Fresh buns.

Hamburger buns cooling on rack.

Pan pizza with pesto.

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

Remains of a hemlock tree growing on a rock.

Tree growing on top of a large rock.

Black bean, sweet potato, and Swiss chard enchiladas made with fresh flour tortillas.

Veggie enchiladas in pan cooling on rack.

Pesto cheesy pan pizza cooling.

Stump and fallen tree beside The Ravine trail in Kentville.

Stump and tree.

Cloud seen from Port Williams.

Cloud in sky.

Pan pizza fresh from the pan.

pan pizza cooling.

Made some sourdough crackers.

Sourdough crackers cooling on rack.

Sourdough loaf fresh from the oven.

Sourdough bread loaf cooling on metal rack.

Irish Buttermilk Brown Bread cooking.

Brown bread cooling on rack.

On the beach at Blomidon yesterday.

Beach and sky.

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

Pan pizza cooling on rack.

A refreshing Lifesaver wild blueberry sour from Unfiltered.

Blueberry beer in glass.

Fresh sourdough loaves cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling on rack.

Bagels fresh from the oven.

Poppy seed bagel cooling on metal rack.

Lentil and chickpea tacos on fresh corn tortillas.

Tacos on plate.


Lupin flowers and leaves.

Woodpecker on tree.

Pilated woodpecker on tree.

Pinto beans soaking.

Pinto beans in water.

Sourdough loaf cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling on metal rack.

Common poppy.


Purple tulip.


Garden tulips

Red tulips

For art today in the challenge I’m posting one of Bong Joon Ho’s storyboards for his film PARASITE.