Where I'm Watching Films Now

As the launch of The Criterion Channel approaches I’m thinking about where I watch films as I think about what I am subscribing to as I add another source to the range of viewing options. So it’s a good time to reflect on how I’m watching films now.

Looking at the stats I have for 2018 I only watched 15 films on DVD which is a strong indication of how my viewing now has shifted to mostly digital and streaming consumption.

I subscribe to MUBI where I get a selection of more obscure alternative films that they brilliantly share with one film being added every day and one taken away so there are 30 films available at a time. With MUBI limiting access it resulted in me watching more films there as there are some things that you will miss if you don’t watch them. I subscribe to Netflix for their range of films and original content. I pay for Festival Scope Pro to search for shorts and features that are interesting. There is also a free and paid Festival Scope that has some great films from festivals for everyone. I purchase films I like from iTunes or rent sometimes if I don’t think that I will rewatch the film. The Hoopla service that is free for library patrons has a great range of films with new ones added all the time.

I haven’t bought a DVD for a few years and I don’t have one connected to my TV. For DVDs that I do watch I have to attach an external DVD burner to my laptop to watch them, so it’s a viewing method of last resort. With my cable subscription I have Turner Classic Movies and I DVR lots of stuff there. Starting next month I predict I will be watching a whole lot of The Criterion Channel. I love seeing films in theatres and at festivals, so that will continue.

Chris Campbell @bitdepth