Filling some growlers with some of the best beer from Unfiltered.

sign in brewery

Frost on the windshield.

Frost on car window

Sewer cover.

sewer cover

Reflected window in my morning coffee.

coffee in mug

Spicy tofu and veggie stir fry cooking.

Ginger Molasses Amber Ale cookies from a King Arthur Flour recipe.


Fresh cheese pizza cooling.

cheese pizza

A couple of loaves fresh from the oven.

Delicious veggie tacos at La Torta in Wolfville.

Veggie Tacos

AeroPressing as Sunday begins.

aeropress coffee maker

Looking toward the dykes in downtown Wolfville.

Field and foggy sky.

Morning sky.


Pizza for Pi Day

pizza pie

Morning light.

Trees and harbour and sky.

Shadows of trees on building.

Clouds and trees and morning light.

Rainy view out the car window.

Tree beside lake.

Ferry at the terminal.

Snow and trees reflected on the car roof.

Tree against morning sky.

Clouds and ferry in the harbour.

Morning light on the campus.

Pizza baking in the oven.

Clouds in the morning sky.