Chris Campbell

Tiny flower.

Macro of small daisy.

Healthy snack.

Cut carrots on a plare.

Ant climbing on sunflower.

Ant on sunflower.

Close to a sunflower before flowering..

Macro of subflower before blooming.

Close to a Black-eyed Susan before blossoming.

Macro photo of black-eyed susan before blossoming.

Getting close to the centre of a coneflower.

Close to a coneflower.

Blueberries up close.

Close up of blueberries.

Chickpea Bolognaise sauce.

Tomato sauce with chickpeas.

Sunflower on the verge Of emerging.

Sunflower before blooming

Batch of English muffins fresh off the grill.

English muffins cooling on rack.

Black eyed Susan.

Black eyed susan flower.

Sweet and sour veggie balls.

Veggie balls in sauce in casserole dish.

Ball of yarn.

Ball of yarn with many colours.

Two loaves fresh from the oven.

Two loaves of bread on cooling rack.

Lotus flowers and lily pads.

Lotus flowers and lily pads.

Water Lilly.

Water lily and lily pads.

Flag of the French Ministry of the Navy at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.

White flag against clouds in sky.

Cooling loaf of bread.

Loaf of bread cooling.

Pizza ready for the oven.

cheese pizza before cooking.

Purple coneflower blossoming.

Flower blossom

Purple coneflower starting to emerge.

Purple coneflower blossoms emerging.

Found my copy of the TRUE STORIES book before watching the new Criterion edition of David Byrne’s strange and wonderful film on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Cover of the book True Stories

Republic of Sappyfest banner on fence.

banner on fence

Sackville Coke Bowling

Coke sign on building.

Top of a tent reflected in an americano.

Inside of tent reflected in coffee in cup.