Making Bread in a Bread Machine

Baking bread is one of my favourite things to cook and after years of practice I’ve finally figured out how to consistently make nice sourdough loaves. So why did I get a bread machine?

I had mixed feelings about getting a bread machine as it feels a bit like giving up, but it takes time to make bread properly and I love the time spent making bread, but it’s not possible to always do that. So a bread machine will make it possible to make a variety of loaves any time. That means there will always be fresh bread as it’s even possible to put things together before going to bed or after getting home from work.

Now I am trying to figure out the best recipes to use with the machine, which is a Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso Plus bread machine which is quite fancy. So far I made the basic white bread recipe with it, which came out quite fluffy and good. Then I made some sourdough in the machine with my starter using the King Arthur Flour Bread Machine Sourdough Bread recipe which came out well, but I will adjust the recipe a bit as I think I need a bit more flour in it.

Today as freezing rain falls outside I’m going to stay in and make a loaf with the Bread Machine Bread As Easy As Can Be recipe to see how that works. Then I’m going to make some risotto in the bread machine from another King Arthur recipe that also has how to make peach cobbler and Sloppy Joes in the machine.

When I have the time I’ll use the bread machine to knead my dough and make the loaves in the traditional way, but having the option of quickly making a loaf of fresh bread at any time is very nice.

Chris Campbell @bitdepth