Tagmoji Discovery

I saw the film tagmoji today for the first time! One of the things I love about micro.blog is how things evolve and I keep discovering things. The use of emojis as tags is a lot of fun. I’ve been using πŸŽ₯ (movie camera) to tag things, but 🍿 (popcorn) seems to be the more official one, but I’ve seen πŸ“½ (film projector) too. I also like the slate 🎬. Luckily it looks like multiple tagmoji show up for films so people will be able to discover them.

I use the official apps on iOS and MacOS so I’ve just been clicking on Discover to see things appear, but I didn’t realize that the web version has a more comprehensive way to discover other categories.

I kind of like the idea of flexible tagmoji for movies, so maybe I’ll start changing up the use of them too.

Chris Campbell @bitdepth