Common poppy.


Purple tulip.


Garden tulips

Red tulips

Watching the #TIFFAtHome chat between Tantoo Cardinal and Cameron Bailey before watching ‎Darlene Naponse’s 2018 film FALLS AROUND HER. 🎥

For art today in the challenge I’m posting one of Bong Joon Ho’s storyboards for his film PARASITE.

Watching Olivier Assayas’ intriguing and enigmatic 2014 film CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA again. 🎥

I can’t draw, so for the final week of the May challenge with art, I’ll post works by others.

I love this self-portrait mosaic by Agnès Varda from 1949.

My final book pick is THE WELL-FILLED TORTILLA COOKBOOK by Victoria Wise and Susanna Hoffman which has lots of great recipes for making food with tortillas. I love the ranchero sauce, fried potatoes, and black bean recipes.

Just watched MYTHIC QUEST: QUARANTINE which brilliantly works within the constraints of this new world all while staying within the world of the series. It also has the great combination of comedy with a small nugget of drama.

Roxy Music the cat in a paper bag.

Cat in paper bag.

Veggie burgers cooling.

Veggie burgers on wire rack.

Sourdough pretzels cooling. 🥨

Sourdough pretzels on metal rack.

While I’m reading his latest novel now, for my book pick for today I’ll highlight William Gibson’s 2014 novel, THE PERIPHERAL, which is a mind-bending and compelling story about multiple futures. 📚

Walking along the dykes today.

Grass and sky over dykelands.

My book recommendation for today is Amy Sedaris’ unique I LIKE YOU: HOSPITALITY UNDER THE INFLUENCE which is a slightly demented cookbook and guide to entertaining almost anyone. 📚

Black pepper pot tofu.

Tofu im pan.

My book pick for today is Michael Ondaatje’s THE CONVERSATIONS: WALTER MURCH AND THE ART OF EDITING FILM. It provides some great insight into editing, making films, and creativity. 📚

Many great films are available all the time on MUBI in their library, including LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF, FURTHER BEYOND, works by Chris Marker, works by Angela Schanelec, Truffaut, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and a lot more.

My book challenge sprint pick for the day is ARTISAN BREAD IN FIVE MINUTES A DAY by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. It started me on my bread baking journey years ago in an easy way that made me fall in love with baking.

Watching Diane Kurys 1977 film PEPPERMINT SODA on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Sourdough loaf cooling.

sourdough bread cooling

Saw an eagle in a tree while walking in Reservoir Park today.

Eagle flying from tree branch.

Today my Book Recommendation Challenge Sprint I’ll recommend the nice little book PEDAL, STRETCH, BREATHE: THE YOGA OF BICYCLING by Kelli Refer. It’s a great guide to some yoga that you can do before, after, and during cycling. 📚

A glass of the delicious Isolator Dopplebock from Unfiltered.

My book pick for the Book Recommendation Challenge Sprint for today is Flann O’Brien’s wonderfully complex and entertaining 1939 metafictional novel AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS which is about an author, his characters and a lot more.