Watching ‎more #HIFF2020 films tonight with SO PRETTY directed by Jessica Dunn Rovinelli. 🎥

I guess Friday night pizza is becoming a bit of a tradition. Day 13: guess of #microblogvember.

Tonight’s #Noirvember film is ‎NORA PRENTISS from 1947 directed by Vincent Sherman. 🍿

Pizza with Birdie’s dough and fresh mozzarella.

Pizza cooling on rack.

Watching ‎the #HIFF2020 presentation of Mark Jenkin’s hand-crafted 2019 film BAIT. 🎥

It’s #HIFF2020 time and the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival begins with ‎L.A. TEA TIME directed by Sophie Bédard Marcotte. 🎥

Continuing with Tom Ripley during #Noirvember by watching ‎Wim Wenders’ 1977 film THE AMERICAN FRIEND on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

While I am teaching from home four days a week I wear a sweater to be a bit more well-dressed and divide the work day from the home day, kind of like Mr. Rogers. Day 12: Wear of #microblogvember.

Two of my favourite words that I have learned to say are acetylsalicylic and the name of the experimental film directed by William Greaves, Symbiopsychotaxiplasm. Day 11 of Microblogvember: Say.

Another new 1960 noir for me today during #Noirvember with PURPLE NOON directed by René Clément on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Oat muffins.

Muffins in pan.

Watching ‎some noir from Japan in the afternoon for #noirvember with the 1960 film INTIMIDATION directed by Koreyoshi Kurahara on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

While I wouldn’t say that I am elderly I realized that I am older when I was buying vitamins and the 50+ vitamins were for me as I thought they were for older people but I’ve been in my 50s for 4 years now. Day 10: Elderly of #microblogvember.

Watching Claire Denis’ newly-restored 1999 masterpiece BEAU TRAVAIL on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Cinema is a force for good in my life and I try to watch at least one film every day for perspective and inspiration. Day 9: Force of #microblogvember .

For #Noirvember tonight I’m watching the 1956 film ‎NIGHTFALL directed by Jacques Tourneur. 🍿

Another Sunday, another couple loaves of bread.

Sourdough bread cooling on metal rack.

Whenever I’m in a bind about what to cook I look through my recipes to find something new and different to cook. Day 8: Bind of #Microblogvember.

I enjoy the way the dough inflates when bread rests and rises and bakes. Day 7: Inflate of #Microblogvember.

Feeling a huge sense of relief.

Pancakes cooking.

Pancakes on griddle.

Sometimes it’s puzzling to me how quickly the week goes by, but as the week ends it’s nice to relax as I contemplate the weekend. Day 6: Puzzling of #microblogvember.

I try not to stoop when I stand, but it’s a challenge sometimes to remember to straighten up and stand tall. Day 5: Stoop of #microblogvember.

Time for some melodramatic noir for #Noirvember with the 1945 Michael Curtiz film ‎MILDRED PIERCE starring Joan Crawford. 🎥

Today for #Noirvember I am rewatching ‎Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s visually stunning 2011 Turkish noir, ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA. 🎥