Chris Campbell

Healthy snack.

Cut carrots on a plare.

Watching Seijun Suzuki’s 1960 film ‎TAKE AIM AT THE POLICE VAN on The Criterion Channel. 🍿

Ant climbing on sunflower.

Ant on sunflower.

Close to a sunflower before flowering..

Macro of subflower before blooming.

Close to a Black-eyed Susan before blossoming.

Macro photo of black-eyed susan before blossoming.

Planning to Attend a Film Festival

The big film festival in Atlantic Canada is the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival which happens in the second week of September every year. I’ve been going for a couple of decades now, so it’s an important part of my filmgoing life. I love being able to track and plan things out and when you see a lot of films, it becomes important to have some sort of system to keep track of it all.

Over the years my preparation has evolved into a routine that I have been following for many years now. I track all of the films that I watch using Letterboxd, so the first step after the program launch is to go through the lineup and create some lists. I usually make two lists, one for the feature fiction films and one for the feature documentaries. It’s a good way to keep track of all of the films that are screening and when I construct the lists it also lets me know if all of the films are in the database that Letterboxd uses.

When I’m building the lists if there is a film that isn’t there I go to The Movie Database and enter the information about it. Then I can add it to the list and then the list will be complete. Then when I start attending the festival I know that I will easily be able to log that film and add it to the list of films that I watched at the festival.

Then I create a calendar (using in Google Calendar) and I’ll go through the schedule day by day and add every film to the calendar using Fantastical and copying and pasting information. After that calendar is created I can use that for planning on what I want to see and easily see any conflicts that there are in the schedule. When there is a film that I want to see I duplicate the entry in the film festival calendar that I created and add it to my personal calendar. Then I have all the films that I want to see on my own schedule.

After all that I dig into the films and write some blog post previews of the films screening at the festival. In digging through the schedule many times you can find films that you missed on first glance and try to figure out what will be hard to see after the festival or what will be relatively easy to see. It’s a balancing act to figure out what to see, but I’ll generally try to seek out the more obscure stuff as well as to take a few chances on films.

With my Letterboxd lists, a full schedule, and a notebook and pen, I’m ready to start seeing films and recording my impressions of them. This system has given me more than a decade of information about the films I’ve seen and has helped me discover many new directors and film movements from around the world.

Getting close to the centre of a coneflower.

Close to a coneflower.

Blueberries up close.

Close up of blueberries.

Watching Frank Capra’s 1930 film ‎LADIES OF LEISURE in the Criterion Channel’s “Pre-code Barbara Stanwyck” collection. 🍿

Chickpea Bolognaise sauce.

Tomato sauce with chickpeas.

Watching Athina Rachel Tsangari’s strange and unique ‎ATTENBERG again on The Criterion Channel. 🎥

Sunflower on the verge Of emerging.

Sunflower before blooming

Batch of English muffins fresh off the grill.

English muffins cooling on rack.

Black eyed Susan.

Black eyed susan flower.

Sweet and sour veggie balls.

Veggie balls in sauce in casserole dish.

Ball of yarn.

Ball of yarn with many colours.

Watching Athina Rachel Tsangari’s strange and playful science fictional 2000 film ‎THE SLOW BUSINESS OF GOING on The Criterion Channel. It anticipates our social media lives in many ways. 🍿

Two loaves fresh from the oven.

Two loaves of bread on cooling rack.

Lotus flowers and lily pads.

Lotus flowers and lily pads.

Water Lilly.

Water lily and lily pads.

Flag of the French Ministry of the Navy at Fort Anne in Annapolis Royal.

White flag against clouds in sky.

Watching Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s strange and wonderful ‎WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS yet again. 🍿

Cooling loaf of bread.

Loaf of bread cooling.

Pizza ready for the oven.

cheese pizza before cooking.

Purple coneflower blossoming.

Flower blossom