Watching the Instagram Live stream from TIFF with Cameron Bailey and Mandy Patinkin before watching THE PRINCESS BRIDE on Crave in Canada. 🎥

Chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies cooling on wire rack.

Bread fresh from the bread machine.

Bread in bread machine container.

Was very lucky to get some AirPods Pro in a fundraising auction and they’re the best headphones I’ve had. Comfortable with great sound and Transparency mode is magical.

The cat named Roxy Music.

White cat looking at the camera.

Coffee cake cooling.

Coffee cake in bundt pan.

Enjoying working at home as the snow falls outside without worrying about needing to get the driveway cleared out and drive.

Tonight in my March Around the World viewing I’m watching the 1925 German film VARIETY on The Criterion Channel in their German Expressionism collection. 🎥 🇩🇪

Loaves of sourdough cooling.

Sourdough loaves cooling on rack.

March Around the World continues with a film from the UK with IN FABRIC from 2018 directed by Peter Strickland. 🎥 🇬🇧

As part of March Around the World 2020 I’m watching Roberto Rossellini’s 1952 Italian film ‎THE MACHINE THAT KILLS BAD PEOPLE on The Criterion Channel. 🎥 🇮🇹

Stay safe.

Theatre marquee.

Continuing to March Around the World with François Truffaut’s 1969 film ‎MISSISSIPPI MERMAID on the Criterion Channel. 🎥 🇫🇷

Grilled cheese and tomato soup at home.

Grilled cheese sandwich on plate and bowl of tomato soup.

Watching Edward Yang’s 1985 Taiwanese film TAIPEI STORY on the Criterion Channel as part of March Around the World. 🎥 🇹🇼

Maintaining my regular routine and making some tomato soup to go with a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today.

Cinnamon bun bread.

Cinnamon bun bread loaf cooling on rack.

Listening to Wolf Parade and dancing around the kitchen as I boil water for pasta and some cinnamon bun bread rises in the bread machine.

Snowy stream.

Frozen snow and flowing water in stream.

Fresh veggie burgers.

Veggie burgers cooling on rack.

Continuing my March Around the World with Tomás Gutiérrez Alea’s 1968 Cuban film MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT on the Criterion Channel. 🎥 🇨🇺

Hamburger buns cooling.

Hamburger buns cooling on metal rack.

Fresh bread cooling.

Sourdough bread cooling on metal rack.

Starting March Break right by getting some sourdough ready for baking this morning.

It’s in trying times like these that people reveal who they are. The small gestures of kindness and generosity that are being shown warm my heart and make me want to do more.