Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza cooling.

Veggie shepherds pie cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling.

Focaccia cooling.

Just received the beautiful issue 0 of the @MUBI Notebook along with a nice tote bag too.

Baking some Japanese Milk Bread rolls on a sunny Thursday afternoon.

View of the sky as the week ended.

Fresh sourdough loaf cooling.

Skillet cornbread.

Afternoon walk.

Early morning sky.

Scary pumpkins.

Bee on a flower.

The only sundae I got to have from Dairy Bar this year and it was great. Pumpkin spice soft serve with gingerbread and caramel.

Found the most appropriate t-shirt to wear as I go to see The French Dispatch today.🎥

Leaf on car roof.

Leaf of basil on pan pizza.

Veggie shepherds pie.

Apple crisp cooling.

Buttery sourdough buns cooling.

Japanese Chocolate Milk Bread

Fresh basil leaf on some crispy cheesy pan pizza.

Fresh sourdough loaf cooling.

Fresh hamburger buns.

Pan pizza with fresh basil.

Pizza on cutting board with basil leaves on top.