoon.

light clouds in evening sky

Black Pepper Tofu Pot.

Whipped up some nachos for supper.

Nachos with black beans and cheese on plate.

My well-used cutting board.

Cutting board.

Nothing better on a cold and windy day than a grilled cheese and tomato soup at Birdies.

Grilled cheese sandwich on plate in front of bowl of soup.

Sourdough Sunday night. Tried out some multigrain flour and it came out well.

Two loaves of sourdough bread cooling on rack.

Travel mug in morning light.

Travel mug on car roof.

Pinto beans soaking.

Pinto beans in water.

Hamburger buns cooling.

Hamburger buns on cooling rack.

Cheese, mushroom, and basil pizza made with Birdies dough.

Pizza cooling on rack.

Samson the cat peeking out from a tube.

Cat playing in tube

Choice Kippers box.

Kipper box in window.

Silver Wave Film Festival poster.

poster in frame

Cloudy sky with ferry in the harbour.

Clouds and ferry in Halifax harbour.

Trees against the morning sky.

Trees against the sunrise.

Leaves on the car roof.

Car roof with water drops and leaves.

Apple pie cooling.

Apple pie on cooling rack.

French gingerbread spices before grinding to put in an apple pie.

Spices in mortar and pestle.

Time to make some pasta.

Pasta maker.

Leaves on pavement.

Two leaves on pavement.

Cheese pizza made with Birdies pizza dough.

Cheese pizza cooling on rack.

Got my metal Criterion Channel subscriber card in the mail today.

Criterion Channel metal card.

1-Pot Pumpkin Black Bean Soup.

Morning light.

Trees ans sky and harbour.

Installed a mirror in the bathroom.

Reflection in circular mirror.